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Numark TTUSB tonearm adjustment
post Dec 11 2009, 22:03
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I have first browsed the wiki for this, though only a few minutes. My question is about adjusting the tone arm on the Numark TTUSB. Can anybody tell me where there are instructions on adjusting the counterweight on the tone arm of the Numark TTUSB and adjusting the anti-skate mechanism?

I got the turntable yesterday. The instructions in the operator's manual is insufficient, with only a few sentences on the subject that seem very ambiguous to me.

The manual says,
...there should be a feeling of weight and resistance when the head shell is raised and lowered. Begin rotating the counterweight clockwise (away from the pivot point) until the weight and resistance feeling is gone. If done properly, the tone arm will pivot with very little resistance back and forth indicating that there is exactly 0 grams of stylus pressure. With the counterweight in its new position further away from tone arm pivot point, grasp the scale ring of the counter weight and rotate it until "0" is in the vertical position. Finally, rotate the counterweight (and scale ring) counter-clockwise (towards the pivot point) until the desired amount of weight is reached. If the scale rotates 360 degrees beyond the zero point, the new scale ring reading should be added to 3.5.

I don't understand these instructions at all. I remember seeing somewhere last month, when shopping for this, mention of some website or other with instructions on adjusting the tonearm and antiskate functions.

Thank you, in advance, for your attention on this subject.


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post Jan 23 2010, 23:28
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QUOTE (rocket_pc @ Jan 23 2010, 14:14) *
How can they they even market DJ stuff in the same line as quality audio? Thats idiocy, scratching records.

Well, Numark is a DJ equipment company, so they can be excused.

"Scratching records" has a somewhat different definition in a DJ'ing context. They're not making music by literally dragging the stylus across the record. More like rhythmic forward and reverse platter spinning motions.

Of course, scratching in any context is not good for your vinyl!
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post Jan 29 2010, 12:59
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Hi Rocket

I just arrived here googleing, looking for information about how to adjust the antiskate in a Numark turntable, because a friend of mine asked me to help him, and I knew nothing about these DJ turntables.

Iíve learned a little more about antiskating, so, thanks to all who have helped Rocket!

Meanwhile, regarding your issues, I agree with the direction of the last posts comments. And I push them a little further, I mean, Iíll try focus in the ďpracticalĒ. Well, ďmy practicalĒ, different opinions may arise, haha.

1) The origin. Do you want just to digitalize your vinyl records? Two possibilities:

a. If your records can be found in CD format, they have been digitalized before by pros, from better sources, with very good equipment, thatís the CD. You will not be able to achieve this unless you make a very big investment and lots LOTS of hours learning and trying. So, I would look for an internet source and download them in compressed or uncompressed formats. From a normal internet music store (like iTunes, etc...), or from alternative sources (people sharing their digital music) (I would not be afraid about piracy issues in this case, because you have the vinyls already) (and I would avoid any further discussion about this in this forum.....). There are even people that are sharing their own vinyls digitalizations!

b. If your records are so rare (but probably arenít), that itís impossible to find them digitalized, then you will have to invest in your own equipment. But your starting point has been wrong. A Numark turntable is for DJís, not for pleasure listening, not for sound accuracy, not for taking care of your records. Itís just very good at Djeing. I saw a couple of Numark turntable at my friendís house yesterday, and Iím pretty sure about that.

2) The equipment. If you have arrived here, you probably still need to digitalize your own records, or, it should be a good idea, you plan to listen your vinyl records for pleasure - wink.gif -. To digitalize youíll need, absolutely:

a. a good vinyl. If your vinyl is very scratched, or very dirty (you should clean it up), or has been used 1000 times, itís likely the sound will not be pleasant enough. And if itís not, the digitalization would not be good. You can use software to dissimulate clics and tics of dirt and scratches, but, itís extra work, and youíre modifying the source. Itís like scanning a picture, if your scanner glass is clean, youíll spare time and have better results from the beginning.

