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Release: Dynamic DSP: gives custom effect chains for individual tracks, [was “dynamic dsp”]
post Jul 18 2012, 16:17
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I made this DSP and have been using it for months now to my satisfaction. So, first off thanks to those who helped me figure some things out: mudlord, foosion, Yegor, and Zao, and others who made SDK, Documentation, and samples. By no means does their help imply that they like my plugin or much less endorse it!

It is a DSP which is designed to switch effects based on the track being played.

Sorry, documentation is not going to be great. But basically:
1)add the dynamicDSP to your DSP chain. It can be in among other DSPs, or even have multiple instances of itself in a chain but the way I use it is have a single instance of it as the sole DSP at the top level.
2)select and click configure to bring up the configuration window.
3)Enter a titleformat script in the large textbox at the top of the configure window, or use the one provided. The script you enter should evaluate to a single word, which is the name of the DSP Chain you want to use for that track. The titleformat will be run on each track as it is about to be played and provide the switching of chains. It's OK if this script evaluates to a Chain name which does not exist or blank, in which case no DSP will be applied to that track.
4)enter a DSP chain name in the little textbox to the left of the "Add Chain" button then click that button. The name will appear in the listbox just above.
5) doubleclick the chain name in the list box to bring up the configuration window for this Named chain. It is the stock DSP config window, you should be familiar with how to use it. Add DSPs and configure them, then click ok.
6)repeat steps 4-5 as many times as desired
7)click OK
8)click apply/ok

That's it. If you use the stock titleformat script, you can just add a custom tag to any track called "TRACKDSP" with the value of the Named Chain you want to use. When that track is played that chain will activate.

Other people may prefer to evaluate to a chain based on Genre tags or some other scheme which uses tags which already commonly exist in their tracks. I do not provide any titleformat scripts and it's not a strong area of mine. Feel free to create and share scripts which you like on this thread. (That is, if anybody likes this component besides me)

Known Issues / Limitations
This component is sensitive to track changes but has gone to some lengths to avoid using the needstrackchangemark thingy which breaks gapless playback. To the best of my ability to theorize or detect, gapless playback remains perfect IF the track currently playing and the track that is to follow evaluates to the same chain, or to no chain at all.
BUT, if they evaluate to different chains there is in my tests the tiniest audible dropout between the tracks as the old chain empties and the new chain takes its place. I don't know how to avoid this so I don't intend to fix it.
A corollary to my decision to avoid needing the needstrackchangemark thingy is that I cannot guarantee that 100% of the samples of a track go through their intended chain. Some may go through the previous chain so once again this is only an issue if the chain changes. It was beyond my ability to detect this though.
But the final warning is that if you create a titleformat script which takes too long to evaluate then you could break gapless playback even if the chains do not change. I have not tested the threshold on this nor do I have any recommendations to offer except to try it and see. Using the titleformat I provide default, I could detect no flaw in gapless playback on Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon or a white noise sample I made copies of and played back to back.

I make no restrictions on what you can do with the the source code or component.

None. Use at your own risk. I may consider fixing a bug or two if you find them but I don't spend much time here so if you find something bring it forward fast because I will probably stop visiting this thread regularly in a week or two.


A release build is provided in the download above but if you want to build from source, note that you need to download the boost libraries, specifically releated to boost::bind, and you must add a new include directory to your VC setup.

You also need WTL but I think that's common for foobar components.

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post Jan 23 2014, 16:38
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Thanks guys for the responses.
I will try to get this to work.

My problem it seems is that I dont understand the default scripts.
Im not a programmer or a script writer so Im lost without assistance.

Which you guys provided...thanks much
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