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2009 ripping/encoding general poll
What are your current choices for your own musical library?
What's your *main lossy* format of choice?
MP3 [ 497 ] ** [59.10%]
Ogg Vorbis [ 120 ] ** [14.27%]
AAC (MP4, M4A, AAC) [ 137 ] ** [16.29%]
MPC [ 38 ] ** [4.52%]
WavPack lossy [ 3 ] ** [0.36%]
LossyWAV + lossless [ 8 ] ** [0.95%]
WMA Standard or PRO (lossy) [ 4 ] ** [0.48%]
Atrac (any version) [ 0 ] ** [0.00%]
other lossy format [ 0 ] ** [0.00%]
I don't use lossy AT ALL! [ 34 ] ** [4.04%]
What's your *main lossless* format of choice?
FLAC [ 566 ] ** [67.30%]
WavPack [ 113 ] ** [13.44%]
TAK [ 46 ] ** [5.47%]
Monkey's Audio [ 20 ] ** [2.38%]
Apple Lossless [ 25 ] ** [2.97%]
WMA Lossless [ 6 ] ** [0.71%]
OptimFrog [ 1 ] ** [0.12%]
other lossless format [ 5 ] ** [0.59%]
I don't use lossless AT ALL! [ 59 ] ** [7.02%]
What's your favorite ripping mode {for your main, archive or most important library if you have several ones}?
one file per track [ 638 ] ** [75.86%]
one file per disc with cuesheet or chapters [ 116 ] ** [13.79%]
it depends: I mix both [ 87 ] ** [10.34%]
Total Votes: 923
post Mar 6 2009, 09:07
Post #126

Group: Members
Posts: 49
Joined: 6-March 09
Member No.: 67666

FLAC -5 for archiving, PC and streaming to my Squeezebox.
AAC transcoded using dbPowerAmp, Nero AAC -q 0.6 for DAP (iPhone/iPod).
Single files because that make maintenance easier (re-tagging of mostly classical music).

I am not religious about any of the formats. A lossless archive is a must because I never ever want to rip again. After some diversion to WMA and ALAC I have chosen FLAC because its native playback on the Squeezebox and flexible tagging. AAC/Nero was chosen because some cursory testing suggested smaller file sizes for the same quality when compared to MP3/LAME.

Apple Lossless
NeroAAC -q 0.5
dbPowerAmp Reference
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post Mar 6 2009, 10:46
Post #127

Group: Members
Posts: 6
Joined: 15-January 09
Member No.: 65599

I'm no audiophile so MP3 suits me fine and I don't use lossless at all.

The way I rip my classical music CDs isn't shown as a poll option though! Here I combine all the movements for the same work into a single file to prevent my MP3 player fragmenting them on random play. Most CDs produce between two and four MP3 files.

Not being adept at scripting I need to use three programs:
BonkEnc to rip and merge selected tracks - it was the first one I found that does a half decent job and reports the correct combined duration.
Media Monkey to tag and catalogue the ripped files - I like its cataloguing and mass tagging features
Foobar to produce second versions of the tracks using the VLevel DSP to compress the dynamic ranges for in-car replay - the only way I know of for doing this.

I store the two file versions on an external hard drive for portability.

This route is quite a lot of work, and most of the ID3V2 tags have to be edited to show the composer as the artist etc. I wonder if I it would be worth my while to learn how to write scripts to streamline it? I suspect not.
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post Mar 7 2009, 08:42
Post #128

Group: Members
Posts: 472
Joined: 6-March 03
Member No.: 5360

Vorbis & FLAC. Sad to see Vorby losing favor with the userbase here. sad.gif
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post Mar 7 2009, 13:00
Post #129

Group: Members
Posts: 5
Joined: 1-March 09
Member No.: 67508

Library: iTunes + QuickTime AAC 256kbps / LAME 3.9x MP3 VBR
Archieve: FLAC is the first choice
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post Mar 7 2009, 13:19
Post #130

Group: Members
Posts: 142
Joined: 13-December 04
Member No.: 18660

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post Mar 7 2009, 13:42
Post #131

Group: Members
Posts: 11
Joined: 19-February 06
Member No.: 27882

DAP: Lame -V5 --vbr-new or NeroAAC -q 0.4
Archive: FLAC -5
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The Seeker
post Mar 7 2009, 13:55
Post #132

