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Why have you changed your music player to foobar?, Main reason why you left your old app?
post Feb 17 2013, 00:13
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What was the reason that made you change your old, well known to you music player to new appliacation?
If you use some app every day and especially if it makes something important to you (like playing your favourite music) mostly you stick with it. It is really hard to change it - you know all the keyboard shortcuts, you can use its GUI with closed eyes, you are accustomed to its icon on desktop etc. Some people can argue that their app (the one they are using) is absolutely the best in universe and others are useless. But despite that facts people sometimes change their mind. I wanted to ask why current foobar users left their old music players? Was it serious problem with previous app or just "I' gave foobar a try and I stuck with it" ?

For me there was one reason - Unicode. When I added any non standard letter to filename or path of my music files (like Russian letters, Japanese letters, special signs and so on) my old player (Winamp 2.92, later updated to 5.1) was able to play it, but not to update file tags. Additionally I couldn't add that specific letters to tags. My room mate from dorm told me about foobar when I wanted to open .spc file and I was tired of using "Meridian 1.09" - simple and not so stable player for only several game music formats. In the begining I used foobar (v. "0.8.3 special") only for .spc files. But when I got problems with Unicode in Winamp I have tried how foobar will work with it. And it works perfectly since that day. Additionally I found possibilities for playing new and exotic file formats, specific functionalities, very good tagging options and now I can't imagine better music player...

So how about you?

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post Apr 26 2014, 11:30
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After over a year I can add one more thing, which causes that I will never leave foobar - permanent customization of File Properties window. I can rename, add, remove and change order of standard tag fields. When I found it in Advanced Preferences, then configuring of foobar became one of my hobbies. I have never seen other player that would allow me change such basic and such important feature. I can create most ergonomic order of fields and easily tag my files whit whatever tags I like.
It is highly correlated with foobar's extensible tagging functionalities. Additionally all those tags can be displayed in columns - so you can sort your music by anything you want - artist, label, keywords, bitrates, modification date, day when they were added to your library, number of plays, mood, real name of author, remixer, BPMs, keys, ISRC numbers, DISCIDs (lol...), comments, opinion of your grandmother on particular track, pitch of your dog's barking while song is played, colour of your room walls when you heard the track for the first time...
I can't forget about several 3rd party extensions like Waveform Seekbar. Many of my friends were shocked when they have seen seekbar from my foobar smile.gif . At least 3 of my friends have switched to foobar just because of Waveform Seekbar - they found it so cool smile.gif . When you mix it with Musical Spectrum and built in peak and volume meters you have perfect, professional, real time analysis of what you hear. The icing on a visualisation/analysis cake is built in Spectrogram... Especially after dhromed's colour tuning smile.gif . Thanks again mate smile.gif
Despite my foobar design has number of elements it is very ascetic - just DUI panels/tabs, some colour on the background of default playlist viewer and no special effects. But I have seen what others can do with foobar's wiev... Just amazing. Skins mechanism from other players is a joke compared to foobar's abilities of changing its look.
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