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Running CUERipper on Linux
post Dec 2 2012, 01:48
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I'm in the progress of finishing my tool perfect-flac-encode which is a Linux bash shell script.
CUERipper would be very nice for ripping the input WAV images I guess.

I've gotten it to run under Ubuntu 12.04 with Wine but it won't detect the CD drive.
The Wiki says "Users report they have been able to use it under linux, using Mono," but doesn't state any instructions on how to get it to run.

Can someone help me getting it to run? I only need the ability to rip WAV image+CUE+LOG, no encoding is needed.
I would be glad for a list of needed packages for example as Mono is a rather huge framework and I don't want to blindly install lots of stuff.

Thank you
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post Dec 5 2012, 22:02
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What about http://thomas.apestaart.org/morituri/trac/ ?

And ... if you can get CUETools to check the rips against AccurateRip after having ripped, then you are on safe ground on those rips which turn out verified.
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post Dec 6 2012, 04:32
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QUOTE (Porcus @ Dec 5 2012, 13:02) *
What about http://thomas.apestaart.org/morituri/trac/ ?

And ... if you can get CUETools to check the rips against AccurateRip after having ripped, then you are on safe ground on those rips which turn out verified.

I am not sure of your use model, but I can offer my experiences just in case I found soumething of use to you. I have used K3B and sound juicer to rip audio. K3B seems to work better and also seems to execute stand-alone applications from its gui.

I have used K3B to create flac with cue and the playback works fine in audacious. Track listing and track cue works fine with one continuous lossless rip for identical playback as if on a stand-alone CD player, without any annoying gaps in between tracks like on Dark Side of the Moon where the rip is unlistenable because of the silence stuck into the transitions between tracks. Then if you want to skip to a particular song, the cue lines up right at the correct spot, plus you can edit the cue if you are not happy with its timing. No need for WINE at all.

As far as I know, K3B is merely a gui for a set of CD/DVD ripping and burning tools in Ubuntu. I think K3B sets up command lines with pipes in order to complete the actions such as rip audio cd to flac with cue.

The only trouble I have with K3B is when ripping CD's in Ubuntu 11.10 on one particular hardware platform, 1 in 10 discs crashes the OS. Not duplicated fault on my other platforms running 12.04, no crashes of any sort. On the one system with 11.10 I tried sound juicer but it made mistakes in the track ordering so I gave up ripping on this one machine.

I had to install FLAC and other tools separately to get them working under K3B. Also, due to proprietary codec issues, the DVD ripping function is not installed. There is a web page somewhere that explains how to build K3B from source to include DVD ripping. I tried it once and the build was successful but ripping did not work, so either I did something wrong or the instructions are out of date. Anyway, you did not mention DVD ripping so I suppose that is not on your agenda. If you really want to do it though you can use Handbrake installed from PPA. You can also rip DVD to iso file with K3B and then transcode that with Handbrake.

The audio rips K3B does are fine. I did not figure out what cdparanoia level 1,2, and 3 does and there are no instructions anywhere that I could find with a google search on how to use cdparanoia, but it says that it will repeatedly read bad sectors until a good read comes through in order to get a flawless rip. Level 3 seems to never complete so maybe it is broken. I set it to 2 and have never had any rip problems that I can detect. Neither did I get any errors using level 1. Then again, I am not exactly a computer-literate audiophile, just a lowly electrical engineer with a penchant for open source solutions, so maybe I am just not understanding your use model.

Perhaps you can try using K3B and tracking down what it executes in its command line shell script from the program paths and options that are stored in its setup. It claims that it uses cdparanoia and maybe accruaterip also uses cdparanoia or some other similar algorithm. Remember, to get flac working you have to install that package separately.

Good luck, let us know how your project turns out!
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