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APEv2 tags in MP3, aimed: generally, at implementation, in rel.w/ foobar2000, vs. ID3v2.4
post Dec 29 2011, 19:30
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Recent topics on ID3v2.4 and APEv2 implementation in foobar2000 (like this and that and others) raise the chase between ID3v2.4 and APEv2 tags. I'd like to start this topic as a branch of first mentioned topic, concerning APEv2 tags in MP3 files.

I want to choose optimal type of tags for MP3s with which I'll stick for few following years. ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4 and APEv2 are in the game. For long I've been tagging ID3v1+ID3v2.3, recently I started to like idea of multifields but after the discussions above I'm not sure what tag type is the best (selfishly enough for my needs). I'd appreciate multifields but I still want to keep best possible compatibility with most used SW/HW. In this matter after some googling and searching I have some questions about APEv2 and will be glad if you could help, especially if you were dealing with similar questions yourselves.

Q1: Are APE tag names standardized anyhow??
HA wiki says:
Just like Vorbis comment it defines some standard fields, but it also defines some formats for those fields (like what a date should look like).
I couldn't find it. Does any informal standard or recommendation exist? If not, default settings of most used players are standards enough - do iTunes, Winamp, foobar2000, Media Monkey or any hardware players have something in common? Basic field names - ARTIST, ALBUM, TITLE are obvious but others may be tricky. Shall I use spaces between words, no spaces or underscores? (e.g. ALBUM ARTIST is preffered by foobar2000 and Winamp, ALBUMARTIST is pref. by Mp3tag, nevertheless some people use ALBUM_ARTIST. ENCODED BY, ARTIST SORT NAME are other examples). Is more proper YEAR or DATE? DISC or DISCNUMBER? In this regard I see a benefit of imperfect yet precise ID3v2 recommendations specifying which field shall contain which kind of information.

Q2: Is APEv2 designed to contain pictures??
The implementation of pictures in APEv2 tag is very poor. foobar2000 doesn't support it yet (Peter said cautiously it will be done at some point, in Winamp it's in TO-DO state as well (I haven't tried latest version, correct me if I'm wrong), only Mp3tag can save pictures in APE tag. I stumbled upon these statements in APE tag FAQ, probably by Frank Klemm himself:
(ii) What's the point in storing binary data in a tag? I don't think storing images in files is a good idea (and Klemm seems to agree that 'long' tags is not a good idea).

(x) I store images and other goodies in the tags. There's no reason to be afraid of 30kb of extra data with a modern computer...
  • images should never be added to an audio file.
  • if the data is important for the audio-visual representation, an additional container format should be used to store data and relations between the data. A well designed example is the MPEG-4 system stream. Tags should be tags and not the worst possible concept of a container format.

and quote from APE tag format description:
It is strongly recommended that the data size be stored in the tags. The size should normally be in the roughly one kilobyte, never more than 8 kilobytes.

From these statements it looks like images and binary data in general are not welcome in APE format and it isn't designed for it. ID3v2 is having direct support for images and it is supported by many software and hardware players. Is there any problem with pictures in APE tags?

Q3: Is APEv2 suitable to be embedded into MP3?
I'm not sure how's APE in MP3 technically achieved. Are APE tags in MP3 saved on the same level as ID3 tags, or do they use some wrapper or ID3 tag as container? I assume MP3 doesn't define ID3 as the only and proper tag scheme, but it probably has requirements on embedding non-audio (in this case metadata) frames. Does APE meet those requirements?
From the description of APE tag at wikiaudio.org:
The foobar2000 player can also tag MP3 files with APEv2 tags instead of ID3 tags, because they are considerably easier to write and more flexible.However, because ID3 was designed with the MP3 format in mind and APEv2 was not, there are some complications. For example, the string APETAGEX signals the start of an APEv2 tag, but the string TAG signals the start of an ID3v1 tag. If the TAG in APETAGEX ends up where an ID3v1 tag is expected, it may be read incorrectly. ID3 also has an ďunsynchronization schemeĒ to ensure players do not try to play the tag data as audio; APEv2 has no such scheme, and APEv2 tags may result in errors or static at the end of files.

I use MP3val as a favourite tool to validate and repair all types of common errors in MP3 files. One of the most frequently reported error is "Garbage in the end of file". I checked test files tagged with few basic APE tags and they passed, however the statement above reveals that in rare cases APE tag will look like garbage in the end of file and will be ignored or removed by tools such as MP3val. Is it safe to use APE tags in MP3s? Any experience with misinterpreted APE tags or knowing current state of quote above are welcome.

The topic is as long as it can be. Thanks to those who were able to read it until here. In the times when I didn't know much about it, I was cutting MP3 off all tags and reimported them just to make sure that nothing else than ID3 frames I choose will not be there. Now I understand the benefits of APE tags, only the answers on the questions above aren't clear to me. Supposed answers: 1. No, 2. Yes, 3. Yes are in contradiction with excerpts I pasted.
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post Dec 30 2011, 02:49
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I'd be happy to finish the implementation of album art APEv2 in Winamp if someone can provide reliable test files.
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post Dec 30 2011, 06:39
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QUOTE (benski @ Dec 29 2011, 23:49) *
I'd be happy to finish the implementation of album art APEv2 in Winamp if someone can provide reliable test files.

What do you mean by "reliable test files"?
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