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Changing Tags on Currently Playing Song
post Apr 6 2013, 15:46
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So I started to notice that after I formatted and installed everything about a month or two ago, that whenever I play a song in Foobar the the %data% coloumn will change from "2004" to "2004-00" or even the exact date "2004-02-26" It annoyed me but I didn't really pay any attention to it. I'm noticing that on some tracks however it'll erase all the tags, example...

Here I'm listening to Ramp - Enjoy the Music (El Grekoz Remix)

Here I'm listening to Ramp - Enjoy the Music (Original Mix)

Once I stop the playback or switch songs the tags come back.

I'm thinking there's something in the options that I haven't found yet that is enabling this. I have version v1.2.3
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post Apr 6 2013, 15:59
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foobar itself will never touch your files unless you explicitly tell it to. if they really have been changed, it will be some other component. right click the tracks(s)>properties and then the properties tab and look at Last modified. were the tags really changed or is it a playlist display bug?

also, it looks like you're using columns UI because default UI doesn't show the elapsed time. posting a full component list might help.

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post Apr 6 2013, 16:18
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I didn't mean it permanently changed the tags, but it only appears that it has changed as it goes back to normal when playback is stopped.
I just noticed that when I'm listening to that song, when I fast forward the normal tags pop up for a split second.

Core (2013-02-13 11:26:10 UTC)
foobar2000 core 1.2.3
foo_albumlist.dll (2013-02-13 11:24:52 UTC)
Album List 4.5
foo_audioscrobbler.dll (2009-08-21 02:15:56 UTC)
Audioscrobbler 1.4.2
foo_cdda.dll (2013-02-13 11:24:22 UTC)
CD Audio Decoder 3.0
foo_chain_impexp.dll (2011-02-20 19:27:02 UTC)
DSP chain [de]serializer 1.0
foo_channel_mixer.dll (2008-03-12 09:37:47 UTC)
Channel Mixer
foo_comserver2.dll (2006-07-31 19:13:20 UTC)
COM Automation server 0.7 alpha 6
foo_converter.dll (2013-02-13 11:24:22 UTC)
Converter 1.5
foo_discogs.dll (2011-08-12 07:42:42 UTC)
Discogs Tagger 1.30
foo_dop.dll (2010-06-25 21:59:12 UTC)
iPod manager
foo_dsp_crossfeed.dll (2010-08-28 19:48:42 UTC)
Crossfeed 1.1.1
foo_dsp_delta.dll (2008-10-24 20:57:16 UTC)
Noise Sharpening DSP 1.0.0
foo_dsp_dolbyhp.dll (2010-01-22 20:40:28 UTC)
Dolby Headphone Wrapper 1.4.1
foo_dsp_eq.dll (2013-02-13 11:24:54 UTC)
Equalizer 1.0
foo_dsp_fsurround_beta.dll (2010-12-04 21:50:50 UTC)
FreeSurround 0.8.1
foo_dsp_mm.dll (2008-06-06 05:29:10 UTC)
Matrix Mixer 0.3
foo_dsp_std.dll (2013-02-13 11:24:44 UTC)
Standard DSP Array 1.2
foo_dsp_xgeq.dll (2011-05-25 04:28:24 UTC)
Graphic Equalizer 0.1.2
foo_fileops.dll (2013-02-13 11:23:12 UTC)
File Operations 2.2
foo_input_dts.dll (2010-09-03 16:18:04 UTC)
DTS decoder 0.3.0
foo_input_std.dll (2013-02-13 11:23:54 UTC)
Standard Input Array 1.0
foo_jesus.dll (2010-09-23 06:34:06 UTC)
Autosave & Autobackup 10
foo_osd.dll (2011-02-09 07:45:16 UTC)
On-Screen Display 1.69
foo_rgscan.dll (2013-02-13 11:24:30 UTC)
ReplayGain Scanner 2.1.2
foo_run.dll (2009-06-07 22:15:18 UTC)
Run services 0.3.7
foo_softplaylists.dll (2011-02-05 08:04:50 UTC)
Soft Playlists 2011-02-05
foo_ui_columns.dll (2010-03-06 16:54:31 UTC)
Columns UI
foo_ui_std.dll (2013-02-13 11:23:58 UTC)
Default User Interface 0.9.5
foo_uie_albumart.dll (2007-12-16 04:22:24 UTC)
Album Art Panel
foo_uie_panel_splitter.dll (2009-11-26 05:03:32 UTC)
Panel Stack Splitter
foo_uie_playlists_dropdown.dll (2009-09-24 04:44:46 UTC)
Playlists Dropdown 0.7.6
foo_uie_vis_channel_spectrum.dll (2008-05-18 07:02:12 UTC)
Channel Spectrum panel 0.17.2
foo_uie_vis_peakmeter_spectrum.dll (2008-04-20 00:18:50 UTC)
Peakmeter Spectrum Visualisation beta
foo_vis_shpeck.dll (2013-03-17 21:53:56 UTC)
Shpeck - Winamp vis plugins wrapper 0.3.7
foo_vst.dll (2011-03-05 13:19:04 UTC)
VST 2.4 adapter
foo_wave_seekbar.dll (2011-10-18 05:17:06 UTC)
Waveform seekbar 0.2.14
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post Apr 6 2013, 16:30
Post #4

Group: Super Moderator
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QUOTE (marc2003 @ Apr 6 2013, 15:59) *
it looks like you're using columns UI
Given the presence of said component in your list, are we to assume Marc was correct?

QUOTE (BASGTA @ Apr 6 2013, 15:46) *
I'm noticing that on some tracks []
Which tracks? What format(s)? Do they share any traits that might be contributing to the observed behaviour?

Please be more specific when reporting problems.
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post Apr 6 2013, 17:39
Post #5

Group: Members
Posts: 14
Joined: 1-September 09
Member No.: 72832

I've only noticed it on mp3s. I'm thinking that some of my mp3s have ID3v1 and ID3v2 filled out, and when I play the mp3 it switches from one type to the other. Going with the example in my first post, when I open the properties of Ramp - Enjoy The Music the tags will be displayed normally (whether I'm listening to it or not) if I copy and paste each metadata field then paste it on to itself, the problem is fixed for this one file.

It's like I'm editing a field that I can't see. Which is what lead me to believe there must be an option somewhere.

This post has been edited by BASGTA: Apr 6 2013, 17:50
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