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Hi and welcome to my profile. On this page I will post my personal wishlist for foobar2000 features. I'll try to keep every wish updated with links to the thread where I requested it. If you like some of my requests, please post your comments in the thread.

Feature requests for foobar2000 including proposals for nice-to-have components:

- (Main core) Configurable Jump Lists
- (Main core) Customizable icons in contextmenu
- (DSP) Selectable DSP presets from main menu
- (Converter) Modify tags during conversion
- (Converter) Delete sourcetracks when conversion is lossless
- (Converter) Make converter into a queue instead of opening new windows

- Ability to save last.fm playcount to tags. Alternative thread

- Support for custom fields to be stored in the local DB (Workaround is to use foo_customdb, but it does not support writing to tags)
- Better user-statistics that allow foo_dar to make better approximations of "hotness". Etc. include how many times a track have been skipped and how many times it has been played to the end. Additionally it could include how many pct of the song were played over time (Could probably be solved by using foo_customdb, but I havent verified it yet)

- Context menu to write tags to files
- Eventually expanded functionality to feature a backup/restore tags option. See more below in my "Backup Tags" proposal.

- Define custom convolve-file depending on file tags

- (Playlist) Images in playlist rows
- (Playlist) Expandable/Collapsable groups. Another post.
- (Playlist) Customizable leftclick-action
- (Playlist) Visible columns shown separate from all available in rightclick on column header
- (Playlist) Option to let text continue in next column if the next column is empty (Excel-like behavior)
- (Buttons) Customisable bitmaps for different button states
- (Filter) Multiple columns like Facets

- Ability to define a predefined filepath where output would automatically be written

- Select all tracks in a specific playlist and perform context-actions on them. Useful for e.g. once a day write all playback statistics to files.
- Assign any Main Menu Commands to the action list
- Auto pause while certain process (i.e. mplayerc.exe) is running?
- Add event for HID idle time (that is, the amount of time user hasen't performed any inputs - Similar to when screensaver kicks in)

- Show window-popup instead of playlist

- Adding a button for searching another/next lyric-file, and buttons for adjusting lyric by 250/500ms increments (or custom defined)

Advanced Playlist Generator
Generate a playlist one entry at a time, validating it's properties to multiple factors. E.g:
- Put in commercials every n minute (defined by how long time has elapsed since commercials was last initiated)
- BPM must be within +/- 5 according to previous track
- Key should comply with previous track according to Camelot standard
- Equally shuffle each different artist
- Timerange filter

Saved Querys (Alternative thread)
- Predefine useful querys in a static list
- Options to apply to current playlist or create from library

Backup Tags
- Use (and/or generate) unique ID's from tags to keep track of correct files (best way would be to analyze audiodata-only CRC to be consistent even if it's not stored in tags)
- Define which tags should be included in backup (It's currently not possible to get a list of available tags in SDK)
- Update tags in a local DB (file) once they are updated (possebility unscreened, otherwise it should be scheduled)
- History of a tracks previous tags
- Ability to restore tags on multiple files (e.g. if updated files got lost and only an old copy were available)
(This could be a great extension of foo_customdb)

DSP: foo_dsp_skip
- foo_skip implemented as a DSP to make it work seamlessy

DSP: HDCD Decoder
- DSP to decode HDCD data

DSP: Track Edit
Providing the ability to define (in tags) how a track should be cut. Useful for cutting large interludes or manually defining fadein/out curves on seamless-transition tracks when played in random order.
- Cut start/end in ms
- Define facein/out length in ms

DSP: Notch Filter
- Filter out annoying frequencies e.g. from TV or similar
- Ability to assign to specific tracks. Settings could be read from tags

DSP: Track Pitch
- Changes samplerate according to a tag. Useful to correct the pitch of a track and use a resampler of own choice.

Key/BPM Scanner

Copy Between Files
Better ability to copy info between files, like old foo_masstagger. The "official" way to do this by Properties cannot compete with the simplicity and overview of CBF.

Generate CUE-sheet from Gaps
- Generates a CUE-sheet from a single or multiple (lossless) files
- Useful for splitting hidden tracks with multiple tracks
- Live-editor could make it easy to re-cut a badly cutted album
- Should include option for keeping CDDA compatibility cutting
- Could include option to save original CUE-sheet

Automatic mood scanner

Can't wait for a HD-AAC encoder :P

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