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Proposal Of Testing Framework, for the developers to accept or decline
post Nov 12 2002, 23:22
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I'm considering creating a unified testing framework for LAME and perhaps other encoders in future.

Dibrom, I'd like to hear your personal opinion about the idea. I'm making this post public, because I'd like to know what the other members of this forum think about it, too.

Here is an excerpt from the letter I sent to the lame-dev list (the relevant part):
The developers and everyone having the will to test the encoder will have the opportunity to share their results using standard web forms. The features will include:
1. availability of standard samples which are known to cause problems as losslessly compressed files with a brief description of the problem
2. for each sample, there will be seperate test result sets for each version of the encoder
3. under each sample and encoder version there will be a forum-like "thread" where anyone could post their test results. Discussions will not be allowed and the users will be asked to discuss the results on dedicated forums and mailing lists.
(NOTE: I could add the possibility to rate the sample in 0-5 scale and/or a poll with fixed answers instead of writing a comment in the thread)
4. for anyone who tested the encoder on a custom sample, a seperate page for upload and results.
(NOTE: or only a possibility to send a link to the custom sample, instead of uploading it, in order to avoid getting copyrighted files)
5. the uploaded samples which turn out to address a yet unaddressed issue of the encoder will eventually be moved to the standard-samples area by the admins.

(thanks to Alexander for the suggestions)

It's a very simple scheme. Any suggestions are welcome. Once it's complete, the main advantage of it will be that empty sample/encoder-version fields will indicate that they haven't been tested yet. It will be clear what is yet to be done. It will also be clear in which version a certain increase or decrease in quality occured. Results of the tests which have already been done may be easily moved to the database by myself with some help from the testers.

Please let me know what do you think of the idea. Do you find the framework useful?

I would like to combine this tool with your work at the Hydrogen Audio forum. In my opinion, users and testers should submit their results to this unified database. On the front page of the database's interface, you and other developers will be able to announce which samples are currently needed to be tested. You could also link to them from HA threads. I don't really want to start creating this tool without your will to adapt it. I think that another advantage over the current system (posting results to the forum) will be the ease of searching within already done listening tests.

I want to make this tool as flexible as possible in order to make it useful for testing unstable releases, releases available only as binary and so forth.

In the beginning, the samples I'll use can be the ones you've published here on the forum.

Let me know what do you think.

Bye and keep up the great work, everyone smile.gif ,
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post Nov 13 2002, 11:30
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Well, it's fine if IS is added, although it's of course not gonna help mid/high bitrates.
Anyway, the impression I've got from the current Lame development (since 3.92) by following the sourceforge dev mailing list is that Takehiro does most of the innovations and new features which would have true impact on audio quality, and Robert or you fix some errors in these or other things now and then.

Though I understand, it's also a loss that Naoki has left the project, and Robert and you seem to be quite busy. Well, I know you all have done a good job overall regarding Lame.. It's just that the community has this never ending hunger for even better quality.. and at least for me it seems that Takehiro is nowadays the only one delivering real audible improvements. At least I haven't noticed anything remarkable from anybody else, which is not so nice because it's a long time from the last big quality improvement release (Lame 3.90).

If this is not the case, please share your info/audio samples.

Also one great thing about Takehiro is that he's in constant contact with the community, and pretty much always available for a chat if needed. Then again Alexander prolly doesn't have much idea about the high quality minded lossy audio community at all..

Juha Laaksonheimo
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