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Adding ReplayGain tags kills/moves original tags!
post Aug 17 2005, 23:04
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I can't seem to add ReplayGain tags to my mp3s without foobar mutilating my other tags. For example, depending on the options I've chosen (tag to write: ID3v1 only, ID3v1 & V2, etc), instead of simply adding replaygain tags (ID3v2), foobar decides to either:

(a) copy my ID3v2 tags over to my ID3v1 tags (artist, title, etc)
(b) delete my ID3v1 tags (artist, title, etc)

These are things I don't want it to do. All I'm trying to do is ADD ReplayGain tags, and I dont want any of my other tags touched, copied, or moved. Is it possible somehow?

I'm not the only one getting frustrated by this it seems... http://www.misticriver.net/boards/showthre...ed=1#post294203

[ 1st post - sorry if its in the wrong place. ]
[ I'm a lover of foobar, keep up the good work - I love the ORDER BY ARTIST feature in the playlist, which winamp doesnt have]

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post Aug 30 2005, 19:25
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Well, that screenshots say that "Other supported file types will be stripped from file". It says nothing about destructively overwriting ID3v1 tags with the contents of ID3v2.

You set it to write ID3v1 tags. Are you really surprised that it wrote them? I'm not sure how it could be made more clear.

I see that this is true if you're actually modifying tags, but simply adding ReplayGain tags should never modify any other tags. Why would it? I'm not asking it to "retag my files as you see fit please and add ReplayGain while you're add it". I'm asking it to add ReplayGain tags - nothing else. I don't want Foobar to do any micromanagement - I'll do that in other ways thankyouverymuch. All I'd want it to do is to add ReplayGain tags to my entire collection - but it seems insistant on modifying my tags as it goes along, for no particular reason other than it feels like I shouldn't have differing tags.

Because storing a copy of alternative sets of tags for a file is retarded. The only alternative, looking through each tag to see if a field is present before writing, is equally stupid since that would cause different tags to inadvertantly accumulate whenever you switched tag writing modes, or even if you tried to update files written by software that wrote a different tag format.

I guess all this means that you cannot make Foobar only add ReplayGain tags as the plugin promises to do. It insists on taking a dump all over your tags no matter what you do to prevent it.

You're welcome to disable tag updates you know.

Modifying mp3gain to add ID3v2 tags would appear to be the way to go. Sadly my coding skills are not up to that task, so I guess I'll just have to live without the joys of ReplayGain.

Is there some reason you want to have conflicting tag types? Its going to cause you a lot of effort for no gain. If so, you're welcome to simply disable tag writing in foobar and micromange your individual tags however you like.
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