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Please update opus-tools binaries at Rarewares
post Dec 11 2012, 11:17
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Please update opus-tools with version 0.1.6/libopus 1.0.2. If possible backport flac input support added in commit 892fd929 just after 0.1.6.

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post Dec 11 2012, 15:22
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The FLAC support isn't released yet because its brand new, hardly tested code. I'd really prefer people not continue publishing pre-releases on the web where the people downloading them will have no idea where to contact the developers, won't necessarily expect the software not to eat their babies, etc.

There will be releases with flac support within a couple weeks.
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post Dec 11 2012, 18:52
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QUOTE (NullC @ Dec 11 2012, 07:22) *
I'd really prefer people not continue publishing pre-releases on the web where the people downloading them will have no idea where to contact the developers, won't necessarily expect the software not to eat their babies, etc.
I can certainly understand the concern that too many people are using bleeding-edge git snapshots compiled by random guys from the forums rather than using stable releases from solidly-trusted sources. That's only appropriate for people who are willing to deal with git breakage and get seriously involved in the testing/development process. To avoid headaches it'd be much better for people who expect the software to "just work" to be using stable binaries compiled by people who are absolutely sure to know what they're doing. It'd also help if people who are willing to get casually involved in the testing/feedback process were using better-trusted binaries.

But telling other people not to post prerelease binaries is not the way to fix this problem. Every open-source project has the potential for this kind of problem, but almost all of them successfully avoid it without trying to discourage people from building and distributing their software. Why is it that Opus has this problem while others don't?

Here's some possible reasons: you've neglected official binaries, you've undersold the stable versions, and you've stopped releasing early and releasing often.

The binaries linked from opus-codec.org predate the 1.0 release. This doesn't just mean that people who download from there are missing out on a fair number of bugfixes and a few improvements; it also means people will abandon using trusted sources for binaries. And many of the other sources which are distributing binaries are distributing git snapshots and/or "optimized" binaries that are actually slower than the gcc compile.

For the better part of a year people at HA and elsewhere have been told that the stable version is mediocre at music but exp/master is much better. While it's true that if the settings are held constant the development branch gives better encodes of tonal samples, it's still unclear how much improvement there is when it's constrained to give the same average bitrate over a large collection of music. I trust that the continuing refinements and fixes will make the final 1.1 release a substantial improvement. But in the meantime 1.0.x is not as bad as it's made out to be - a few trained listeners managing to ABX something doesn't necessarily mean a broad part of the populace at large will give it a low MOS - and there are substantial benefits to using a known-good stable version with predictable behavior. For instance, in one somewhat recent development build I found there are bitrates where the mode switching kinda thrashes around on speech input, and it's very distracting to have the bandwidth and character of your audio changing like that, especially in an audiobook. (From commit messages I suspect that may have been fixed since then, but I haven't tested much.) I'm also not convinced that the development version's attempt to provide higher bandwidth at lower bitrates than the stable version while in LP/hybrid modes is well-tuned yet even when it doesn't thrash around.

During earlier phases of development, I suspect most of the people who were distributing binaries to those willing to get casually involved in testing Opus were distributing development releases, which happened about once a month, and not random git tags. Only those who were actually ready to deal with git breakage were using the bleeding edge. But your development branch has now seen 9 months of vigorous development without releasing a single alpha or even just choosing appropriate snapshots to distribute. Anyone who's casually interested in trying out the hyped improvements is going to end up using some random guy's random git snapshot build.

If opus-codec.org provided up-to-date stable binaries, alpha source releases, and some kind of very visible recommendation about who should be using what, I think that would start to address the problem much more effectively. The reason that major open source projects don't usually have tremendous support hassles with naive users using random "OMG 0PT1M!Z3D!!!1" builds and random git snapshots isn't that such builds don't exist (au contraire!) or that they tell people to quit visibly publishing them, it's because the official releases handily outcompete such builds. They are better-publicized, better-trusted, bring users improvements on an appropriate schedule (freshly-baked rather than half-baked or stale), and generally deliver a better user experience.
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