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LP to CD Conversion, Hardware, Software, Guides
post Jul 9 2004, 08:57
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I am thinking of starting to take on the task of converting my, my friends, my family's LPs, 78s, 45s to digital, CD's, I would like to do this with the best possible quality & find an easy, standard way of doing it so my mind can be at peace the process was done as best as possible & I won't have to do it again. These are questions I have,

Question 1. What hardware would be best as far as quality/price? I was thinking of getting a Darla Recording Sound Card would this be a good choice? what about Phono (I have no idea about this)?

Question 2. I want to get the best possible quality so I will clean the Vinyl records, what's the best way to do this?

Question 3. What software should I use to record the audio? Cool Edit? Sound Forge? others?

Question 4. Should clicks and crackles be filtered? if so which is (are) the best tool(s)?

Question 5. Can anyone recommend a guide to read?

Thank you

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post Mar 19 2005, 17:01
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Why would you recommend direct drive as opposed to a DIY table or semi-audiophile table with an outboard motor? I have heard the Tech1200's can be modded to be pretty good but I know of very few high end tables that employ direct drive.

I agree on the stylus being exceptionally important; as well as correct setup e.g. tonearm matching, azimuth, VTA etc.

I have given up recording at 88kHz in part because the EMU1212M only allows 96kHz & 192kHz (and I have read about possible asynchronous downsampling issues) and use 32bit/44kHz. Employing greater bit depth is more important than an extreme sample rate.

However, I plan to try some testing of 32/96 and listening once downsampled compared to 32/44, and see if the higher sample rate allows the dither to be "shoved" up there further out of the hearing range. I am using the Waves L2 to add dither: Type 1/Ultra. X-crackle seems to a very impressive job but I heard they made a better plugin for samplitude but I can't seem to find it in the program yet.

A lot of this is rather extreme; good source components and a stable PC (benchmark, RAM test, & torture test it!) are imperitive. Utilizing ASIO for recording is another benefit as you bypass the Windows K-Mixer. The EMU1212M has gain adjustments although some will claim this will color the signal; I can't hear the difference but I leave it at 0db anyway. When I owned the M-Audio cards, once you set the inputs to +4 or -10dbv you couldn't adjust any further, even by pulling the fader down it still clips the ADC. I wonder if the EMU master fader allows the signal to be truly attenuated or if it's an illusion of some sorts in that it simply doesn't show the signal in the same way the M-Audio cards do.

Also, how are you losing headroom with crackle/click removal? Are you referring to
the high end being rolled off? Waves X-crackle applied to a noisy track (each channel individually) is pretty amazing, as a few others mentioned. I'm all about minimalism when archiving audio as that's what it's supposed to be, archiving. But, even something like peak limiting can come in handy. I have an olf 45rpm I recorded the other day and the bass drum was recorded horribly, just spiking way up there. With peak limiting your able to squeeze those peaks down and still "normalize" the amplitude. Since the bass drum is already recorded too hot, your not losing anything by compressing it. Most tracks need very little, just a good hot signal and maybe some normalizing or noise reduction (I choose not to EQ at all).

With Lp's you'll probably have a good enough RMS ( I shoot for -10 rms) w/o normalizing (most of the time) and still have some headroom for your amp to operate away from it's noise floor, instead of being stuck at turning your volume control no further than 8 o'clock.


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