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foo_input_zxtune, ZXTune - ZX Spectrum music decoder component
post Apr 14 2015, 16:53
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Allows you to play various ZX Spectrum, Amiga, PC, Atari, Acorn chip / digital / fm tunes.

Download version 0.0.5 based on r3500 (oct 30 2015) here: foo_input_zxtune.fb2k-component

    Added DSK images support
    Added MultiTrackContainer (MTC) format support
    Added NSF, NSFE, GBS, SAP, HES, VGM and GYM formats support
    Fixes in PT3 playback
    Fixes in Vortex TXT parsing
    Fixes in DMM processing for samples with invalid loop
    Reduced volume of TFM tracks
    Fixed parsing of some AY modules (BB#12)
    Fixed crash on SID playback finish
    Fixed playback of TS tracks with different duration
    Fixed .ay files playback seeking

Project home page
Fork with foobar2000 plugin source code (full changelog)

ZX Tunes archive, Latest ZX Spectrum music
High Voltage SID Collection

Input chiptune formats
    Registers dumps
      PSG Stream (PSG)
      Vortex Project / V_Soft (VTX)
      StSound Project / Leonard/Oxygen (YM)
      Amstrad AYC (AYC)

    Memory dumps
      AY/EMUL (AY)

      Sound Master v0.xx/1.xx-2.xx (AS0/ASC)
      Fast Tracker v1.xx (FTC)
      Global Tracker v1.xx (GTR)
      Pro Sound Creator v1.xx (PSC)
      Pro Sound Maker (PSM)
      SQ-Tracker (SQT)
      Sound Tracker v1.x compiled/uncompiled (STC/ST1)
      Sound Tracker v3.x uncompiled (ST3)
      Sound Tracker Pro compiled (STP)
      Vortex Tracker II (TXT)
      TurboSound container (TS)

Digital formats
    ZX Spectrum

      Chip Tracker v1.xx (CHI)
      Digital Music Maker (DMM)
      Digital Studio AY/Covox (DST)
      Extreme Tracker v1.xx (ET1)
      ProDigiTracker v0.xx (PDT)
      SQ Digital Tracker (SQD)
      Sample Tracker (STR)


      Composer 669/UNIS 669 (669)
      DSMI Advanced Module Format (AMF)
      Asylum Music Format v1.0 (AMF)
      Epic MegaGames MASI (PSM)
      Farandole Composer (FAR)
      Fast Tracker II (XM)
      Funktracker (FNK)
      Generic Digital Music (GDM)
      His Master's Noise (MOD)
      Imago Orpheus v1.0 (IMF)
      Impulse Tracker (IT)
      Liquid Tracker (LIQ)
      Liquid Tracker NO (LIQ)
      Digitrakker (MDL)
      Multitracker (MTM)
      Poly Tracker (PTM)
      Real Tracker (RTM)
      Scream Tracker 3 (S3M)
      Slamtilt (STIM)
      Scream Tracker 2 (STM)
      STMIK 0.2 (STX)
      Ultra Tracker (ULT)
      X-Tracker (DMF)


      DigiBooster Pro (DBM)
      DIGI Booster (DBM)
      Images Music System (IMS)
      MED 1.12/2.00/2.10 (MED)
      OctaMED (MED)
      Oktalyzer (OKT)
      Protracker/Compatible (MOD)
      Protracker 3 (PT36)
      Protracker Studio (PSM)
      SoundFX v1.3/2.0 (SFX)
      Soundtracker 2.6/Ice Tracker (MTN)
      Soundtracker/Compatible (MOD)
      Quadra Composer (EMOD)


      Digital Tracker (DTM)
      Graoumf Tracker (GTK)
      TCB Tracker (TCB)


      Desktop Tracker (DTT)


    Registers dumps
      TurboFM Dump (TFD)
      TurboFM Compiled (TFC)

      TFM Music Maker v0.1-1.2/1.3+ (TF0/TFE)

Philips SAA1099
    E-Tracker (COP)

Commodore MOS6581

    SNES SPC700 (SPC)
    NES Sound Format (NSF)
    Extended Nintendo Sound Format (NSFE)

    GameBoy Sound (GBS)

    Slight Atari Player (SAP)

    Home Entertainment System (HES)

    MultiTrackContainer (MTC)
    Video Game Music (VGM)
    Genesis YM2612 (GYM)

Input containers formats
      Code Cruncher v3
      Compressor Code v4/v4+
      ESV Cruncher
      GamePacker v1/v1+
      Hrust v1.x/2.x
      LZH Packer v1/v2
      ASC LZS Packer
      MicroSpace Packer
      Pack v2
      Powerfull Code Decreaser v6.1/v6.2


    Disk images


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post Aug 23 2015, 09:36
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Hi djdron.
Above list does not contain information about Super Nintendo's .SPC files.
And these files has lead me here. I would like to ask you for some bothersome work. Something that is included in foo_gep. A config page, with lots of checkboxes, next to certain files extensions, which allows to disable or enable support of certain formats in your plugin. This is a must - in my opinion - for all non exclusive formats present in your plugin (.SPC, .VTX and .YM are those which I am aware of). Why?
Since very long time I use foo_gep on a daily basis for several formats:
AY, SPC, GBS, VGM, NSF. It also supports HES, SAP, KSS, SFM, GYM, SGC. In "Playback/Input" section it has its entrance with config options - selection of formats, some format specific functionalities / DSP tweaks.
Not so long time ago there was another SPC-able plugin published - foo_snesapu. I wanted to use it and check how this differ from the other ones. And after several tests it turned out that it doesn't make any change. Now I know why - because whenever I disabled foo_GEP, then foo_zxtune took over playback of SPC... Foobar itself doesn't have any logic for controlling which plugin opens certain format if it is supported by more than one. So it is random which plugin is used... In this case I have to remove/disable whole foo_zxtune just to test foo_snesapu, which is kind inconvenient for me. Also I got impression (but I may be wrong here), that waveform seekbar (foo_wave_seekbar) not necessarily uses the same SPC plugin as main audio output.
That's why there should be an option to choose which formats supported by foo_zxtune are currently enabled - to allow general use of this plugin while prevent from strange interferences with other useful plugins.
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post Nov 23 2015, 11:10
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Hi, EpicForever!

Just uploaded plugin based on latest ZXTune version.
It includes Game Emu Player and supports almost all formats (look at fist post in topic for download).

I'm thinking of preferences page implementation.
After GEP including in ZXTune do you really need disabling supported formats option?
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