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Imperfect transcoding FLAC to OGG?, Some 'issues' going from FLAC to OGG
post Mar 2 2009, 19:00
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Sorry to add to the rash of newbies, but I'm sure you'd all like to the chance to put another true believer on the right path nice and early... wink.gif

I have this periodic notion to re-encode large parts of my music collection. Well, everybody has to have a hobby I suppose. Anyway this time I figured the time was long past to archive my collection and decided on the FLAC route - I also have a habit of buying mp3 players when I don't need them, the latest being an iriver Lplayer which can handle FLAC files. Even so, logic would dictate a lossy version would do equally well and make better use of space, so having always used OGG in preference to MP3 I stuck with that.

dbpoweramp has been my ripper of choice in the past for encoding. I suspect my number one mistake may have been using the Music Converter straight from the CD, rather than the dedicated CD Ripper to generate my FLAC files. I can go back and do that again (properly!) if it is likely to have produced less than optimal FLACs - not up enough on the subject to know if this is likely or even possible. I then went from the FLACs straight to OGGs using the same program.

Never having had any problems in the past, I didn't do any checking of the files - speed was of the essence as I was trying to get as many done as quickly as possible as my collection is at home and I'm on the road a lot.

A couple of nights ago I put an album on to play as I drifted off to sleep and thought I heard some 'flaws' in a couple of the tracks - 256kbps OGGs on the Lplayer. Sure enough, on further inspection there were some fairly noticeable glitches in several tracks. The best non-technical description I can give is if you imagine 8 tracks as part of the music (electronic, ambient so it was all synth stuff), 7 of them were fine but the 8th (in this case the bass) track sounded like someone was playing with the input cable as it was recorded, giving periodic blips in the sound.

A straight encode to OGG via either dbpowermap or oggdrop produced the 'worst' result, with noticeable artifacts. Using the SSE, SSE2 and SSE3 options in dbpoweramp all seemed to reduce the problem, but without completely eliminating it. Also, and this is entirely subjective, despite the flaws, all the lossy version seemed to have a much 'brighter' and more dynamic sound than the FLAC. I checked the FLAC files and there appear to be no problems with them.

Just out of idle devilment, last night I encoded the same FLAC tracks as MP3 using various bit rates. To my surprise, no artifacts at all even on the lowest quality setting.

My lazy half says "to hell with ogg then, go with mp3 and don't worry about it", but my other half just has to try and get to the bottom of it...

From that fairly poor summary, is there an obvious 'you need to do X'? Curiosity now forces me to go back and re-encode from CD when I get a chance, and I've tried to set up EAC to do that - it just won't be for a while due to not being able to get to my CDs easily. And when I do re-encode, is FLAC to OGG a no-no and should I just rip once to FLAC and then again to OGG straight from the disc?

Cheers for any tips.

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