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REACT 2, EAC plugin
post Nov 16 2006, 23:39
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REACT 2.0 Final

This version is more powerful, easier to use and configure. It uses only two configuration scripts: REACT-image.cfg, and REACT-track.cfg. Image mode (F10) is recommended, as it may be used for creating both an image and tracks, and is a little more robust. With Nyaochi's excellent ACDIR, it will split the image to tracks while encoding. You can pick and choose from which formats you want by only editing a few characters in the .cfg file.

For documentation, read the WIKI, and the included Readme.html

  • Moved all configuration settings to INI file.
  • Added WaveGain support and --scale for applying album gain.
  • Writes album gain/album peak values to cuesheet, using WaveGain values.
  • Added iTunesEncode support.
  • Fixed problem with filenames ending with dots and containing &.
  • Lots of minor improvements and fixes.
beta 2:
  • Fixed problem with AAC cover tag (thx hanning)
  • Fixed flac file tagging from file - now uses --tag-from-file (thx drbeachboy)
  • Sets either "album" or "album artist" tag on images, depending on @various@ (thx drbeachboy and synthetic soul)
  • Adds "album artist" tag to track files on various-artists albums (in addition to artist).
  • Using new variable %AlbumArtist%. Default to "Album Artist" for various-artists albums.
  • Added "encoded-by" tag for flac and vorbis
  • Only one configuration file for each mode (image/track).
  • Simpler user-configuration, located in first section of .cfg file (Alt-F3).
  • Built-in support for CoverDownloader (albumart.exe). Runs when hitting F10/F4. Alt-F10 for CoverDownloader only.
  • Adds cover pictures to FLAC (with 1.1.3beta) and MP3 by using my new tool, metamp3.exe
  • Optionally scans and tags ReplayGain for all formats. May also apply album gain on MP3/AAC files.
  • Writes ID3v2.3 ReplayGain tags on MP3's (Winamp/Foobar compatible), via metamp3.exe
  • Should fix random REACT exiting, reported by some users.
  • User may now minimize EAC while ripping (EAC will auto-restore when ripping done, and save log).
  • Accepts both "Various" and "Various Artists" as compilation disk.
  • If CreateAllCuesheets=1 is set in INI file, and EAC is set up to extract to a fixed directory, REACT will save all types of cuesheets when hitting F4/F10. Cuesheets can be accessed from scripts by @albumfile@ variable. E.g. "@albumfile@.[mg].cue"
  • The (unsafe) @islast@ variable for track mode is not supported anymore. Use @track@==@numtracks@ test instead, or image mode.
The wiki has more info : http://wiki.hydrogenaudio.org/index.php?title=REACT

Make sure to install in a new directory, or remove any old version of REACT before installing.

Tools included:

acdir.exe http://nyaochi.sakura.ne.jp/xoops/modules/...cid=1&lid=2
Glob.exe http://www.codeproject.com/file/fileglob.asp (example program modified by me)
flac.exe http://flac.sourceforge.net (v1.1.3)
metaflac.exe http://flac.sourceforge.net
wavpack.exe http://www.wavpack.com
wvgain.exe http://www.wavpack.com
lame.exe http://www.rarewares.org/mp3.html
metamp3.exe Created by me. Uses sources from mp3gain, and encspotconsole, and id3lib.
AtomicParsley.exe http://atomicparsley.sourceforge.net
aacgain.exe http://www.rarewares.org/aac.html
WaveGain.exe http://www.rarewares.org/others.html
albumart.exe http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index....showtopic=43429

Download the following tools for full functionality (aac, vorbis):

neroAacEnc.exe http://www.nero.com/nerodigital/eng/Nero_Digital_Audio.html
oggenc2.exe http://homepage3.nifty.com/blacksword
vorbisgain.exe http://www.rarewares.org/ogg.html

Thanks to Andre Wiethoff for creating EAC (http://www.exactaudiocopy.de).
Thanks to all developers of the other free tools used by REACT.
Thanks to Synthetic Soul (http://www.synthetic-soul.co.uk) for creating the wiki help and all support for REACT in the hydrogenaudio forums.
Thanks to everyone else who have given feedback to make REACT better.

Tycho, 11th Dec. 2006.

PLEASE NOTE: REACT 2.0 will not work with EAC 0.99. You are highly recommended to do the following:
  1. Download the setup file below.
  2. Extract and run the installer.
  3. Download an updated mod.
  4. Extract the files to replace the REACT executable, INI, and CFG files in your new REACT folder.

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Synthetic Soul
post Nov 17 2006, 08:58
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Many thanks tycho, I can't wait to take a look.

Can I ask that you all please post all responses to the new REACT 2 thread.

