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Current mp3gain alternatives for reducing clipping?, Clipping determined to have been caused by iTunes equalizer.
post Dec 18 2012, 05:05
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Hi All,

First time poster, long time reader.
I've been using mp3gain for years, and I basically just want to know if there are any modern equivalents or alternatives to reduce clipping in mp3 files. This is all that I use mp3gain for. I do not use it to make all tracks or albums the same volume. I actually prefer there to be volume differences between songs and albums.

I'm surprised that "clipping" is not a more-discussed issue among all music listeners, not just audiophiles. I have countless examples of songs that, during their regular volume, even at 320 kbps, produce distortion that to my ears is unbearable. Like a fuzzy crackle whenever the levels push through the ceiling. After applying mp3gain to bring below the clipping level, these tracks sound perfect to my ears, and the clipping is totally eliminated. I can't imagine not lowering the gain on most tracks, and I guess that is why I'm surprised that there are not a plethora of programs that try to address it.

Anyway, mp3gain does what I need, which is "apply constant gain". I don't necessarily need track/album gain, target volume, or max-no-clip. I just like to be able to manually reduce tracks by a few decibels to eliminate clipping. Basically, my question is:

- Are there any other programs that do the same thing (i.e. reversible process to apply constant, custom gain reductions without loss in audio quality)? Are there any where the focus is removing clipping rather than equalizing volumes? I guess this is an odd thing to ask since mp3gain serves my purpose, but I can't help but think that this program is old, and support for it has run out. Surely there must be something equivalent that's more current? I've tried many recommended alternatives, but none of them seem to satisfy my needs - they're either way overboard (too many features I don't need), or they are missing key features. I'm also looking for a Mac equivalent, but none of the current Mac mp3gain ports have all of the following:
- Reversible
- Can analyze for clipping
- No loss in audio quality
- Can apply custom, constant gain changes to files/albums

Sorry for the long post, and many thanks for any help.

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post Dec 18 2012, 19:51
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Ok, so you've piqued my interest. I followed Dynamic's instructions. I've never used Audacity before, but is "Amplify" the correct way to reduce volume? When I do this, the distortion that I'm observing similarly disappeared from tracks after reducing volume in Audacity. I suppose this partially answers my original question, in that Audacity seems to be able to accomplish the same thing as mp3gain with regards to reducing amplification so that levels don't clip/distort. And just to be clear, this has nothing to do with expectation bias. I'm not an expert in any of this, and it's totally possible that the distortion is a result of poor encoding, poor audio equipment, or whatever else, but I'm certain you'd hear the same thing as me. I can send you a file that demonstrates it clear as day to me, if you want. Wolfmother's "White Unicorn", about 8-9 seconds in, when the bass kicks in, distorts on every lossy version I've ever heard, until the gain is reduced.
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