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Problem installing WavPack Plugin Nero 12 Windows 7, official instructions are for earlier Nero or not applicable to Win7
post Oct 12 2012, 21:24
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I want to convert WavPack to MP3 so that I can play them in iTunes and on iPod.

I downloaded Nero 12 trial, intending to buy when I can get this to work. I downloaded "Plugin for Ahead Nero Burning Rom" from WavPack.com. The instructions say to copy nxWavPack.dll to \program files\Common Files\Ahead\AudioPlugins. Obviously applies to earlier Windows version.

So I translated that into Win7 to mean put the DLL \Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Nero\... because there's a folder there and AFAIK Nero does not use the Ahead name anymore. Problem: there is no AudioPlugins folder. I created a folder with that name and put the DLL in it, but it had no effect.

I'm guessing the official instructions at WavPack.com apply to earlier versions of Nero and earlier versions of Windows. I've Google searched for an hour figuring that for sure somebody else has the same problem--and an answer--but found nothing. I searched Hydrogen Audio for a solution and found nothing.

In theory I should be able to get Nero 12 (Nero Recode) to import WavPack files and transcode them into any format supported by Nero. Can anybody please tell me how?
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post Oct 14 2012, 19:29
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Thanks for the reply Bryant. Just to explain, I'm a software engineer and I've written DLLs myself, using VC++. Just mentioning that so you can aim replies at the right technical level. smile.gif

Here's the directory for the path where I put the WavPack DLL:

Directory of C:\Program Files (x86)\Nero\Nero 12\Nero Burning ROM\AudioPluginMgr

10/14/2012  11:02 AM    <DIR>          .
10/14/2012  11:02 AM    <DIR>          ..
08/01/2012  09:20 PM           241,048 APM_AC3.dll
08/01/2012  09:20 PM           144,280 APM_Aiff.dll
08/01/2012  09:20 PM           242,584 APM_DefConvertor.dll
08/01/2012  09:20 PM           155,032 APM_mp3PP.dll
08/01/2012  09:20 PM           606,616 APM_mp3pro.dll
08/01/2012  09:20 PM           542,112 APM_MSAxp.dll
08/01/2012  09:20 PM           237,464 APM_NeFlac.dll
08/01/2012  09:20 PM           134,552 APM_NeroDigital.dll
08/01/2012  09:20 PM         1,295,768 APM_OGG.dll
08/01/2012  09:20 PM           130,968 APM_Wav.dll
08/01/2012  09:20 PM           198,552 AudioPluginMgr.dll
08/01/2012  09:20 PM               936 AudioPluginMgr.manifest
08/01/2012  09:20 PM             1,522 COPYING.FLAC
08/01/2012  09:20 PM            25,765 COPYING.LGPL
08/01/2012  09:20 PM             1,498 COPYING.XIPH
08/01/2012  09:20 PM           374,680 lame_enc.dll
10/12/2012  11:42 AM           290,816 nxWavPack.dll
08/01/2012  09:20 PM               838 README

It looks like it fits right in, seeing OGG and AC3 there etc.

I went through all the menus on Nero Recode and Nero Burning Rom and could find no "plugin manager." Perhaps I missed it or perhaps it's located in a different application.

Yes I did restart Nero Recode. Actually it wasn't running when I copied the DLL. Additionally I tried it again today with no good results.

As another experiment I noticed that Nero Recode has it's own folder at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nero\Nero 12\Nero Recode" so I dropped a copy of the DLL in there, again to no good result.

Additionally Nero 12 is beginning to look pretty bloated to me and I'm starting to think along the lines of seeing if I can find the install files for Nero 9. Can you confirm that Nero 9 works with the DLL? In any case I'll report back if I can get anything to work.

I am going to get WavPack working one way or another here. The only question is what I'll end up using and how long it will take me to fix it. I've worked in software engineering for decades and I never give up! biggrin.gif

BTW I tried the Win32 command line WavPack programs too and succeeded in getting my .WV converted to .WAV but it was one humongous track not broken up into individual tracks. So close yet so far away... smile.gif
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post Oct 15 2012, 04:51
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QUOTE (Fleegle @ Oct 14 2012, 10:29) *
Thanks for the reply Bryant. Just to explain, I'm a software engineer and I've written DLLs myself, using VC++. Just mentioning that so you can aim replies at the right technical level. smile.gif

Sorry, I certainly didn't mean to insult you...I simply mentioned some problems/issues that other people had encountered (and to try to get some more information for myself). smile.gif

As for your other questions:

Newer versions of Nero may support cuesheets in some situations, but I doubt that embedded cuesheets will work with Nero because I don’t believe that their API allowed me to pass back the cuesheet (I seem to remember just artist, track and album title). What may work is to open the cuesheet with nero and make sure that the cuesheet points to the .wv file (the source file is one of the first lines in the cuesheet). That would be easy to try, but I would cross my fingers.

You could use the command line WavPack programs to embed the cuesheet. Since it’s lossless, there’s nothing lost by unpacking the wv file to wav and then repacking it using the -w switch (-w “cuesheet=@cuesheet.txt”). But again, while the resulting file would work great with Foobar, I doubt that Nero would recognize the embedded cuesheet.

Unfortunately, the WavPack command line tool will not decode a huge wv file to separate .wav files even if there is an embedded cuesheet. That would be a nice feature, but there are so many other tools to do that that I have not implemented it.

The easiest solution might be to simply unpack the .wv file into a huge .wav file (which I guess you’ve already done a couple different ways) and then use that with the cuesheet (making sure the cuesheet points to the .wav file). If Nero handles cuesheets at all, then it should handle that combination, and you should be able to burn or convert to anything you want. Or, as was said, you could use another tool.

Hope this helps, thanks for the feedback!


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