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How can I tell if my version of DSOTM was mastered with pre-emphasis?
post Oct 4 2012, 02:01
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Per http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index....st&p=810470, I looked at my CD of Dark Side of the Moon, and looked at the tedious but uninsightful discussion at http://www.stevehoffman.tv/forums/showthread.php?t=264920 , and still can't definitively determine if my CD has pre-emphasis or not. Any advice appreciated!

My CD is labelled on the top as:
CDP 7 46001 2
DIDX 226
Made in the U.S.A.
Manufactured for Capital Records, Inc.
1973 The Gramaphone Company Limited
1973 Capital Records, Inc.

Around the inner ring on the top:
DIDX 226 111A6

Around the innermost ring on the top:
Made in USA - Digital Audio Disc Corp.

On the back of the CD case, upper right:
7 46001 2
DIDX 226
Barcode 0 777-46001-2

Cover of the booklet has the pyramid and prism spectrum graphic, and in the upper right a circle around "Pink Floyd the Dark Side of the Moon"

On the back of the booklet, upper right:
7 46001 2
DIDX 226

I bought it new in the 1980's for what it's worth. I used dBpoweramp to rip it and it did not detect pre-emphasis. The images shown on the first link above on discogs are exactly as on my CD, with two exceptions:

- my CD has DIDX 226 on the inner ring of the disc itself which discogs specifically precludes from the version it is defining.
- the outlined section on the left of the top of the CD image on discogs shows a second row of just "Made in the U.S.A.", while my version has "DIDX 226 | Made in U.S.A."

moderator: please add "version" after "my" in the thread title - thanks!

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post Oct 5 2012, 09:21
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mjb2006: thank you very much - it appears my version is the 7th Capital issue, which has no note it has pre-emphasis. It would not be accurate in all cases at that site to interpret the lack of a note on pre-emphasis to mean no pre-emphasis, since I have the 4th issue of The Wall that flags for pre-emphasis but that's not indicated at that site (I'll send a note to them with that info). But taken in the context that the Japanese versions seem to be the versions with pre-emphasis, I feel comfortable my version does not have it.

I won't trust my ears to make the call, and the spectrum plots I ran to compare to Porcus' didn't reveal anything definitive (but thanks for those suggestions, all) and I failed to find a tool to scan the subchannels for pre-emphasis flags, so that was my last shot. I tried cdda2wav that was purported to scan subchannels for the pre-emphasis flag, but what echoed to my screen indicated it scanned for a bunch of other subchannel info but not the pre-emphasis flag. None of my known pre-emphasized discs were flagged as having subchannel pre-emphasis flags - just TOC pre-emphasis flags - by cdda2wav, and while it's possible I find it unlikely that's accurate. Maybe cdda2wav abandons looking for such a subchannel flag if it detects the TOC flag, but I gave up at that point. I also tried an old copy of EAC to manually detect the TOC but my attempts at using that command resulted in garbage TOC information.

Thanks again, and thanks Canar for fixing my grammar.
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