b. a good analogic equipment. It does not mean expensive equipment. Any entry level for audiophiles would be far better than the Numark. Suggestions? Lots of them. Iím saying some examples, to take an start, then you can investigate through the web (if you have enough time, lots of choices)

i. Turntable. Any entry level of brands like Rega, Project, Thorens, ... Or second hand, thereís plenty of them, just buy them from specialists that know theyíre in good shape. About the Numark, if itís new, you can sell it again easily, I think. Thatís an idea, donít get angry..... I only found the right way until I bought my third turntable (lot of years with bad turntable, and bad stylus choices, I had to change to learn it). If you can get the Pro-ject entry level where you live, probably itís the cheapest choice. In every brand line, the more you pay, the more you get, but only for digitalizing..., some cheap one will suffice. Just to take a look, http://www.project-audio.com/main.php?prod...les&lang=en this one has USB, see below.... If you read their FAQ, and turntable Manual, etc, you can easily learn a few more things about turntables. This one maybe around 450 $, and without the USB, it should around 300$.

ii. Tonearm. Just keep with the one provided with the turntable. Theyíre not shining ones in the entry level turntables, but are good enough (and far far better that the one in the Numark) (bearings, balancing, etc...).

iii. Cartridge + stylus. If you can choice, the stylus should be elliptical, not conical. The moving magnet technology is your choice. There are better, but far more expensive. Again, entry level cartridges and stylus from good brands, are very good, and far better that the ones in the Numark. As someone wrote before, compare the tracking force of djís stylus (about 4 grams), and audiophile stylus (about 1 gram). The audiophile ones are more sensible, take more care of your vinyls, give more detail, depth, etc etc etc
Typical brands for cartridges: Shure, Ortofon, Goldring. Iím particularly fond with Grado cartridges, which equal results comparing to much more expensive stylus, but beware, these brand uses unique technology with unshielded cartridge: it means than any average magnetic field nearby would add a noise hum (hummmmm) to your system. In practical, it just means that using a Grado involves to use a turntable which engine is NOT below the plate, but to the corner of the tunrtable (opposite to the stylus corner); and that the turntable must to be placed at least 15 cm from the amplifier, the speaker, or any equipment with magnets or engines; not difficult though.

iv. Cables. The typical thin and black ones, with red and white plastic coaxial connector, are easily improved with any entry level cable (like Van Den Hul, Shure, etc..., or whatever cheap one recommends to you in a specialized shop). But the cables issue are not as important as the previous points, mainly i. and iii. points. And probably, with entry level turntables, they have the interconnect cables hard wired to the turntable, so, you can forget about it.

3) The digitalization. OK: you want to convert an analogic sound to ď0Ēís and ď1Ēí. This is A WORLD. Youíll always lose informations, the question is lose the least and the less importants.

a. If your modern (and good, entry level audiophile) turntable has an integraded digital-analog converter, with an USB output, it should be good, probably, but I have no idea of their quality. Maybe someone knows here an audiophile turntable with integrated digitalization.

b. The named digital-analog is an issue. There are very different quality types. So, if you donít have an internal digital-analog converter, or if someone tells you that the internal in the turntable of your choice, is not very good, you should go to PC:

i. PC, with a good soundcard, will do the job. There are plenty of average to good soundcards. I believe that the chances to have a decent soundcard in a PC are higher that the ones integrated into the turntable. But Iíve not enough experience with this. The card in a MAC would be good enough; and if you use a PC, a mid range one would be good too. No more ideas about it.

ii. Amplification. Remember, you donít need this if your turntable has built-in analog/digital converter, with USB output. You will need to amplify the signal from your turntable, before you put it into the PC (analog jack):

1. with your own amplifier, through the REC / OUT (TAPE), or whatever name has your amplifier for output signal (the not amplified one, and not the speaker signal, of course).

2. If you donít have amplifier, then, at least you need a phono amplifier (they are good, and cheaper than buying an amplifier, if you donít need an amplifier for any more purposes). If a friend has a ďminiamplifierĒ for earphones, you may try it how it sounds (just a silly idea, maybe, because Iíve never tried it).

iii. Digitalization software. In your PC / MAC. I only know the Roxyo one issued for MAC, which is very good. There are a lot more solutions in the market. Just google.

AND THATíS IT. These are my ideas, and maybe you can find some of them useful.

Best regards

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