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[TOS #8/nonsense/necromancy/cross-posting] From: best MP3 decoder..., From Topic ID: 35054
post Jun 25 2005, 01:05
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If you are looking for highest decoding quality then Apollo for you. Since version 37zl it features the best at the moment decoding precise with the RMS level 7.16910−10 and maximum difference 1.19210−7. More details here:
The info in that topic is little bit outdated and version mentioned there is 37zh.
Another high quality decoder is MPADec. Binary can be taken here
The MPADec results are RMS level 2.28x10-9 and max difference 1.192x10-7
Apollo homepage is here.
I'm also did a little test with the most well known decoders/decoding engines to see how they're treat freeformat streams and Lame tag for gappless decoding.

Lame tag Free format
Lame N N
Winamp (in_mp3) N N
Winamp (in_mpg123) Y N
Winamp (in_mad) N Y
mpg123 N N
Apollo N Y
Foobar (mpglib) Y N
Foobar (MAD) Y N
XMPlay Y? N

In my opinion MPADec is the choice. It supports freeformat and Lame tag providing also extremly high quality.

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post Jan 28 2013, 01:18
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Skymmer - you are absolutely right in your statement:

"In my opinion MPADec is the choice. It supports freeformat and Lame tag providing also extremly high quality"

Even after so many years, it produces the best sounding MP3's - even compared to Apollo, it provides an even huger soundstage, with clearer lyrics and tighter bass.

The old versions of Mpadec (i.e the ones written by Gabest) are the best mp3 decoders even today in terms of sound quality. The new versions released in MPC-HC have gone down in quality.

I just discovered their awesome quality by accident a few weeks ago - and like you said, it is way better than the better known Mp3 decoders that I have been using until this great find.

I have found mpasplitter.ax v to be the best in terms of splitter.

As for the mpa decoder, I have found the one in Media Player Classic - i.e the last build of mpa decoder v to be the best sounding - huge soundstage, clear lyrics and tight bass.

The second best is the last Gabest version - i.e. mpadecfilter.ax v While it is good, the sound is boomier, but the bass is less tight and the lyrics are louder but more shrill compared to the perfect decoder of MPC (latest version of MPC with that decoder - ver switched to mpadecfilter.ax v and the sound quality degraded)

Right now I am stuck with using MPC (very obsolete and buggy player) and using mpasplitter.ax v loaded externally combined with the internal decoder - simply because the sound quality is out of this world.

I have not been able to find the stand-alone filter mpadecfilter.ax v in order to use the decoder in more modern and sleek directshow players like Imesh (excellent interface, features and organization of my whole mp3 library and uses mpadecfilter.ax - albeit a later MPC-HC build) - currently I have overwritten it with mpadecfilter.ax ver since I cannot find ver and also deleted the Amplifier file - "ammp3.dll" in the Imesh 11 installation directory as it adds coloration to the sound.

The sourceforge URL of MPC has the later builds but is missing the oldest but best one.

https://sourceforge.net/projects/guliverkli.../MPA%20Decoder/ - it has MPA Decoder,, but it is missing the stand alone filter MPA Decoder

Does anyone happen to have stand-alone filter mpadecfilter.ax v by any chance. That would be a real ife saver indeed.

Or can someone who is good with programming build an mpadecfilter.ax from the .exe file of MPC

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post Jan 28 2013, 01:35
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Aside from being a textbook example of a bad an abysmal first post and demonstrating that you dont pay the slightest bit of attention to websites before you start hitting your keyboard in their general direction, this really shows why blind listening tests are important and the lengths to which people will go to satisfy emotional cravings based upon the placebo effect.

If you would like to test your perceptions by a valid method, feel free to begin a new thread to ask for help. I already know what you will discover, but you ought to find it very educational. Otherwise, we are not interested in your completely unsubstantiated statements, which fly in the face of established theory and experience, or your convoluted ways of deluding your own mind that theres any difference to be heard.

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Reason for edit: “bad” is far from a strong enough word.
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