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[USELESS] Please, delete my account!
post Sep 12 2003, 21:53
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Group: Banned
Posts: 86
Joined: 29-September 01
Member No.: 72

Hello. I'm a member of Hydrogen Audio community since 29.09.2001. All this time I was visiting hydrogenaudio.org almost everyday, and I learned much things from it. Thanks a lot. All this time I tried to keep my posts at minimum, posting only when I know that I can help with advice or so.
Today I decided to share an idea, which was floating in my mind for some time. I though it was nice, I tried to describe it as much as I can, having in mind that english is not my native language. I though I'd see some creative opinions, some advices etc.
All I got was many useless posts with plenty of Foobar2000 stuff.
I got even a warning from the foobar2000 forum admin.
You can see the tread here.
If you, The Admins, agree, that I was trolling, and I was wishing to do harm, I was not right in my posts, please delete my account (Miles) permanently. If not, please, restore my warning status to 0 and ask, that Foobar2000 forum administrator give the apropriate excuse to me.
I will not post more, until you decide what to do with my account.

This post has been edited by Miles: Sep 12 2003, 22:03
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post Sep 12 2003, 22:23
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Group: Banned
Posts: 86
Joined: 29-September 01
Member No.: 72

I promised that I will not post more, until the admins decision, but I will answer to you.

I'm the last man here, who will question your admin rights. If you have them, there should be a reason. And you decide who is trolling, who is not, who should be warned etc. That's a big responsability, and I do not envy you.

I know, that as a primary Foobar2000 developer, and Foobar2000 site manager you are not unbiased, but I tell you what I think.
Today I posted an idea, sharing it with the community, and I was expecting some substantial discussion about it. The first answer I got was "This thread belongs to Foobar forum".
Forgive me, but I care for my idea, and I was shocked, when somebody told me, that it belongs elsewhere.
Foobar2000 could be very nice player, may be even the best, but I don't know. And I don't know, because I don't like it. And how come that I don't like it, without even seeing it ever?
Very simple. I am a regular visitor (and member) of the Hydrogen Audio since it's start. I even remember and was registered user of the old R3Mix forum. That was in ancient, pre-foobar times.
And then suddenly - everywhere foobar! In every post - foobar. What's the time? - Foobar. What's your favorite song? - Foobar. What's the best Lame preset? - Foobar.
Sorry, I exaggerate, but that's only to get my point.
You can bet that I was not happy at all, seeing, that my idea belongs to Foobar forum.
That's why I asked not to mention foobar in replies to my post. Because I didn't want to start another - What's-the-time-it-is-foobar topic. If my idea is any good, it's for all players - even for foobar (if you like it).

I can understand your feelings regarding foobar stuff, and I even sympathize to them.
My account is the last thing, which can cast a shadow on your creation.
But, since you are not unbiased, and I also, but you are in admin position, and I am not, please, let Dibrom and JohnV decide what was my behaviour, and will my account be deleted, or I will have my warn status restored, with the relevant excuses.

My best regards to you, and all members!

Edit: much typos, I gues I was too emotional. wink.gif

This post has been edited by Miles: Sep 12 2003, 22:57
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