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Do you use FLAC or WAVPACK?, Simple poll on two of the most popular lossless codecs
Do you use FLAC or WAVPACK?
Do you use FLAC or WAVPACK?
FLAC [ 325 ] ** [54.99%]
WAVPACK [ 222 ] ** [37.56%]
Neither, I use another losless codec [ 44 ] ** [7.45%]
Total Votes: 718
post Apr 23 2006, 13:56
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Please also state your reason why...
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post Apr 23 2006, 14:09
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I use FLAC.

Simply because my old DAP (Rio Karma) supported it. Now I've got a iPod w/ Rockbox, but simply can't be bothered to convert them for the minimal space I'd save.

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post Apr 23 2006, 14:11
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I use WavPack because of the smaller file size and the better encoder options "-h -m -w -d "CUESHEET=@*.cue"". Also I find it to be more actively developed.
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post Apr 23 2006, 14:25
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WavPack because of good encoding/decoding speed and at the same time better compression.
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post Apr 23 2006, 15:05
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Wavpack: higher compression
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post Apr 23 2006, 15:36
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FLAC, because my iAudio supports it. No other reason than that.
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post Apr 23 2006, 15:43
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I used FLAC for quite a while, but I recently switched to WavPack (for the same reasons listed above).

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post Apr 23 2006, 15:45
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WavPack - because of better compression and hybrid mode.

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post Apr 23 2006, 16:00
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QUOTE (vitos @ Apr 23 2006, 03:45 PM) *
WavPack - because of better compression and hybrid mode.

My voice is for WavPack, but I have converted more than 1000 files into flac the last days (mostly to remove hybrid encodings I had and that don't arrange me anymore).

Garf's flac -8 often gives me a better compression ratio than WavPack -fx5. The difference is rarely important, excepted some case:
- some mono album (problem corrected with 4.4 which unfortunately break older decoder)
- some harpsichord albums
- few other ones.

This flac setting (-8) is also faster on the encoding side than (-fx5) [I recall that I never found one file that was smaller with -fx6], and offers a identical decoding speed on my Duron 800 (x60) but a significantly higher one on my Mobile Athlon (x120 vs x150).
I don't use the normal and the high profile of WavPack, because decoding speed is clearly lower (especially with -high).

But what I always hated with flac was the tagging format, which isn't really compatible with massive and constant tagging. With foobar2000 0.9, the problem is gone (at last), and tagging is now as fast as WavPack and all APEv2 based file formats. Nevertheless, the problem is still present with flac/cue files, and adding a new field takes a good minute with this format dry.gif

I'm still a WavPack user, because I still have 1500 hours of music in WavPack format. But EAC is currently set to use flac Both formats are great, but I prefer WavPack over FLAC for several reasons.

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post Apr 23 2006, 16:02
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I've used Wavpack lossy, but I've just acquired a new 120gb harddrive so nothing inhibits me from going lossless smile.gif
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post Apr 23 2006, 16:06
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FLAC because it is universally accepted and compatible with shntool and Toast. If they ever do get around to incorporating support in Audacity, my cup will runneth over.
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post Apr 23 2006, 16:11
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I use both, for different reasons.

I use WavPack to rip to image w/ embedded cue, so if/when EAC adds test&copy for images, I will probably completely change over.

foobar2000 + EAC + Burrrn = Happiness
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post Apr 23 2006, 16:53
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FLAC because of wide Linux support and embedded cuesheet metadata block (for my backups I prefer one .flac for one CD).
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post Apr 23 2006, 17:34
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Between FLAC and WavPack I use FLAC for it's cross-platform compatibility.

However, newer rips I encode using OptimFrog --mode extranew.

So, there.

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post Apr 23 2006, 18:45
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Other -->> Apple Lossless

Simply because its the only lossless format which is supported by the software and hardware I use. Like iTunes, AirTunes and iPod's.
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Synthetic Soul
post Apr 23 2006, 18:51
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This is spooky. shock1.gif

I was going to start a new "Your lossless codec of choice" poll this morning. I was half way through setting it up, and ran out of time.

The last one started August 2004 I believe. I think it's about time for a new one.

WavPack BTW.

Edit: Sorry, a reason: better compression (my first choice was Monkey's Audio for the same reason); ease of use; the @ thing.

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post Apr 23 2006, 18:55
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Wavpack -- I like the name better.
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post Apr 23 2006, 19:03
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Wavpack for the hybrid feature. I don't use lossless for listening, but for transcoding or if I need to burn an audio disc.
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Sebastian Mares
post Apr 23 2006, 19:15
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WavPack because it's faster.

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post Apr 23 2006, 19:24
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FLAC - more support, faster decoding.

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post Apr 23 2006, 19:32
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Wavpack: fast decoding, good compression, great support within fb2k and Rockbox, many useful features.
But honestly, if it wasn't for the last two points, I'd use YALAC (or however it will be called).

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post Apr 23 2006, 19:34
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Rarewares admin

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Wavpack. Partially because Bryant is a hell of a great guy.

Get up-to-date binaries of Lame, AAC, Vorbis and much more at RareWares:
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post Apr 23 2006, 19:41
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I use WavPack. I like the extra compression, although small. Also I make music it is normall 32-bit, which FLAC does not seem to support. The APEv2 tags are more convenient for me. Editing the vorbis comments on FLAC can be very slow sometimes. I still have a lot of FLAC's around, but I prefer wavpack. Encoding/decoding is only a very small amount slower, and if optimizations like MMX are included in the future that may change as well. smile.gif If I recall the license on the source is more open than FLAC as well.

EDIT: Thought I'd add I also love the -m function for storing MD5's in wavpack files. -hxm all the way. Especially now with the MMX optimized encoder. Can't wait to see what the future bring so for WavPack. Since both FLAC and WavPack are supported in everything I need them to be I still have both. In the end if one dies and the other doesn't I won't have as many files to convert at least. biggrin.gif

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post Apr 23 2006, 20:01
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shouldn't you had inclided monkey, alac, yalac, wma lossless as choices?

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post Apr 23 2006, 20:01
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Wavpack, better compression
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