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Best way to Convert FLAC files to Apple Lossless without losing your t
post Jul 23 2009, 10:50
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When I was going through this forums, I found that they are many topics posted by users having problem converting Lossless Audio files to Apple Lossless.
And whenever you convert them one or the other thing is always missing or unsatisfying, like when you convert to Apple Lossless using dBpoweramp, iPod skips and many other.

But by using this simple way you can easily create your Apple Lossless Library keeping all your tags intact in audio files.

So here we begin:

1. Import all your library or songs to MediaMonkey, it decodes every format possible, because of Winamp plugins.
2. Make sure all the tags are present in the audio files and if they are not I mean any file is not tagged then tag it with the web option.
3. Select each and every file and then left click and select Send To->Rip/Convert->Destination.
4. On the next dialog box, choose the format to WMA Lossless, and change the destination something like any of these two:
a. <destination>\<artist>\<album>\<track#> - <album> - <tittle>
b. <destination>\<album>\<track#> - <album> - <tittle>
By doing this mediamonkey will automatically organize your files according to Artist or Album as you choose.
5. Close mediamonkey, and open itunes, then choose the default CD Ripping format to Apple Lossless, from preferences.
6. Then Import the folder where you've converted the WMA's, and then itunes will ask you to convert those WMA's to Apple Lossless, then choose yes.
7. After/before conversion there will be an option dialog popping up, asking for deleting the WMA tracks from the library, choose yes, but I think think this option is useless as itunes doesn't support WMA tracks, it just converts them and adds them to the library.

That's it, you're done, what you just need to do now is add those files to your iPod and you'll notice each and every tag is there, even Albumarts of your audio files are present(That's the Cream Of every iPod).

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post May 29 2010, 05:21
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I am another mac user. My current process is

Step 1:
lossless -> AIFF
As Max does not support AIFF tags you need to check the option 'add to itunes library' and tag information is added to the itunes library metadata file.
Make sure you set Max to output the correct bit rate eg. 16/44.1 or 24/192 etc as Max does not do this automatically.
To make life easier get Max to add the new files to a new itunes playlist.

Step 2:
Find the playlist Max has created and select all of the items and 'convert to Apple Lossless'.
I tunes will put the ALACs in its itunes/media/music/artist/album directory and make an absolute mess of compilations.

Step 3:
ALAC Tagging
Musicbrainz Picard
I do not store my music in the itunes/media/music/artist/album directory therefore all that is in there is the new ALACs iTunes encoded in step 2. I import the whole itunes/media/music folder into picard. If the original lossless files were tagged ok picard will find most stuff in the musicbrainz database.
I select the 'move' option and when the files are saved, they are then moved to the directory of my choice with a structure of my choice.
In iTunes select all of the new ALACs (or all of your music) and select 'get info', do nothing and click continue. All of the tag information will be re-read and updated in iTunes.

Step 4:
'OPTION' + 'DELETE' the all of the songs in your AIFF itunes playlist to remove them from your itunes library.
Move to trash the AIFFs.
Do what ever you want with the original lossless files.

I began using MAX to convert directly to ALAC but I was having problems. ( I don't remember what it was as I have been using the above process for 1 year now.)
No offense to the hard work people have done to reverse engineer the ALAC encoder but I prefer to use iTunes for encoding.

The biggest problem is that album art is not sent to iTunes by Max and therefore is lost in this process. Musicbrainz Picard will add the art if you have the correct pluggins. If you have the iTunes store you can use it to get art too. or you can do it manually.

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