Group: Members
Posts: 104
Joined: 15-June 04
From: Adelaide
Member No.: 14694

Archive: FLAC Level 8 (one file per track).
DAP/Laptop/PC: LAME 3.98.2 -V5

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
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post Mar 17 2009, 03:47
Post #133

Group: Members
Posts: 13
Joined: 14-March 09
From: California
Member No.: 67963

Nero AAC -q 0.5; no lossless for me, my files are backed up to a external HDD. One file per track.
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post Apr 13 2009, 14:01
Post #134

Group: Members
Posts: 712
Joined: 11-March 07
Member No.: 41384

flac -8 for archive, 1 file per CD with embedded cuesheets, scans etc
lame 3.98.2 -V0 for everyday use, combined wth aac -q0.5 for gapless albums (didn't manage to get mp3 to play gapless on my portable players)
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Frumious B
post Apr 16 2009, 03:48
Post #135

Group: Members
Posts: 93
Joined: 14-March 09
From: Atlanta, GA
Member No.: 67956

I finished my epic 1,700 CD ripping project last week and used ALAC for my lossless files. I mainly chose ALAC because I wanted to use iTunes to clean up my tags and artwork before backing them up and transcoding to lossy. For my lossy files I used Nero AAC at quality setting of .45. I have the lossless files if I ever want to try something else and I'm just going to use them on the iPod anyway. Prior to that all I had were 128kbps mp3 files that I mostly ripped five years ago. Going from those files to the new AAC files is like someone removed a towel from my speakers. I'm very happy with my results so far.
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post Apr 16 2009, 04:40
Post #136

Group: Members
Posts: 13
Joined: 30-April 03
Member No.: 6278

2002-2007: Musepack -Q6 / FLAC-Multiple Files
2007-2008: aoTuV Vorbis -Q6 / WavPack-Single File
2009: QuickTime TrueVBR Q127 AAC / FLAC-Multiple Files

For the really long boring answer:

I actually do want to say I'm heavily impressed with how far LAME has come and it was a tough choice between AAC and MP3 for me. I've really wanted to be able to send a random track to a friend without worries or have to deal with 'support' for a format being buggy or otherwise sparse. While MP3 easily wins that, I rather like the results I get with regards to file sizes when using AAC which is great for my portables. Support is just prolific enough that I'll take the tradeoff. If I wind up regretting this choice, next year I'll be voting LAME.

So far as cuesheet/single file rips for lossless -- it really appeals to me from an organizational standpoint and more resembles an ISO backup with compression benefits, which might mean nothing to the next person. However, support for FLAC in this flavor has been spotty at best -- and WavPack's audience fell off a cliff. For the sake of no headaches, I'll take the compression hit.

This post has been edited by ProtoCat: Apr 16 2009, 04:44
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Martin H
post Apr 26 2009, 20:37
Post #137

Group: Members
Posts: 857
Joined: 5-March 05
From: Denmark
Member No.: 20365

For archival i use WavPack images with embedded cuesheets(-hm).
For playback on PC/Portable i use LAME track-files(-V5 --noreplaygain).
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post Apr 27 2009, 16:18
Post #138

Group: Members
Posts: 19
Joined: 2-January 09
Member No.: 65107

QUOTE (vinnie97 @ Mar 7 2009, 08:42) *
Vorbis & FLAC. Sad to see Vorby losing favor with the userbase here. sad.gif

It is. I ripped most of my music a while back using Vorbis, but have recently been re-ripping everything to VBR MP3. The main reason simply being that too few MP3 players etc. support Vorbis unfortunately, plus with MP3 I can use MP3Gain to apply ReplayGain to all my music in a manner that even my iPhone will cope with (along with all other MP3 players obviously).

That's always Vorbis's problem. No matter how good or free it is, the likes of Apple, Microsoft etc. will continue to support the bare minimum of formats for their software and hardware players and this leaves Vorbis out in the cold somewhat.
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post Apr 27 2009, 22:28
Post #139

Group: Members
Posts: 55
Joined: 22-February 09
Member No.: 67259

[Nero] AAC @ highest quality for portable player
FLAC (1.2.1b @ 6) for computer listening and archiving
[EAC] One file per disc with CUE sheet + Log file

This post has been edited by KeyLogic: Apr 27 2009, 22:29
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post Aug 24 2009, 13:58
Post #140

Group: Members
Posts: 69
Joined: 15-July 09
Member No.: 71500

Archive: FLAC Level 5 one file per cd + cue
DAP lame 3.9.2 q4 vbr [winmo] / aac q4/5 vbr encoding [ipoo]
Laptop/PC: vorbis aoTuV q6-8
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post Aug 24 2009, 14:35
Post #141

