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Lame VBR Preset doesn't work properly in EAC ?, EAC Bitrate opt. influences VBR preset ?
post May 6 2005, 01:02
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Although I am fairly new to encoding music, I read all the advice on Hydrogenaudio and Übernet and have a pretty good idea on how I want to encode my CD's. After reading the advice and some experimenting I decided to go with:

- EAC 0.9 beta 4
- LAME 3.97 alpha 10 (not the recommended version on Hydrogen, but it works swift and clean each time. Sorry JohnV...)
- VBR preset standard, which levels out at a bitrate of around 192.
(for this I used the command line parameter %s %d --preset standard, can anybody tell me if this is correct? Because I found some different examples around. I ended up going with the examples from the Lame project site http://lame.sourceforge.net/doc/html/presets.html )

Now, what I would expect from the EAC software is that additional fields would be grayed out when using the command line option, but this is not the case. And there are some options that require a value that confuses me. The one that specifically confuses me is the option Bitrate, right under the command line box. When I don't use a Lame preset I obviously have to set the desired bitrate for the codec here, but when I use a command line preset I still wants me to choose a value here, and it also does seem to have an effect.

I read the following thread which explains how it should work
http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index.php? act=ST&f=1&t=6671&st=25#entry67461
but it it doesn't make sense to me that a VBR preset should have a minimum bitrate.

When I choose VBR 192 from the dropdown list, the preset doesn't drop below a 192 bitrate. Not really what I expect with the preset standard, only the preset extreme is said to not drop below 192. To have the preset standard drop below 192 I have to set it to for instance VBR 96, which is the lowest value I can choose for.
I use the option external screen for codec, and I can clearly see the difference between the two bitrate options. With 192 it uses 192 and all the bitrate steps above, and with 96 it also uses all the steps below 192 up until 96. So no 64, no 32 and no 0 bitrates sequences for silences, which TMHO doesn't make sense for a VBR preset.
I tried the same command line with audiograbber (which when using command line grays out most other options, and has an option user defined in the dropdown list), and it reacts different from EAC, giving a smaller file size of some Mb's.
I also tried with the recommended Lame 3.90, but the result is the same.

Can anybody tell me what this option does? It does looks like it works as a minimum bitrate option, just like the thread mentioned above says, but I can't find it documented anywhere. The radio button directly under there on the right allowing for HIGH or LOW Quality also doesn't make any sense to me. Does this have any influence on the results?

Secondly, the tab LAME DLL under compression options confuses me. Again, a preset is said to have its own specific tweaks inside the codec thus giving the best results and not needing any other settings; for example Joint Stereo is a standard option in the presets, but other options can be selected here.
Further options are (again) Quality, Maximum VBR Bitrate and the option to choose between VBR Quality and VBR Average Bitrate with an additional value setting.

Seeing that the Bitrate field I mentioned above does seem to have an effect, makes me wonder if these settings have an effect on the end results. And if they do.... WHY?? It doesn't make any sense to me that a command line preset needs additional settings from the encoding software. I read several threads on Hydrogenaudio where it is assured that a preset with additional (command line) settings is unnecessary and can even negatively influence the tweaks from a preset.

Could any body shed some light on this for me? I guess to sum my questions up, they are:
1 - The setting in the Bitrate field on the tab External Compression seems to have an effect on the end result. What does it do? And more importantly; why influence a Command Line Preset?
2 - Do the settings on the tab LAME DLL under compression options have an additional effect on the end result? And again, if so; why?
3 - Does anybody know if these effects have been documented anywhere? I read the EAC Bible from the Coaster Factory, and several other pages on EAC, but couldn't find anything about the above results.

Thanks a mil in advance.


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post May 6 2005, 12:58
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Maybe this could help

Eac and Lame Wiki entry

Who are you and how did you get in here ?
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post May 6 2005, 13:32
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I will never again set the encoder to "Lame Mp3 Encoder" in EAC, I've lost hours to trying to figure out what went wrong. Also not reading the documentation probably screwed me, but hey I've got ADD!

Anyway, here is my setting for quick encodes:

User Defined Encoder
-V2 --vbr-new --noreplaygain -p --disptime 2 --add-id3v2 --ta "%a" --tl "%g" --ty %y --tt "%t" --tn %n --tg "%m" --tc "Ripped with Plextor PX-W2410TA,EAC Secure mode, Lame 3.97alpha10 '-V2 --vbr-new'" %s %d

[x] Check for external programs return code
^^^^^^Very important in figuring out what you did wrong.
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