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Extract and Archive DTS 96/24
post Jun 3 2011, 06:25
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Just wondering if there is anyway to extract and archive the DTS 96/24 files. I spent Money buying myself A Refurbished Dennon DVD-A/SACD player and it doesn't Decode the DTS-96/24. And the multichannel playback is distorted so is basically useless.
None of my software seems to support the Format. It only plays back in 48kHz. I just got a PS3 and an Octava HDMI audio Stream extractor For my Pre HDMI Yamaha in hopes it would play back DVD-A and DTS-96/24 apparently it does neither.

I would like to get my Monies worth out of the BJORK surrounded Disks I purchased, and Megadeath Peace Sells, and Tori Amos, but so far no luck.
I really don't want to purchase a new piece of Hardware, Just to listen to a handful of Disks that are encoded in an Esoteric Short Lived Format.

eac3to Recognizes the Tracks as DTS 96/24 but apparently can only extract the 48kHz Core.

Is there a good way to access the Native DTS 96/24 and convert it to a multichannel Wave or Flac or to simply play these back without buying yet another piece of hardware?

Right now I listen to a lot of multichannel Flacs and waves on My RME HDSP Multiface using FOOBAR2000 and the ASIO plug in. Its pretty Satisfying but a little klunky.

Anyhow any help appreciated.

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post Jan 21 2013, 16:38
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I would have thought DVDAE would do it. I guess it must not though. My only interest is in extracting the 2-channel PCM from my DVD-As due to the fact that my DVD-A/SACD player pretty much needs a monitor to tweak settings. If I just burn the track I want to a cheap DVD-R I don't have to worry about which track it's playing.

Maybe it's just me but it looks like the OP got baited into a TOS 8 violation. (I wish it could also be a TOS violation for zealots posters to interrogate posters with OT-things like "do you really think you can hear those frequencies?" when that had nothing to with the OP's topic.)

(Edited for being an a__hole.)

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post Jan 21 2013, 17:48
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QUOTE (Engelsstaub @ Jan 21 2013, 11:38) *
I would have thought DVDAE would do it. I guess it must not though.

DVDAE has this disclaimer in its website FAQ
My disc comes with a 96kHz DTS stream, but the extracted result shows as 48kHz. Why?
This is a known limit. For DTS-ES and DTS-HD MA streams which come with a core stream and one or more extended streams, only the core stream (48kHz) is currently decoded by DVD Audio Extractor. And this limit only exists on DTS format. For all other formats like MLP, TrueHD, LPCM, etc, all sample rates are supported. We do look forward to adding full DTS support in the future.

When I load a DVD-V with a DTS 96/24 audio track, the selection window of DVDAE displays the DTS track as: 'English DTS surround sound mode (48kHz, 6ch)' . Also, if I extract using the 'convert to PCM' (instead of direct demux) , using the sample rate option 'same as input', the output file tops out at 24 khz on a spectrogram. So I suspect the limitation is there (and I am using the latest version of DVDAE).

And when I extract using Audiomuxer, the .dts files it creates are very similar in size (though not identical in size) to the direct-demux-option .dts files created by DVDAE. I woudl have expected true core+extension ripping to produce a much bigger file than core alone. Ergo, I concluded that Audiomuxer's ripper must be limited to the core too. Asking over on SurroundByUs, the Audiomuxer developer says it isn't, though....

FWIW, I've verified this behavior with multple DTS 96/24 discs.

RE-EDIT: here is the actual size difference :
Direct stream demux using DVDAE (which claims to be limited to core): 251,044 KB (it's a long track!)
Audiomuxer extraction of same track: 251,091 KB

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