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My tests over kmixer effects, Seem to be none...
post Jan 16 2003, 09:40
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I've been doing some tests over kmixer effect, both using standard waveout and directsound, connecting my TBSC digital output to my Audiophile digital input, under WinXP (no SP1), and I'm sure that with a single stream at 48 KHz, with the TBSC mixer volume at max, the kmixer doesn't touch a bit of the audio stream, it's sent bit-perfectly to the output of the card. At 44.1 KHz I can't be so conclusive, since the TBSC resamples everything to 48 KHz and I've had some problems to test it the same way, but according to my analog measurements in loopback mode of Audiophile output, there is no trace of signal degradation over the 44.1 KHz played data.

...So it's very possible that this kmixer sounding worse than ASIO or k.streaming is our old friend mr. placebo entering into scene again. wink.gif

Anyway, I'll do some more tests in the future.

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post Jan 20 2003, 13:00
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WinABX developer

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I have only one computer too, but two soundcards in it. I've doing some more tests this weekend.

I've not been able to loopback the digital in and out of the Audiophile, no matter what I try, using latest drivers for both XP and Win98. Your card uses same drivers, but if you are able to record digitally I guess the hardware must be a little different. If using ASIO/KS you get bit-perfect results, that proves it works in your case. (don't try ks of foobar because this prog. already changes the data due to additional internal processing)

In order to check bit-perfect reproduction, I connected the digital output of my TBSC to the digital in of the Audiophile, but this works well only for 48 KHz data, since the TBSC resamples 44.1 KHz.

After doing more tests using this system, I've concluded that, at 48 KHz, the data played is bit perfect. I've checked this recording 20 sec. of music, manually adjusting the starting offset of it, and then mixing with it an inverted copy of the original data, in CEP. The result is all zeroes, that means that the data was exactly the same. This works no matter you use waveout or directsound.

With 44.1 KHz data I've found some differences. It's impossible to use same method because the TBSC internal resampling changes slightly the data depending on what OS and software are you using. In this case, I've relied on traditional signal quality measurements (SNR, dynamic range, frequency response, low level distortion and graphical analysis of the noise spectrum) both using the digital output and the analog output of the TBSC, obtaining same results in both cases. In case of analog output, analog recording was done with the Audiophile in 24 bit mode to obtain greater precision.

I've found that, in case of the TBSC at 44.1 KHz , waveout output uses kmixer resampling whereas directsound and kernel streaming use internal hardware resampling. Kmixer resampling is easily detectable, and offers slightly better high-frequency response (hardly audible), but a noticeably worse SNR due to increased digital distortion (audible? could be, for good systems/ears/music). Disabling directsound acceleration of the card (also called hardware mixing, etc), kmixer gets in too, getting same as with waveout. So, ks and hardware-compatible directsound output offer indistinguishable quality according to these measurements, but waveout distorts a little bit more the signal.

However, dropping the TBSC and looping back just the Audiophile analog in and out the results are the same no matter what I use:waveout, directsound or kernel streaming, or W98 waveout. No difference according to these analog measurements, so I can guess that kmixer does never kick in, in this case. I didn't try ASIO, but I assume there will be no difference.

So, my conclusion: kmixer changes the data depending on your card, drivers and output method. Directsound is not supposed to change the data, at least if your card offers directsound hardware support (hardware mixing or acceleration), but kernel streming is more secure. With good semi-pro cards I guess kmixer won't change the data in any case, but I've only checked this for my card.

Note: all this holds with the mixer wave slider at max. in the case of the TBSC, and with the Audiophile patchbay/router set to hardware output connected to wave output (no monitor mixer selected at the hardware output, please). Otherwise the output data may change due to re-scaling of the data.

I've seen that kmixer acts when simultaneous different sampling rate signals are sent to a non-resampling card (Audiophile in my case) or when the sampling rate/bitdepth is not supported from the card. I've seen also that the resampling quality slider in the audio devices control panel applet only ahs effect when kmixer resampling happens with directsound signals. With waveout signals, kmixer resampling quality is always the max. possible. All this happens as said by Microsoft.

Another note: SSRC resampling is better that TBSC (and any other AC'97 card) resampling, and "more" better than kmixer resampling, so this is another viable option.

Hope this clears up (if possible (?) ) the issue.

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