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What is your stance on Replaygain support in Vorbis?
post May 15 2002, 21:30
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Do you believe it's better to store the data in the actual Vorbis tags, where it's more practical, easier to implement, and more likely to gain widespread support?

Or do you believe that it's better to have each individual player handle replaygain itself because it's "The Right Thing", because having the data in the vorbis tags is too much of a kludge, and because it's not the responsibility or goal of Vorbis to deal with this?
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post May 16 2002, 00:59
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Let me make a few things clear.

First off, I've read the replaygain spec, and I think it's a fantastically good idea. As someone who uses Ogg playback for some DJ work, I think that gain issues are an important obstacle to overcome. The kind of stuff I do makes it a royal pain to not be able to work in some semblance of a static, equalized environment. I can beatmatch as well as the next guy, but if I have to beatmatch and adjust volume at the same time, well, I only have so many hands.

I would gain an immediate benefit if the current push to embed replaygain data in Ogg tags were to succeed. I wouldn't have to monkey so hard to do volume equalization, as a matter of fact, I probably wouldn't even have to worry about it. It would be great.

On the other hand, Vorbis is strictly against using playback data in tags. After all, tags are for identification of a particular track, not a true metadata format in which to relay playback data to the player du jour.

When you order a pizza, you expect the delivery guy to bring you a pizza. While the delivery guy may have the strength and ability to bring you 30 orders of prime rib, that's not what the delivery boy is expected to do. He's expected to bring you pizza, and that's the entire idea. After all, you ordered pizza.

The problem with the current push for replaygain is that it is asking Vorbis to make a major fundamental change in how tags are to be used. Is this an incredibly difficult demand? No, of course not. Adding new tags to use replaygain is probably one of the easiest things to implement. It wouldn't be rocket science.

Here are my main problems with adopting replaygain tags in Vorbis.

There's no question that putting the tags in would be a quick-and-dirty solution. It's undoubtably a kludge, it's not exactly an elegant solution. I would prefer a solution that doesn't require a change in the way that Vorbis handles tags. Open Source alternatives are well-known for backwards, inelegant solutions that Work Really Well, but just because something is easy and has an immediate benefit doesn't mean it's the best solution.

There's also a massive barrier to entry in that players would need to understand the tags are there, what they're used for, and how to interpret them. This is a major issue, and people that make players are notorious for dragging their feet on adding even simple functionality. If there's going to be a lot of work done on getting the solution adopted by players, I want to make sure that the solution we offer them isn't a quick-and-dirty implementation, I want to make it something that kicks ass.

I also have a couple issues with not adopting the replaygain tags in Vorbis.

The people that are screaming for these tags are not uneducated monkeys who are merely interested in bitching. They are people who are unsatisfied with the current status quo, and they want a change that will help them. These people are Vorbis fans, they want what's best for Vorbis, and they view this as a great way to make Vorbis better than it already is. Where would Vorbis be if it weren't for the angry mob against patents?

I run a very real risk of alienating hardcore Vorbis fans if I don't make an educated decision. Hell, I'm one of them. I need replaygain for the limited DJ stuff I do.

So, that's where I am. I would like to say that there's an easy solution, but I don't think there is. I am extremely interested in hearing what people have to say as far as an alternative is concerned. There is a lot of room for compromise, and I'm primarily concerned with doing what's best for Vorbis in general. Maybe that means giving up the idea that tags aren't for playback data. Maybe that means compromise so that replaygain doesn't need four tags, but makes do with just one. No tags are better than one, but one tag may be better than four.

I could be wrong, I could be right. I look to the knowledge and experience of other Vorbis users and replaygain fans to help me understand the path to the best solution. I'll be following this thread, and I can be reached at should anyone want to drop an E-mail.

Thanks for your time!

Emmett Plant
CEO, Xiph.org Foundation
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