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Musepaxx, a new mpc-transcoding tool
post Mar 13 2005, 18:39
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As there was no utility that suited my needs, i decided to write my own one. If such a tool already exists, I didn't find it. Nevertheless it was a nice programming training wink.gif

For mpc to mp3 transcoding there would also be MPxcange, but you only have the option of ID3v1 or v2 but not both. You are also limited to lame-mp3. With my tool you can copy the tags to any format you want, as long as the encoder has options for tags.

There is also foobar, but not everyone wants to use it, although it's the best player (IMO).

So what's the clue with my tool?

It just pipes the mppdec with ANY commandline encoder that supports it.

It reads the APEv2 tags from a musepack-file and replaces the placeholders in the encoder string.

The encoder string is saved in a config-file. The placeholders are the same as in EAC, so you just have to copy your EAC-string and you're ready to go.

Besides the CLI-tool, I wrote an user interface where you can edit your decoder/encoder strings and drag&drop your files which you want to encode.

The CLI is written in C and compiled in VS.net 2003, the GUI is written VB.net so I don't know if you need a runtime to start it.

I've just finnished the main-work on it and would very much appreciate if you could test my tool and give me some feedback or tipps how i could enhance it.

If you think my tool is useful, it would be nice if someone could help me with open-source licenceing so that I can safely distribute my tool.

you can download 0.1 here

have fun testing it cool.gif

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post Apr 11 2005, 05:18
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About Frontah
Do you already have a serious contact with Madah ?
Or did you just send an email & are now waiting for answer ?

Cuz I think I already emailed Madah on how the lack of update was a pity, asking why no update & why not free the source ?...
All I get was no answer ... so I tryed to post here as Madah used to be on HA ...


but it seems Madah is lost in the cyberspace ... he suddenly vanished from everywhere ... & then silence ...

so I am still pessimistic ... unless you have already had an anwser ... have you ?

... Frontah is slowly becoming a sadware ;(

Do you have any news of Madah-Frontah ? I ask you specially as I see you are both in the MAC team

Also why did boereck coded universalfront when he was also in the same MAC team instead of upgrading Frontah ?
I don't really understand the logic behind all this ... (except "I can do better" which ended not to be true IMHO)

with time Madah-Fontah's silence has really became a mystery for me ...

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post Apr 14 2005, 23:44
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QUOTE (OggZealot @ Apr 11 2005, 05:18 AM)
About Frontah
Do you already have a serious contact with Madah ?

No. He surely hasn´t. ´Cause Madah really seems to have gone. Probably he´s working on his career in "real life".

Also why did Böreck coded universalfront when he was also in the same MAC team instead of upgrading Frontah ?
I don't really understand the logic behind all this ... (except "I can do better" which ended not to be true IMHO)

Because Frontah and Universal Front have different goals in transcoding. Frontah was made for transcoding one format into another (and does that job quite well btw), while Universal Front was designed to transcode different formats into others in one step. And I doubt, if Frontah would have been lifted quite easly to that level of UF by Madah. It would have made much much work, ´cause it must have been redesigned completely. And: AFAIK Frontah and UF are even written in different programming-languages. And Böreck would not have been able to do any additional programming on Frontah, even if he would have wanted it. ´Cause he simply doesn´t have the skill to program in that language. - Once UF was initiated on an idea by me, and I think Böreck did quite a good job on it. Nevertheless it also would be time to update it a little and at least fix some small bugs. But I lost the contact to him for months now. Also I don´t see him online on ICQ or the MSN-messenger anymore.

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My used codecs and settings:
FLAC V1.1.2 -4 / APE V3.99 Update 4 -high / MPC V1.15v --q 5 / LAME V3.97b2 -V2 --vbr-new / OGG aoTuV V4.51 Lancer -q5
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