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[USELESS] Please, delete my account!
post Sep 12 2003, 21:53
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Group: Banned
Posts: 86
Joined: 29-September 01
Member No.: 72

Hello. I'm a member of Hydrogen Audio community since 29.09.2001. All this time I was visiting hydrogenaudio.org almost everyday, and I learned much things from it. Thanks a lot. All this time I tried to keep my posts at minimum, posting only when I know that I can help with advice or so.
Today I decided to share an idea, which was floating in my mind for some time. I though it was nice, I tried to describe it as much as I can, having in mind that english is not my native language. I though I'd see some creative opinions, some advices etc.
All I got was many useless posts with plenty of Foobar2000 stuff.
I got even a warning from the foobar2000 forum admin.
You can see the tread here.
If you, The Admins, agree, that I was trolling, and I was wishing to do harm, I was not right in my posts, please delete my account (Miles) permanently. If not, please, restore my warning status to 0 and ask, that Foobar2000 forum administrator give the apropriate excuse to me.
I will not post more, until you decide what to do with my account.

This post has been edited by Miles: Sep 12 2003, 22:03
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post Sep 12 2003, 23:11
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Group: Banned
Posts: 86
Joined: 29-September 01
Member No.: 72

QUOTE (sthayashi @ Sep 12 2003, 11:56 PM)
A rule of thumb is that if you are unjustifiably annoying, you will be officially warned.  Why? because that's what I'd do if I ran this site.

Interspersing literally every other word with a bold Foobar2000 is annoying and without just cause.  Now, although I don't have any admin or moderator powers, here's what I would ask you to do:  Edit that post to be less annoying and apologize for it.

It's a simple enough task and it shows good faith on your part; and if Dibrom/JohnV are feeling forgiving, they will remove your warning.

Well, Sthayashi, I am sure that the warning is given for a reason, and I agree that the reason could be unjustifiably annoying behaviour.
The only goal here, is to track the thread, and to judge who's behaviouris unjustifiably annoying. That's why the admins are. And that's why I wan't the admins to judge. And even my warning was given from an admin, but, bad luck, he is Foobar developer, and Foobar forum manager, which tells me he is not unbiased, and that's normal.
Yes, my post with many bold foobar2000's doesn't look good. But if you follow the thread, you can see that the previous post was filled with bold Foobar2000, and it's from the same person, who told that my idea belong to Foobar forum, and that's after I showed, that I don't want Foobar stuff in this thread. Yes, I was angry. Yes, I was trying to show how annoying is to have Foobar2000 everywhere. But there is also a meaningful text inbetween foobars, maybe it's better if you try to read it. That is the main. Foobar was just for illustration.

That's why I want Dibrom and JohnV to decide if I started the flame or not. And if they decide that I was the one who started all - to delete my account. I think it's fair enough.
I would mind if zZzZzZz judges, but in that case he isn't unbiased. Twice.
One, because he was the one who gave me warning, and second because he is a foobar developer.

Am I still not clear?
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