Group: Validating
Posts: 2424
Joined: 21-May 08
Member No.: 53675

It would be slightly better if we could have at least two selections per choice, not just one:
- for lossy I choose MP3, although I use regulary also Vorbis aoTuV
- for lossless I choose FLAC, although I use TAK also
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post Aug 24 2009, 14:42
Post #142

Group: Members
Posts: 2489
Joined: 9-October 05
From: Dormagen, Germany
Member No.: 25015

QUOTE (2E7AH @ Aug 24 2009, 15:35) *
It would be slightly better if we could have at least two selections per choice, not just one:
- for lossy I choose MP3, although I use regulary also Vorbis aoTuV
- for lossless I choose FLAC, although I use TAK also

I second that.
For lossy I use mp3 and lossyWAV + FLAC. lossyWAV is my preferred choice, but I had to vote for mp3 as currently I use it more often (due to DAP limitations).
For real lossless purposes I use TAK, but I also use FLAC together with lossyWAV.

lame3100m -V1 --insane_factor 0.75
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post Aug 24 2009, 15:46
Post #143

Group: Members
Posts: 602
Joined: 15-February 04
From: Venezia, Italia
Member No.: 12025

MP3 (LAME 3.98.2 -V2) one-file-per-track for listening. ID3v2.3 (UTF-16 encoding) tags.
WavPack (-m -i -q -hh) disc images with embedded cuesheets for archiving.

Plextor Premium and EAC for ripping, Foobar2000 for encoding/tagging, Winamp for everyday listening. Old Creative Zen Micro Photo as DAP.



Revox B150 + (JBL 4301B | Sennheiser HD430)
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post Aug 24 2009, 17:06
Post #144

Group: Members
Posts: 16
Joined: 12-August 09
From: Absurdistan
Member No.: 72251

- Ogg Vorbis
- Flac
- One file per track
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post Sep 16 2009, 11:00
Post #145

Group: Members
Posts: 1
Joined: 16-September 09
Member No.: 73236

Archival purposes: FLAC -8 /w cue, single tracks since it's a lot easier to convert on the fly. Cover art and logs of course smile.gif
Lossy/iPod/general listening: LAME 3.98.2 -V0

This post has been edited by muse.: Sep 16 2009, 11:04
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post Sep 22 2009, 08:44
Post #146

Group: Members
Posts: 14
Joined: 8-July 04
Member No.: 15147

one file per disc.

hmm, so few vote for APE, it is still extremely popular in the east just like realmedia for video

This post has been edited by mata: Sep 22 2009, 08:46
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post Oct 12 2009, 14:06
Post #147

Group: Members
Posts: 19
Joined: 3-July 09
Member No.: 71173

For losless I use Flac 8.
As Flac is the most widely supported losless format, to me there is no better choice. My players (foobar, MPC, VLC) support Flac, and even my DAW (Samplitude) does since v10.2, which I highly appreciate smile.gif . Moreover, coding is fast and decoding even faster.

For lossy I use mp3, encoded with lame (3.98.2) --abr 192 -q 0 --lowpass 20. (Why ABR and not VBR, see here).
The only reason I use losssy at all, is getting small files for my portable players. And any player supports mp3.
I'd much rather use OGG, but unfortunately my portable players do not support it. A much too little number of players actually do sad.gif . It's the same old story that manufacturers are too reluctant to implement free standards.

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String Theory
post Oct 12 2009, 16:53
Post #148

Group: Members
Posts: 20
Joined: 12-October 09
Member No.: 73944

I don't archive my cd's... if a cd breaks, i'll buy a new one. Simple as that. For the rest LAME -V0. In the past I've bought some AAC songs from the iTunes Store, but I prefer to buy cd's and vinyl and rip / download the mp3-versions. AAC sounds promising, but I found LAME MP3 overall better.

The future is lossless!
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post Jan 7 2010, 04:01
Post #149

Group: Members
Posts: 487
Joined: 5-August 02
From: Manila
Member No.: 2939

It's time for a new poll for the new year. It's tradition. wink.gif
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post Jan 7 2010, 05:43
Post #150

Group: Super Moderator
Posts: 11377
Joined: 1-April 04
From: Northern California
Member No.: 13167

Thanks for pointing that out. smile.gif

This poll is officially closed.

Your eyes cannot hear.
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