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Someone Help! now my ears are gone..., Tinnitus ... i never dream of it now it living with me...
post Dec 2 2007, 01:05
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Group: Members
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Joined: 27-July 02
From: Bangkae, Bangkok, Thailand
Member No.: 2822

Sorry for bad english ( i try my best please forgive me .. )

it very longtime but hydrogenaudio still my home...

i have to been soldier for years... ( yes no more for now )
and .. i got rape by rifle... very bad... it like no chance for me... i have looking for every news for Tinnitus... and hope.... too bad at here my hometown there no support group of tinnitus... and even Doctor said " i don't know what is your problem called "... i feel really bad for years...

i can't hear what i ever hear... no more 19khz ... .. no more even 6khz ... i feel really sick.. very hard to talking with people... i can't hear hi-hat.. ( ok good i'm don't like to play drum... but.. i'm guitarist... can't hear lot of harmonics... very well.. )

can someone please tell me where is the chance ...

please someone who have it ... i hope you feel the same and know how i feel...

Thank Everyone ... i feel really really bad about that make me don't want to come here again because i can't here very well now... sorry if this is more too be junk topic... but i don't know where to say...

Hope i has some friend who know how this feel...

-Nito Niwatori

if someone want to give me a chance to kickout of this noise please e-mail me thank you very much... nitoniwatori@hotmail.com

sorry for bad english again... but i still feel this is my home too.

Guitarist with Tinnitus, i wish to hear the pure silent again.
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post Dec 2 2007, 01:21
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Group: Members
Posts: 35
Joined: 27-July 02
From: Bangkae, Bangkok, Thailand
Member No.: 2822

now i taking
-Gingko Biloba Extract
-Gingko Biloba Tea
-Gingko Biloba Fruit

.... ( I guess more drugs will kill me soon... but.. it's only chance... for me )


Please Beware the Loud of Sound before you will get it...
( too bad i have force to battle with the loud of rifle i can't even use the earplug ... i feel want to cry i loss my hearing for my homeland but.. nothing i get.. ( i can't say anythings about this because.. other loss more important things than me... ) )

passed of years but i still feeling like i living in hell ( for the first year i can't play my guitar i can't listen to music... .. it really sick of this hell noise can't even sleep .. ( now it better i can sleep easy because i will when i sleepy or i'll joking around the road and back home for shower and yes.. sleep well ( also good for life ? ) ) )

takecare and beware of this before it too late... if you want to hear everythings...

-Nito Niwatori

Guitarist with Tinnitus, i wish to hear the pure silent again.
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post Dec 2 2007, 12:04
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Group: Members
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Joined: 25-July 02
From: South Korea
Member No.: 2782

1. In Korean tinnitus is called 이명증 (耳鳴症). I think it's 耳鳴り (みみなり) in Japanese.

2. I'd rather stick to stuff that is known to help, instead of relying on placebo. Maybe white noise can help?

edit: Oops! I thought you were Japanese because your nickname was Niwatori. Sorry...

This post has been edited by kjoonlee: Dec 2 2007, 12:07

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post Dec 2 2007, 15:28
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Joined: 12-June 02
From: Greece
Member No.: 2282

I had also tinnitus for about six months and I thought that I am going to have it forever but luckily disappear. Try to hear some noises always to mask it, like aircondition or pc fans.

Be well soon!

This post has been edited by Pri3st: Dec 2 2007, 15:29

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post Dec 2 2007, 16:50
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Group: Admin
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Joined: 22-September 01
Member No.: 3

I doubt that you can do much with pharmaceuticals. What you need to try is mental training, to make the tinnitus seem less dramatic and overpowering. I don't want to downplay the seriousness of your tinnitus, but right now it seems as if it is dominating your thinking. If you can get away from that, accepting the tinnitus as "just another" background noise, your brain will ignore it one day. However, if you have all the negativity of the world associated with the tinnitus, you are unable to ignore it. So you need to have a more relaxed relation to it. If you have a stress situation where the tinnitus seems to get worse for you, you need to realize that and see if you can avoid them in the future or how you can handle them differently.

As Pri3st said, background noise definitely helps by reducing the contrast between the tinnitus and the silence. However, it should not be so loud that it masks the tinnitus completely, because you can only get used to a noise when you can still hear it. But a good rule seems to be, stay away from silence. Always have a little background noise. When you are outside, it can work to conciously focus on the background noises; the wind, the birds, people talking and working.

Maybe you also need to find a good doctor, perhaps in a bigger city. Those tinnitus-counseling sessions can really make a difference, they say. Especially for someone like you, who seems to have lost all hope. From mental training alone (giving less importance to the tinnitus, concentrating on other noises, and the hope that it can become better), you can get a definite improvement. The tinnitus, no matter how severe, can be mentally defeated, meaning the subjective loudness can really decrease a lot.

I don't know if you can achieve the best result on your own, but i would definitely try it. You really need to put an end to all the negative thoughts. You need to ask yourself if you want to let the tinnitus rule your life, or if you can make it less important for yourself.

