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Replacement LARGER Hard Drive Models For Ipod Classic?
Arnold B. Kruege...
post Mar 5 2013, 14:43
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QUOTE (tsandrew @ Mar 3 2013, 00:08) *
Question #4: Other than Ebay, do any reputable dealers sell this drive?

1. I would install this into the 7th Gen iPod. Besides avoiding the risk of firmware issues, you would be able to use the Genius feature to sift through all your music.
2. Yes - the thick rear panel will work just fine.
3. The new hard drive will need a regular format, quick format through Windows PC should be just fine.
4. I've recently started up a small business catering specifically to making 240GB 7th Generation iPod Classics. I have already sold some through eBay (user ID tsandrew) for about $250 door-to-door: http://www.ebay.com/itm/261174835929?ssPag...984.m1561.l2649
If you're only interested in a 240GB upgrade kit, I use the MK2431GAH Toshiba drive. The drive is bundled with a new HDD cable, battery, and laser-printed 240GB backplate. If you're interested in either the drive or a new 7th Gen iPod, please contact me here or via email: newt.tsai at gmail.

Given that 1.8" SSDs are coming down in price and have so many practical advantages for portable devices (shock resistance, power) I wonder when they will become the next hot thing?

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post Mar 5 2013, 15:46
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QUOTE (Arnold B. Krueger @ Mar 5 2013, 14:43) *
Given that 1.8" SSDs are coming down in price and have so many practical advantages for portable devices (shock resistance, power) I wonder when they will become the next hot thing?


SSDs are certainly an option for iPod classics, and it's something I've looked into myself, especially as I'm still waiting for parts to arrive from my latest shipment.

The problem with SSDs, aside from cost, will be the special iPod ZIF connector. This is a somewhat outdated connector (akin to the older IDE vs modern SATA for PCs) and, as such, I personally do not expect prices to decrease for these special SSD, ZIF-connector drives.

Currently, prices stand at around $250 for the lowest-capacity SSDs (NOTE: you can purchase an entirely NEW 240GB iPod from me for this price!) and probably over $400 for 160GB SSDs. I'm not sure 240GB SSDs currently exist for iPod.

Hope that was at least somewhat informative!
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post Mar 5 2013, 16:39
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The voltage is also important: the iPod won't work with SSDs that need more than 3.3V.

See my profile for measurements, tools and recommendations.
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post Jun 10 2013, 04:09
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bought from the fellow above, hes been very responsive and helpful smile.gif

im wondering if an sdhc/sdxc to zif converter or cf to zif converter would be worth trying?
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post Oct 31 2015, 21:08
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QUOTE (Soap @ Aug 6 2012, 18:57) *
QUOTE (egglick @ Aug 6 2012, 08:32) *
QUOTE (Soap @ Aug 6 2012, 05:51) *
The 5th generation and 7th generation iPods do not have the same physical interface. A drive which plugs into one will not plug into the other.

Actually, one of the few things I'm fairly certain of is that they have the same Parallel ATA ZIF-cable interface.

The 6th generation "Classic" shipped with a CE-ATA interface, so unless they switched it back to the PATA-ZIF of the 5th gen that is incorrect.

This shit really isn't hard to verify.

I know this is an old thread, but just so nobody else does a search and gets mislead by the above comment, I thought I'd chime in.

FACT: CE-ATA *IS* PATA-ZIF. They both refer to the exact same physical interface and drive protocol.

Technically, "CE-ATA" is the Consumer Electronics group that defined the ATA interface for small electronics.
They created the PATA-ZIF connector. ( Parallell ATA - Zero Insertion Force)

Oh, and for the record I have taken old 30gb harddrives from 5th generation iPods and gotten them working in both 6th and 7th generation ipods just fine. The connections are identical. The issue is that many of the early 5th generation motherboards only have 32mb of ram so you run into problems if the harddrive is larger then 80gb. They'll work but once you put more then 80~90gb of music on the drive, the ipod starts to malfunction. It won't go to sleep, the album artwork doesn't show up, the battery drains quickly, or it just crashes. Motherboards with 64mb of ram support larger capacity harddrives just fine.

This post has been edited by Robarino: Oct 31 2015, 21:25
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post Nov 1 2015, 03:13
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Glad someone dredged this thread up again; I missed it the first time.

I've had free space problems associated with portable audio players on and off over the years. My 160GB Classic is fine today if I downcode everything to 128Kbps, but I still have to be choosy about what I put on it. I keep hoping Apple will provide a larger storage iPod in the future.

In the meanwhile, what I am testing in my car is a Fiio X1. It has removable micro SD cards, so if I need more storage today I can just swap cards; much faster than reloading a unit with fixed memory. Not ideal, but they say larger cards will be supported in the future, so I'm hanging on to it to see how it works for me. So far, I have no issues whatever with the sound (not surprising). It has a line + headphone output with fairly good drive capabilities, which is very convenient; and the charging/sync port is a standard micro USB. File copying is drag-and-drop, and the unit can be configured to auto-update the index so you just copy files across and let the player build the menu - no special s/w required. They've removed the 5000 file limit recently, too - I have almost 12000 files on mine and other than the time it takes to scroll through the menus, no problems with navigation.

The hardware and UI are less sophisticated and more buggy than Apple's, but for $99 plus $50 for the memory card, it's a pretty good deal. I haven't become annoyed with it yet. laugh.gif
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