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Your lossy codec of choice in 2006?, Format popularity
What codec do you use predominately in your collection?
What codec do you use predominately in your collection?
MP3 [ 447 ] ** [46.04%]
Ogg Vorbis [ 266 ] ** [27.39%]
MP4-AAC [ 123 ] ** [12.67%]
MPC [ 94 ] ** [9.68%]
WMA [ 13 ] ** [1.34%]
Other [ 28 ] ** [2.88%]
Total Votes: 1166
post Apr 3 2006, 03:17
Post #26

Group: Members
Posts: 493
Joined: 3-June 03
Member No.: 6981

After using vorbis for a while, it's back to LAME mp3 -V3 for compatibility with quality. Thanks Gabriel and co. biggrin.gif
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post Apr 3 2006, 03:19
Post #27

Group: Members
Posts: 304
Joined: 5-August 05
Member No.: 23715

Well, I rip WavPack images mostly, but if and when I choose lossy, it's still MPC-Insane for me.

foobar2000 + EAC + Burrrn = Happiness
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post Apr 3 2006, 03:25
Post #28

Group: Members
Posts: 288
Joined: 8-January 02
Member No.: 959

Vorbis currently. Faster encoding, nice quality, and my DAP supports it.
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post Apr 3 2006, 03:37
Post #29

Group: Members
Posts: 3
Joined: 16-September 02
Member No.: 3373

Well, for my own enjoyment - the stuff I rip and leave on my computer for occasional listening to, it's Vorbis.

But for the stuff I take around MP3 is the only choice. Work best with my car stereos, ipod, etc and I don't see myself changing in the next couple of years.
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post Apr 3 2006, 05:10
Post #30

Group: Members
Posts: 273
Joined: 18-June 03
Member No.: 7254

AAC - transparent to me at 128kbps VBR and works on everything i have (OS X machine, iPod and SE k750i phone)
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post Apr 3 2006, 06:15
Post #31

Group: Members
Posts: 274
Joined: 17-May 04
From: QLD, Australia
Member No.: 14136


I can't hear any difference between it and any of the other major lossy formats, so I may as well just stick with the better supported one.

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post Apr 3 2006, 06:55
Post #32

Group: Members
Posts: 72
Joined: 1-October 03
Member No.: 9103

Since I loaded Rockbox on my Nano, ogg vorbis.
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post Apr 3 2006, 06:59
Post #33

Group: Members
Posts: 144
Joined: 17-June 04
From: Sydney
Member No.: 14733

Lame @ CBR320 for music (this way, mobile use is overkill, but when I play 'em at home on the hi-fi, they still sound respectable), but I publish my podcasts @ -V5 --vbr-new.

The home of quality podcasts
(including Sine Language, a weekly discussion on all things audio)
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post Apr 3 2006, 07:07
Post #34

Group: Developer
Posts: 1335
Joined: 17-March 03
From: Calgary, AB
Member No.: 5541

I am also surprised that AAC isn't doing better here. I would have expected most iPod users would have switched.
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post Apr 3 2006, 07:09
Post #35

Group: Members
Posts: 913
Joined: 10-January 05
Member No.: 18979


Other codecs lack any advantage that I consider to be significant.
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David Nordin
post Apr 3 2006, 07:33
Post #36

Group: Members
Posts: 751
Joined: 1-October 01
From: Falkenberg
Member No.: 3810

Lossless and MPEG-4-AAC for me, and *I really thought more people went that way tongue.gif

I have MPEG-4 in my cellphone, PDA and laptop.
Lossless is kept stationary computer hooked up to stereo.

I use Nero AAC Q2 (~50kbps VBR), it's not transparent but it's really impressive.

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post Apr 3 2006, 07:58
Post #37

Group: Members
Posts: 138
Joined: 27-July 04
Member No.: 15817

Ogg Vorbis. For my personal use it's perfect since I've got a hardware player that supports it, and it suits my ears better than mp3 at lower bitrates. As for sh***ng, I really don't care if people don't know what RockBox is (or don't want to buy a hardware player that natively supports this wonderful codec).

Only the best is good enough.
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post Apr 3 2006, 08:15
Post #38

Group: Members
Posts: 25
Joined: 12-December 02
Member No.: 4057

LAME MP3 of course.

I like being able to play my music on my PC, my Xbox, my phone, my PSP, my iPod, in my car, my home stereo, you get the picture.

I don't have the space to store everything lossless, and I wouldn't be able to hear the difference anyway.

