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Rate my audio chain!, (Where to improve first?)
post Oct 18 2012, 11:06
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SoX resampler
WASAPI bit-perfect output
FiiO E7
NAD Stereo Integrated Amplifier 310
Mission 731 2-way reflex 25-75 W 8 Ohm speaker pair


My desk is solid oak so bass and mids resonate through it beautifully. Especially since the speakers sit directly on it and they are heavy (3.5 kg). The problem with this is that my monitor sits directly between the speakers and it's in the middle of the oak so there are sound waves coming from left and right and up through the stand resulting in boomy resonance.

Here is how I have overcome this.

The pillow does two jobs - it deadens vibrations in the monitor and, because the monitors and speakers are arranged like a box against the wall, it helps to dampen resonances / amplification there too:

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post Oct 20 2012, 12:16
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QUOTE (DVDdoug @ Oct 18 2012, 19:01) *
So the problem isn't so much "boomy one-note bass"
No it's definately one-note resonance
- They make foam speaker/monitor isolators. Now in general, I think these things are over-hyped and over-priced, and I'll bet in most situations there's no audible difference (in a blind test). But if you have a vibration problem, they might be helpful. You can try making your own (hopefully you can find some black foam), and you can try putting some foam rubber under the video monitor too.
I made my own! Raising them off the oak makes a massive difference! The only problem is I only had green foam from a gardening kneeling pad.
- You can get a TV/Monitor wall-mount bracket and get the monitor off the desk.
Good idea, I'm gonna do this.

The SoX resampler & "bit-perfect" setting is probably having no audible effect either (in a proper blind listening test). Are trying to bypass the Windows resampler? Why are you resampling? I assume you realize that when you resample, the data-stream is no longer bit-perfect?

Are trying to bypass the Windows resampler? (yes, WASAPI does that)

Why are you resampling? My DAC doesn't support high sampling rates. USB limitation or something, because the DAC chip supports 8 - 192 kHz. The DAC chip itself is high quality so the output is as good as it would be with hi-res input.

QUOTE (nwavguy.blogspot.com/2011/05/fiio-e7-usb-dac-amp.html)
At the heart of the E7 is the well respected Wolfson WM8740 DAC. That’s a relatively high-end part to find in a $99 portable product. The WM8740 lacks USB support so another relatively expensive chip is required for the USB interface—the ubiquitous TI PCM2706 which, in this application, only converts USB to I2S and its analog DAC output is unused. The E7’s analog section is reportedly from another boutique chip company--the low noise 0.0006% THD Analog Devices AD8692. Output duties are handled by the TI TPA6130 which also handles the electronic volume function. When you factor in the expensive Apple-like industrial design, high build quality, graphical display, battery, accessories, etc, it’s hard to imagine selling it for much of a profit at $99.

www.wolfsonmicro.com/products/dacs/WM8740 wrote:
Sampling frequency : 8kHz - 192kHz
Input data word : 16 to 24-bit
QUOTE (Arnold B. Krueger @ Oct 18 2012, 19:59) *
Where is the subwoofer? ;-)
I don't know about subwoofers... A special "2.1" amp is needed, isn't it? Can you recommend one and a sub that is good for a 3.37 m X 2.76 m room? The walls are concrete so noise pollution shouldn't be too much of a problem as was brought up by 2Bdecided.

QUOTE (AiZ @ Oct 18 2012, 23:39) *
The white keyboard surrounded by black computer, black monitor, black joystick, black mouse, black speakers, black DAC, black mouse mat and black armchair is odd.

Agreed. This colour scheme happened by chance, it's just a cheap chinese keyboard that was lying around the house. I will replace it with this soon. http://www.cmstorm.com/en/products/keyboar...ckfirerapidred/

QUOTE (A_Man_Eating_Duck @ Oct 19 2012, 00:19) *
You could make some wedges\stands so you can angle the speakers towards your ears.

Are those speakers ported? front or back? maybe make a bung to block the porthole.

Em, both? I don't know anything about speakers.

QUOTE (markanini @ Oct 19 2012, 00:56) *
Ideally you'd place the speakers facing rather than along the long side of the room. Either way the speakers should be atleast 10" from the front wall.

I don't know about facing them away from me! But I have moved them further from the wall. Combine that with moving the monitor back and the stereo imaging has been much improved.

QUOTE (Nessuno @ Oct 19 2012, 08:16) *
Thus you'll gain also enough room to place your wirsts upon while tiping and using the mouse: your back will thanks you a lot! wink.gif

My chair is like 5-10 cm too low for this! I need a better one...

----2Bdecided wrote:
Some people do some funky things... (just used Google Image Search with the terms ikea expedit record dj because I knew I'd seen some "interesting" speaker mounting techniques there)...
http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?...&p=66810254 (second pic)
...but I don't know what they sound like.


Haha, that's brilliant. I'm sure they sound good!

----J.Philippe wrote:
Is there any particular reason why you didn't go with near-field studio monitors?

These speakers were hand-me-downs, same with the amp! I might upgrade, but monitors are damn expensive.

Thank you all for your suggestions, They were all very good!

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