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Getting into Records, Newbie buying a turntable
post May 11 2009, 15:32
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Hello, I'm new to turntables and vinyl since they're before my time. (I'm 19) My father is an avid collector and he has quite a collection but his turntable is in need of a new cartidge. He has an old Technics 1200 MK2. I already own about 10 records, mostly modern rock and some european dance. However, I want to buy a solid turntable that will let me import the records onto my comuter and keep the sound pure and better than cd. I already own the records I have on cd. I want to import the LP's in a way that will let me hear the difference clearly. I mainly listen to my music on my ipod or my computer. I am considering buying a Technics 1200 MK5 and attaching an Audio Technica Turntable Cartridge AT150MLX to it and using a Rolls/Bellari VP530 to import onto my computer. The total cost for this investment will come around 1k. Now what I want to know is, will this be a good enough investment for me to imporve on the sound of my cd's? I don't want to invest a grand in equipment and the records will sound identical to the cds on my ipod. I understand that headphones are part of the equation so I already own Bose Quiet Comfort 3 to be able hear a better range of frequencies. Am I wasting my money investing in all these parts? Instead of investing in all these parts, should I just stick to the turntable and the Rolls/Bellari VP530? Any help is greatly apreciated. Thank you!

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post May 12 2009, 18:06
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You're going to be told the truth on this site.

And judging by your pre-conceptions, you're not going to like it.

Take an LP, record it properly at 44.1kHz 16-bits, and the only change to the sound is in some listener's imagination.

People who trust their imagination will try to tell you that vinyl sounds better than CD, CD isn't good enough to capture the information on vinyl etc, and most importantly that everyone here is deaf.

Yet there are people here with a few more records than you (I have over 10,000), better systems, and long experience of copying LPs onto CDs / digital. And not one of them can hear anything wrong with the result (or at least, any faults that weren't already present on the LP itself!).

Now, the question is, can these people who claim vinyl sounds better and CD sounds worse really hear the difference, when they don't know which one is being played to them?

Every test carried out so far suggests they only think vinyl sounds better when they know they're listening to vinyl. When know-one tells them whether they're listening ot vinyl direct, or vinyl copied onto CD, they can't tell the difference.

Draw your own conclusions.

Some recordings are far far better mastered on vinyl than on CD. Copying these onto CD can give you something far more enjoyable than the commercial CD release. Using "better than CD" digital parameters will make no difference on decent equipment, and little difference on inferior equipment.

Hope this helps.

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post May 12 2009, 18:16
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QUOTE (2Bdecided @ May 12 2009, 12:06) *

You're going to be told the truth on this site.

Thank you very much by your honesty it has helped me in my dilemma. I am a little disappointed by this however, it has made me more humble towards my cd collection. I already own about 2K. Sometimes it is better to find happiness and value in what you already have. Thank You.
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