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Anyone who wants to write foo_accuraterip_db?, Plugin for checking any tracks
post Aug 1 2007, 03:32
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why is there no plugin that checks any selected tracks as an album using AR checksums for comparing the results with the AR database?

That would be handy, since foobar2000 would do all the conversion.

Anyone who wants to write such a plugin? Would be awesome! laugh.gif

EDIT: Thanks for moving the thread and giving it a better title. blush.gif

Some things to consider...
  • There shall be no any limitation regarding the source of the tracks used. So lossy files get decoded to PCM, just like losslessly encoded files. It doesn't hurt if the plugin is held dumb enough to not be bothered whether the source was lossy or lossless. In fact this might even be useful to verify that a false entry based on a non-CD-source has made it into the AR database, in case someone has a hunch that a specific "release" has made it into the database.

    Of course, checks on the decoded output must apply, namely that it is 16bit, 44.1kHz PCM. And maybe it's also wise to not allow internet radio streams as input for this plugin, in case it's possible to check this. Or else the user who accidentally chose such a playlist entry might wait forever for the plugin to finish.

  • Don't object: "but why any tracks? you mean you want to select some lossy files and see if they make up an album that is present in the AR database?" -- No, I don't want to do that, maybe once or twice just for the fun of it. But although it doesn't make sense to check random tracks as one album, there's also no reason why this shall not be possible.

    To make myself clearer: I think the grouping of tracks for an AR check should be implemented more or less exactly like the grouping for replaygain was done... i.e. "treat selected tracks as one album", "treat selected tracks as album(s) (using tags)".

  • There should be a log output, that can be copied and pasted or even automatically written to a file using tagz script for creating that file's name. Not just a window that says "Album was verified as being accurately ripped."/"Album couldn't be verified as being accurately ripped."

    The log output should resemble the output of the AR.dll for the time being... and maybe later, even better it could be written using user-defineable templates.
Any more ideas? Objections?

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Jose Hidalgo
post Jan 11 2008, 19:17
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Hi everyone,

Please count me in : such component would be a great idea if properly developed. smile.gif

QUOTE (Fandango @ Jan 11 2008, 18:52) *
A fb2k component [...] could access the track's PCM audio provided by the converter directly, no need to worry about codecs or cue sheets or tags for the writer of such a component. Ok, maybe it would be a good idea to store the AR CRC in the tag, so this time consuming operation of calculating the CRC is only necessary once... cool.gif I don't know if writing the confidence to the tag is a good idea, since this number will change (increase) over time and therefor becomes out-of-date.

I think the component should be able to calculate the CRC of each file and store them in the tag (the file CRC, not the AR CRC of course ! what would be the use in storing the AR CRC if it's not the same as the file CRC ? tongue.gif ).

I also think that writing the confidence to the tag *would* be a good idea, since it can help distinguish very reliable rips (with high confidence scores) from less reliable ones (with 1-2 confidence scores for example). So one could choose to sort the files by the "AR confidence" field, select the ones with the lower scores, then re-check them over time to see if their confidence improves or not. If it doesn't, then either the CD is a very rare one, or then it could be a good idea to re-rip it and see what happens.

QUOTE (odyssey @ Aug 24 2007, 21:58) *
If such plugin is developed, it should check if %DISCID% is set on the files, and check them upon this particular disc. If it's not found, you would only be able to verify AR data if you select an entire album and AR could calculate the DISCID from this.

I agree with you (but lossless collections very often are made of entire albums, so this shouldn't be a big problem). And once we have calculated the DISCID, why not store it too in a %discid% tag field for all the album tracks ? It can't be a bad thing, can it ?

QUOTE (odyssey @ Aug 24 2007, 21:58) *
A little bonus feature I hope to be possible is the check for offset correction. I'm not sure if this is possible with *every* disc, but according to AR it should be, since any discs could be used as configuration disc.

Yes, why not. But the main thing for me would be to NOT use silence samples for CRC calculations. That should solve a part of the offset problems IMHO, since most tracks begin and end with a part of silence. Am I wrong ?

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