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[TOS #5/no politics at the mixing desk] From: AccurateRip 10 years old, From Topic ID: 98616
post Jan 8 2013, 00:32
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we live in a time where money has the overall power about everything.
The world is, notice well, not ruled by the respective governments, but from powerfull/rich people behind the curtain.
Iīm not a "conspiracy theorizer" but thereīs a plan in this world in the hands of less... Most people donīt know that.
The system and economy aproaches a crisis. More and more people are searching for the truth, behind all the lies in this world.

Iīm very much convinced, that there will come another system/culture in the future, cos the way we go now, is a way
down to modern slavery with more and more control. In Germany/Hamburg there are already >10.000 observation cameras installed
being able to scan/memorize your face and log your usual activities.
In my eyes money is the reason of all this, in Germany a saving-hysteria broke out, since ~10 years. Money has a status, it has never had before.
Bureaucracy and control takes a lot of it away...

There came up a lot of alternative ways to live, symbiotic communities or eco-villages (e.g) in the last years.
For example Tamera in Protugal or the so called Rainbow-Gatherings worldwide.
People share everything there - and with a minimun of organisation, it all runs perfectly.
As for me, I think a lot of people are sick to death of paying. They have noticed the advantage of voluntary things!
Projects like Linux, Wikipedia, or just EAC and AccurateRip, have a good appeal.
Profit making/greed of gain destroyes everything, and people more and more realize that.

My vision for the future and the way I want to live is to share everything with everyone, and working for no money.
In a kind of other society/system. Pilot projects are there a lot.
The present system is more and more stealing us our freedom and self-determination.
Cloud-computing has still convinced a lot of people, and will spread more and more ! Iīm convinced. Sonner or later digital data -> Audio, Films, E-Books, Software ..... is in the hands of a few people.
Itīs like that already now! If youtoube deletes a video, does not fit to our system, is critical or whatever, you can never ever see it again, donīt already have any control about it!

So my vision is, above a new civilization, the storation of music and good things, to be available for everyone who joines - but in the hands of people, being not interested in money (maybee rather in human values)
Thereīs a trend in our world to more and more free things, havenīt you noticed?
Would you work in another society for free and get everything back you need to live, from others, for free? Have you ever been on a Rainbow-Gathering?

Itīs not possible to swich to another system suddenly, but bit by bit.
I can see a trend there, that ist not to be stopped.
It depends on the people how much they are aware of this trend !! and consider that as a new future, much more worth living than what we do now.

So thatīs why Iīm quite much interested in AcurateRip!

to tell that, by the way...

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post Jan 8 2013, 00:43
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QUOTE (OliP @ Jan 8 2013, 03:32) *
Would you work in another society for free and get everything back you need to live, from others, for free?

Do you mean chinese labor camps? No thanks.
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