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FLAC ripped with EAC, convert to mp3 with proper tags and folder organ
post Jan 10 2013, 22:14
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I ripped my CD collection with EAC to FLAC. Now I'd like to convert the FLAC to mp3 and put it on my android phone. I'll be using PowerAmp to play it on my phone.

Currently I have my folders named and organized as such... Artist/Artist - Album - (date)/01 - songname.flac

With EAC an m3u file was put in the album folder, as well as a text file for EAC. I have copied to each album a "cover.jpg" as the album art
I have CUE files for the rips but they were automatically left out of the Artist/Album folders by EAC

Now I'm not too familiar with m3u's and CUE's and not really sure what use they have exactly.

I just want to convert my FLAC collection to MP3 to play on my android phone (Galaxy S3) using PowerAmp.

How should I convert the FLAC to MP3 (or should I use WMA?) ?

What tags are needed...CUE's, m3u's, etc.?

And how should I name and organize my folders and albums etc.?

Or any other suggestion you might give me here.

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post Jan 11 2013, 18:20
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Until you get below about 125 kbps typical bitrates, there's not a vast difference between the quality of LAME VBR MP3, Ogg Vorbis, AAC-LC ('Apple' QAAC, Nero or FhG, but avoid the poorly tuned FAAC) or even Opus or WMA or Musepack. They're all pretty well-tuned and difficult to separate statistically in listening test scores at such bitrates, even more so above about 150 kbps except for a few problem samples. Most Android devices have decoder libraries that natively support MP3, Vorbis and AAC so these give you most flexibility if you choose to ditch PowerAmp.

Lame MP3 isn't such a bad choice because MP3 is supported almost everywhere (except for free installations of Linux out of the box, which avoid most patented codecs, leaving Vorbis and recently Opus as viable there) so you can copy it to virtually any other music player, or access files via a USB cable with your phone mounted as a disk drive, with things like Digital TVs, some car stereos and similar devices and still have it play OK.

You can also retrospectively use tools like mp3gain to adjust the volume without re-encoding if your player doesn't support ReplayGain tags.

However, if you have kept the lossless originals to re-encode from, your choice can change later if you want to save space (e.g. Vorbis, AAC or Opus at around 96 kbps would then be better than MP3) or change software.

Foobar2000 or CUEtools let you specify the folder structure to create in the same sort of way (using foobar2000's titleformatting format) in the file naming dialogue of their Convert options:

Artist/Artist - Album - (date)/01 - songname.flac

can be represented including the folder structure (\ separates folders) as something like:

%album artist%\%album artist% - %album% - (%date%)\%track% - %title%

For the benefit of track artists in Various Artists discs, you might want to make it:

%album artist%\%album artist% - %album% - (%date%)\%track% - %title% - %artist%

You then need to locate the encoder for fb2k or CueTools to use and tell it the settings you require.

As suggested, LAME somewhere around -V4 -V3 or -V2 (in order of increasing quality and bitrate) is a sensible place to start for MP3.
For AAC, a setting giving roughly 128, 160 or 192 kbps is about right - how it's specified depends on the encoder and CBR or VBR choice.
For Ogg Vorbis a q setting of 4, 5 or 6 or thereabouts (in order of increasing quality and bitrate) is a sensible place to start.
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