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Flac - > iPod - Best practices, Replaygain, gapless, codec?
post Nov 25 2008, 19:49
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I've talked the wife into getting me an iPod Touch for Christmas. Currently i'm using a Rockbox'd Sansa E280. I've never owned an ipod.

Right now, i use EAC to rip and encode to flac, then Foobar to transcode (lame 3.98.2) to mp3. I've waffled around a bit on what bitrate to use, but i've settled on v5, as it is transparent (or close enough) for me.

I'm not a big fan of itunes, based on playing with it a little since deciding to go apple.

I'd be hard to live without replaygained, and gapless albums. Itunes Soundcheck is not a promising option for me, based on the fact it doesn't have an album gain scan.

I'm looking for opinions on the best workflow and tools used to go from my flac archives to gapless replaygained (album) files of a quality similar to or better than lame -v5, at similar file sizes.

I'm not afraid to transcode my entire collection to aac if it is a superior choice for the task.

How do you do it?
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post Nov 25 2008, 22:52
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I have a batch file that will scale flac files according to rg album gain when encoding to lame while preserving tag information:

IF "%~1" == "" lame --help && GOTO end

SET PARAMS=-V3 --noreplaygain --silent

TITLE Encoding "%~nx1"
IF EXIST "%TEMP%\%~n1.tag" GOTO encode_shift
IF EXIST "%~dpn1.mp3" GOTO encode_shift
SET /p nul=Encoding "%~nx1" <nul
IF /i "%~x1" == ".flac" (
CALL :encode_flac %1
) ELSE ECHO ... Invalid file && GOTO encode_shift
IF "%~1" EQU "" ECHO. && TITLE Finished && GOTO end
GOTO encode

CALL :taginfo %1
SET /p nul=... <nul
flac -dcs %1 | Lame %PARAMS% %TAGINFO% - "%~dpn1.mp3"
GOTO :eof

tag %1 2> "%TEMP%\%~n1.tag"
SET gain=
FOR /F "usebackq tokens=1*" %%X IN (`findstr "Title:" "%TEMP%\%~n1.tag"`) DO (
SET title=%%Y
FOR /F "usebackq tokens=1*" %%X IN (`findstr "Artist:" "%TEMP%\%~n1.tag"`) DO (
SET artist=%%Y
FOR /F "usebackq tokens=1*" %%X IN (`findstr "Album:" "%TEMP%\%~n1.tag"`) DO (
SET album=%%Y
FOR /F "usebackq tokens=1*" %%X IN (`findstr "Year:" "%TEMP%\%~n1.tag"`) DO (
SET year=%%Y
FOR /F "usebackq tokens=1*" %%X IN (`findstr "Track:" "%TEMP%\%~n1.tag"`) DO (
SET track=%%Y
FOR /F "usebackq tokens=1*" %%X IN (`findstr "Genre:" "%TEMP%\%~n1.tag"`) DO (
SET genre=%%Y
FOR /F "usebackq tokens=1*" %%X IN (`findstr "Comment:" "%TEMP%\%~n1.tag"`) DO (
SET comment=%%Y
SET TAGINFO=--add-id3v2 --tt "%title%" --ta "%artist%" --tl "%album%" --ty "%year%" --tn "%track%" --tg "%genre%" --tc "%comment%"
FOR /F "usebackq tokens=1,2* delims== " %%X IN (`FINDSTR /I "replaygain_album_gain" "%TEMP%\%~n1.tag"`) DO (
SET gain=%%Y
IF DEFINED gain FOR /F %%X IN ('EVAL 10^^^^^(^(%gain%+3^)/20^)') DO SET TAGINFO=--scale %%X %TAGINFO%
DEL "%TEMP%\%~n1.tag"
GOTO :eof


Refer to this similar post for neroaacenc for links to supporting programs:

Because the line out on my ipod is anemic, I've bumped the RG reference by3 dB.

If you want to convert RG values to Sound Check values, look into mp3tag. If you're going to scale your files, Sound Check won't be necessary.

If you scale your files with album gain like above, you have the option to use Sound Check to give you track gain. I hope my edit has made this more clear.

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