I'm on a horse.
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post Dec 19 2006, 10:07
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Is better Ultimate EAC Pack

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post May 13 2008, 17:09
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I get a bad .zip header error from the download link.

Moderation: Unnecessary quote removed.

This post has been edited by Synthetic Soul: May 13 2008, 19:21
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Synthetic Soul
post May 13 2008, 22:25
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From: Exeter, UK
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Still works fine for me. Perhaps you should try another browser, and ensure that you don't use any download managers. This may be relevant.

I'm on a horse.
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post Feb 20 2009, 13:54
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I need a confirmation please before I upgrade to the latest Lame version.

I wish to upgrade my Lame encoder to the latest stable version (v3.98.1) to take advantage of the improved compression.

I am currently running EAC with REACT2 and the Synthetic Soul mod (REACT v2.0 ssb 16p with EAC v0.95 beta 4)

Can you please confirm that all I need to do is

1. Remove the lame.exe file in the tools folder of the REACT2 Directory where the SS mod REACT exe is located.

2. Add the latest version of lame to the tools folder.

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Synthetic Soul
post Feb 21 2009, 09:53
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Group: Super Moderator
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From: Exeter, UK
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That should be fine.

I'm on a horse.
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post Feb 21 2009, 16:04
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QUOTE (Synthetic Soul @ Feb 21 2009, 08:53) *
That should be fine.

Thanks for the quick reply.
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post Jan 25 2011, 20:00
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From: Berlin
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I'm new to this forum and first I'd like to thank everyone for doing such a great job. After 2 days of searching without finding a solution for the following problem, I need your help.

I finally decided to archive my CD collection.
For this I chose EAC as software and .flac as format to rip my CD's. To gain additional value out of it, I use REACT2 with akku's mod to create .mp3s at the same time.
The problem i run into is, that I can't figure out how to customize filenames and folder paths for .mp3 and .flac. I want to have different folders for Single and Various Artists too.
I want the tracks to be named like this:

TrackName_SA=$track$. - $title$ - $cdartist$
TrackName_VA=$artist$ - $title$ ($album$ - $year$ - Track $track$)

I've tried Using Different Paths For VA Albums already. But it doesn't work. I've also tried to change the directories via several other ways including coding (which I've done wrong apparently). Could the reason be, that I'm using CreateCuesheet=mg?

Here's my react.ini - I'll provide more information, if needed.

ImageNaming=$artist$ - $album$
VA=Various Artists
CoverDownloader=C:\Program Files\REACT2\coverdownloader\albumart.exe
EAC=C:\Program Files\Exact Audio Copy\EAC.exe
Tools=C:\Program Files\REACT2\tools


TrackDir_Flac=@OutRoot@\FLAC\$cdartist$\$year$ - $album$
TrackDir_Wavpack=@OutRoot@\WV\$cdartist$\$year$ - $album$
TrackDir_MP3=@OutRoot@\MP3\$cdartist$\$year$ - $album$
TrackDir_AAC=@OutRoot@\AAC\$cdartist$\$year$ - $album$
TrackDir_OGG=@OutRoot@\OGG\$cdartist$\$year$ - $album$
TrackDir_Tak=@OutRoot@\TAK\$cdartist$\$year$ - $album$
TrackName_SA=$track$. - $title$ - $cdartist$
TrackName_VA=$artist$ - $title$ ($album$ - $year$ - Track $track$)
TrackName_SA_acdir=$n - $~t
TrackName_VA_acdir=$n - $~t [$~a]

Comment=Created with EAC/@reactversion@, @curdate@
Opt_Flac=-8 -f
Opt_LameMP3=-V2 --noreplaygain --nohist
Opt_NeroAac=-lc -q 0.21
Opt_iTunesAac=-d -s 2000
Opt_OggEnc2=-q 3.0
Opt_Tak=-pN -overwrite
Ver_OggEnc2=2.83 Lancer aoTuV b5


Thank you in advance and have a nice day.

A desperate Vhagar :-)
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post Jan 25 2011, 22:31
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From: Berlin
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Found it :-)

Had to alter

TrackName_SA_acdir=$n - $~t
TrackName_VA_acdir=$n - $~t [$~a]

A bit tricky if the variables are documented nowhere. Had to find it out myself with "acdir.exe --help" and by seeing it in the image.cfg.
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post Jan 25 2011, 23:52
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REACT Mod developer

Group: Developer
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From: Finland
Member No.: 48750

Noted. Thanks.

In case you didn't know, you don't necessarily have to use image mode ripping (F10), you can use track mode too (F4). (You might have seen some old and incorrect information about image mode being "better".) Also, note that REACT doesn't work with the newest EAC 1.0 beta1.

BTW. Here's the "main" REACT topic if you have more questions.
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