And don't give up on finding a doctor. If one doctor doesn't know it, go to another one.

I am sorry for your hearing problems, i hope that i could "get the stone rolling" even with my limited knowledge about tinnitus. But remember, your mental state towards the tinnitus, your mindset, it can make a huge difference in the end. More than any drugs can do.
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Sebastian Mares
post Dec 2 2007, 22:38
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Group: Members
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Joined: 14-May 03
From: Bad Herrenalb
Member No.: 6613

CiTay is right about the mental training. I have severe tinnitus for seven years now because of an acoustic neuroma that was removed in 2000. Since then, I have noise in my left ear all the time. Sometimes I don't even notice it, other times - especially at night - it is really annoying. I've learned to think about something else when I start to notice the noise and that distracts me. Unfortunately, there isn't anything else I can do because the tinnitus and deafness is caused by the damaged nerve and is not related to blood pressure or stuff like that. Maybe you can look for a specialist in a larger town, otherwise try to focus on other things and "ignore" the tinnitus.

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post Dec 3 2007, 06:17
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Group: Members
Posts: 35
Joined: 27-July 02
From: Bangkae, Bangkok, Thailand
Member No.: 2822

Thanks You Very Much Friends.....

.. it too bad like in my homeland don't have spacial doctor for this case.... ( I living in Bangkok ... at Thailand )

i go around and try everything i can do even " Hospital that only for Ears " can't do anythings with it... ( that make me cry and back to find out about it ... everything .. ( that time i don't know it was called " Tinnitus " but i remember in Hydrogen Forum we ever talk about it ... and that time i readed and think " Hey i don't have anything wrong with my ears ... not important for me... ... i never dream it will be me... yes here now Tinnitus in my ears ring my brain... )

masker can help me to sleep thanks about it ... but seem my brain still can't forget about noise maybe need a times...

this noise very loud ... puretone 6.5khz and 14-15khz like ( well at real of sadly for me it seem i forgot about how sounding of hi-frequency... hi-hat , or the harpsichord... my pc , sound's gears right now for nothing... i can't mastering again... ( i know now it was real i can't hear it... all..... , lol right now it's really nothing to me about 16khz of mp3 and full 22khz of mpc , ogg this is only good things to me... ( anyway for now it's tons of Phone , Players that can Play Ogg format. )

and too bad for Noise it's same level of my both but for Hearing Loss.... my Left ear is gone off ( the cut is about 2.2-2.4khz... ( i havn't test my ears for years because i can't leave the real ) ( can't use Phone , or Talk with People if i try to close my Right ear....) and ... i can't go around with bike ... again... ( it seem i alway hear every things only from my Right ... my friend talk to my in the Left of me but i turn my head to the right because i heard his voice from right ... but will be big problem when i riding my bike on the road... ok good now i go aroud the town by bus.... )

i don't know how to tell level of noise... but it very loud....

the noise in my both ears... it strong even more than my guitar amp... ( i feel like i'm in jail... ) but it's good i still possible to talk with people ( thai's language don't use more high frequency for words ( no Z , C , S ... that i can't hear very well right now )

thanks you everyone.... but i still hope for chance on someday maynot too soon but i will be living for the way to cure this curse....

it will be good if i don't really like musics... and being Guitarist.... too bad i can't test codec or abx now... still remember the times.

thank you about translate of tinnitus ... i can read japan miminari thanks.... ( if someday tinnitus can cure if it was japan i'll go there to cure my ears Ok miminari みみなり )

yes you have very very LUCK.... i hope my noise will gone soon... noise very help for Living a day ( thanks ) but for me noise very loud... i must listen to music for masking it... ( but it's good because i can back to listen musics again ( right now ) )

Thanks you it very real about " good rule seems to be, stay away from silence " ... because silence that i will never hear the silent sound again.... i still don't give up to this hell's noise... i alway looking for news about tinnitus research... and try more herb and hope... wish ... for the cure.... ( it's good of hearing loss now i don't need to EQ musics but i can easy to hear the bassline lol.... maybe i must change to play bass... )

@Sebastian Mares
i'm sorry to heard about your noise... and i hope you will got the cure soon... ( yes i wish for you and me... ) thanks, i'll think it's not only me... friends.... you have more years than me... of this sick... i'll think not only me...

i hope someone who don't have Tinnitus will beware about this.....

we here because we love to hear the sound....
Take Care and Thanks
-Nito Niwatori

PS. Sorry for bad english ( again ).

EDIT: long reply ( i don't know why i can't reply but it can with edit... maybe because my internet connection )

This post has been edited by Niwatori: Dec 3 2007, 06:29
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post Dec 3 2007, 14:15
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Group: Members
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i just wanted to say i hope the best for you and all music lovers suffering from tinnitus and similar hearing problems. i know i'd rather go blind than to suffer from that.

i hope you can over time learn to mentally ignore the noise, or at least mentally diminish it a bit.

good luck!

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