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"Problems" get "solved" while "issues" get "re-solved" again... and again... and again... If you wonder why there are so many problems in the world then check out the people who mindlessly utter the jargon and clichés.
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Hola all! Welcome to my "About Me" page! :-)

I tend to write a lot. So my posts may be monsters at times. But then I prefer details. And once my train of thought is moving...

Anyway, I am an activist-audiophile: I'd like to see some justice done to liberate audio from the confined prison of "The Loudness Wars". And the best way to obtain justice is through my own brain, the tools and my own hands that wield them.

There is a LOT of decent music that has been hacked to near death due to brickwalling. Think of the scene in "Total Recall" where one of the bad guys is hanging off the edge of the elevator on Mars. And, sure enough, the elevator reaches a point where it has to go through a ceiling.

You know the rest.

What turned me into an audiophile was, ironically enough, my MP3 player. What started as simple normalizing has turned into a hobby where I employ noise elimination, clip fixing and all sorts of audio tricks to increase volume while preserving dynamic range. The person who encouraged me to do so was my late Mistress who loved the CD-R stuff I'd give her.

From that time in 2006 to the present I've learned a lot about what to do and what not to do. What I found is that a quality mix will endure despite what nefarious multi-million-dollar butchers and hacks do to it in post-production. They call it "mastering".

My tastes in music vary. One moment I could be grooving on some Steely Dan. Other times I'd enjoy the slick pop of Garbage. Or, for indie tastes, 'til Tuesday and Aimee Mann. For darker moments there's always Leonard Cohen (his voice and lyrics are the perfect counterpoint to his backup singers and polished production). Or I just get brutal and dig out some Mentors, Slayer and AxCx. Pink Floyd is great as well, especially "Wish You Were Here".

And don't forget Grandpa Al Jourgensen and his various main and side projects. :-)

I own TONS of real pressed CD's. And what I've noticed is that there are great releases from the early '80s to around the mid-'90s when brickwalling was beginning to become a now-common trend. The best work I've seen around that time was on the now-Sony-owned labels (Epic, CBS, Columbia) for they were the closest to a direct-from-tape master with the analog hiss that comes with that.

I have other, albeit kinky, interests as well. But this is an audiophile forum. ;-)

My fave tools I use are Audacity, a circa 2002 copy of Magix Music Editor that came with some now-obsolete video editing software (its noise sampling and elimination feature is perfect), the official distro of FLAC and a $30 registered copy of MediaMonkey.

My software tastes lean towards open-source. It's not just because of the price but also I like noodling with the code as well.

WHEW! I write too much! ;-) Have a glovely latex day, be well and live well one LIFETIME at a time! :-)

In Memoriam: Mistress Pear 1947-2009


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