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Resampling?, From CD to WAV
post Jun 2 2005, 18:11
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Like many people, I want to convert my Cd's collection into MP3 files, using the
Lame combining with the Razorlame GUI. But, before beginning, I ask myself
some questions; one of this is the following : has this a sense, when converting
Wav files previously extracted from a CD, to resampling the extracted files in
48 Hz in place of conserving them in their original 44,1 Khz?
Logically no, we cannot get more precision that this giving originnaly from the
CD; but, i try, and I obtain a file that has not the same frequencies response that
this obtained with conserving the original 44,1Khz sampling rate of the CD;
the difference is basically in middle and high frequencies though being soft.
Who can me explain that fact??


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post Jun 3 2005, 10:29
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ReplayGain developer

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I think you've joined the wrong forum Deuterium. wink.gif

Hydrogen audio is very strong on facts, science, and very carefully carried out listening tests.

Resampling to 48kHz loses a little data due to rounding errors, and doesn't add anything real to the signal. However, some sound cards resample everything to 48kHz badly internally, so doing it well yourself can improve the sound quality.

xmixahlx is right that lossy codecs like mp3 are tuned at 44.1kHz - the performance at 48kHz is not nearly as well optimised or tested.

If you read the FAQ, you'll find out why a lowpass filter before a lossy codec is a good thing. Even at 320kbps, you're thowing away 3/4 of the signal - it's daft to force the codec to keep parts that you can't hear in preference to parts that you can!

I can't argue against your desire to use 320kbps for the best possible quality, but you might want to check you can hear the difference between that and a preset which typically gives a much lower bitrate, and has been tested extensively and shown to sound identical to the CD in 99.999% of cases.

You know that even 320kbps mp3 is going to sound different from the CD in some very rare cases, don't you?

You are, of course, welcome to ask any questions you like - but you might make yourself look a little silly if you don't read at least part of the FAQ and the Terms Of Service first. The mp3 section of the FAQ (see the button, FAQ, top right of the page?) is a great place to start.

Hope this helps.


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