This post has been edited by grug: Apr 3 2006, 08:16
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post Apr 3 2006, 08:33
Post #39

Group: Members
Posts: 472
Joined: 6-March 03
Member No.: 5360

I think AAC isn't making a showing because of it's overall failure to deliver on quality claims when compared to the competition. HE-AAC at 64kbps and below seems to be changing that, however (if you can tolerate SBR artifacts).
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post Apr 3 2006, 08:35
Post #40

Group: Members
Posts: 2489
Joined: 9-October 05
From: Dormagen, Germany
Member No.: 25015

mp3 (Lame):
very good quality, low battery drain on mobile DAPs, universal usage.

lame3100m -V1 --insane_factor 0.75
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post Apr 3 2006, 08:54
Post #41

Group: Members
Posts: 328
Joined: 26-June 02
From: Aix-en-Provence
Member No.: 2400

AAC for me but mainly for dvd backup...lossless otherwise of course.
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post Apr 3 2006, 19:00
Post #42

Group: Members
Posts: 30
Joined: 13-February 06
Member No.: 27732

Ever since buying an iPod Nano (with video playback through iPodLinux of course, and Half-Life, hehe)...... still LAME mp3! (-V2 -new) Highly shareable to all my friends, and transparent enough for me that i use this for archiving (dumb, i know, but, oh well, i get majority of my music "elsewhere", and as long as it is at least the old "Uberstandard" VBR, its fine by me)
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post Apr 3 2006, 19:35
Post #43

Group: Members
Posts: 30
Joined: 7-December 05
Member No.: 26262

MP3 is good enough for everything to me.
I don't have any reason to change my mind so far.
Thanks LAME team.
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post Apr 3 2006, 19:53
Post #44

Group: Members (Donating)
Posts: 543
Joined: 19-March 04
From: Alberta, Canada
Member No.: 12841

QUOTE (rjamorim @ Apr 2 2006, 05:36 PM)
QUOTE (Supacon @ Apr 2 2006, 09:25 PM)
AAC is promising too, but it's a pain in the ass to use, and it always costs money in every instance of an encoder or decoder

What do you mean? You surely know that there are free AAC encoders (iTunes, Real Player) and decoders (aforementioned ones, plus Winamp, Foobar, etc)

I suppose I eggagerated a bit, but the best encoder appears to be Nero, based on recent listening tests, and that one does cost money. Perhaps that's just being a bit anal, as the iTunes encoder wasn't very far behind.

As for the free decoders, yes, Winamp & Foobar have free aac decoders. Most other software out there requires extra payment though... like players for your palm pilot or PocketPC and such. I'm not really sure how that can be so, however... why do some companies have to pay licensing fees on AAC, and other companies can freely distribute software with support for the codec without paying?

But in any case, this must be one factor that helps to discourage its adoption, especially amongst HA users.
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post Apr 3 2006, 20:46
Post #45

Group: Members
Posts: 935
Joined: 3-June 02
From: USA
Member No.: 2204

MP3 for the obvious reason it's supported practically everywhere. It's too bad open-source formats don't have as much support.

Complexity of incoherent design.
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post Apr 3 2006, 20:56
Post #46

Group: Members
Posts: 419
Joined: 20-October 04
From: UK
Member No.: 17750

Any audio that I encode to play on my iriver H120, I use Ogg Vorbis.

But I have A LOT of mp3 files, and still encode to mp3 (LAME '-V 2 --vbr-new') for sharing of non-commercial music only. LAME is truly great, but Ogg Vorbis creates smaller files and same quality for me... and with Lancer it's quicker too.

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post Apr 3 2006, 21:11
Post #47

Group: Members
Posts: 284
Joined: 13-January 02
From: Sthlm, Sweden
Member No.: 999

For personal use: Vorbis, on my iRiver H140, Palm TX and laptop.
For public use: Lame mp3.

http://forum.studio.se (in Swedish)
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post Apr 3 2006, 21:17
Post #48

Group: Members
Posts: 204
Joined: 8-October 01
Member No.: 250

I would vote for MPC if at least v7.5 was released.
Ogg Vorbis for the present.
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post Apr 3 2006, 21:26
Post #49

Group: Members
Posts: 152
Joined: 1-February 06
From: Austria
Member No.: 27471

mp3 because it's well known by everyone and because of it's hardware support.

My car player supports nothing else.
Imagine: You host some stuff you just made or recorded and most people can't listen to it because they don't know the codec...

And I use, don't laugh... ATRAC because of my NetMD, damn old thing with a piece of software that's famous for it's crappynes

And flac for archivating/home use
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post Apr 3 2006, 21:34
Post #50

Group: Members
Posts: 365
Joined: 21-November 02
Member No.: 3830

QUOTE (halb27 @ Apr 2 2006, 11:35 PM)
mp3 (Lame):
very good quality, low battery drain on mobile DAPs, universal usage.

I don't recall seeing any conclusive proof one way or the other regarding battery drain between formats. I do recall seeing something where battery drains more as bitrates increase, but not inherently due to codec format when using similar bitrates.
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