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Problems with Foobar2000 1.2.3 and ATSurround (Foobar version)
post Mar 8 2013, 05:30
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Hi there !

As soon as I install ATSurround for foobar, when I start foobar, it crashes automatically. I then get the option to send or view the error report.
Here it is. Apparently, it is a known buggy component.

Sorry for the long post, but this is out of my control.

Here's the plugins that I use:

Invert Hard Limiter (suggested somewhere on this forum when using the Winamp DSP Wrapper)
Winamp DSP Wrapper (so I can use the iZotope Ozone plugin for Winamp, with Foobar2000)


Error report:
Illegal operation:
Code: E0434F4Dh, flags: 00000001h, address: 7589812Fh
Additional parameters: 80131534h

Call path:
entry=>component_manager::on_app_init=>DLL load loop

Code bytes (7589812Fh):
758980EFh: 89 45 B4 33 C0 89 45 B8 C7 45 BC DB 80 89 75 39
758980FFh: 45 14 74 30 8B 45 10 83 F8 0F 0F 87 10 18 02 00
7589810Fh: 89 45 C0 C1 E0 02 50 FF 75 14 8D 45 C4 50 E8 18
7589811Fh: E7 FF FF 83 C4 0C 8D 45 B0 50 FF 15 5C 11 89 75
7589812Fh: C9 C2 10 00 89 45 C0 EB ED 3D 01 01 00 00 0F 85
7589813Fh: 6D 96 FF FF E9 49 96 FF FF 8D 4D B8 FF 15 4C 10
7589814Fh: 89 75 E9 43 95 FF FF 33 D2 8D 4D B8 FF 15 54 10
7589815Fh: 89 75 E9 F9 95 FF FF 90 90 90 90 90 8B FF 55 8B

Stack (002DD8A8h):
002DD888h: 00000000 00000004 FFFFFD34 000002E4
002DD898h: FFFFFD34 000002CC 00000018 00000000
002DD8A8h: E0434F4D 00000001 00000000 7589812F
002DD8B8h: 00000001 80131534 02000038 002DD8D4
002DD8C8h: 6ADAEADF 002DD8DC 02000038 002DD8E0
002DD8D8h: 6ADAF1C6 69B90FDC 002DD8F0 6AE10B4F
002DD8E8h: 6A1B05A8 0000013A 002DD900 6AE10B76
002DD8F8h: 002DD958 6AE10CFC E0434F4D 00000001
002DD908h: 00000001 002DD930 035276FB 031AD8EC
002DD918h: 031AD8EC 00000000 001E3000 00000000
002DD928h: 00000001 000DF938 80131534 002DD4A0
002DD938h: 00000001 00000001 002DD910 002DD4A0
002DD948h: 002DD980 6AF00E26 699EA2BB FFFFFFFE
002DD958h: 002DD970 6AFEF33D 031AD8EC 00000000
002DD968h: 00000000 002DD980 002DD998 6AFEF3AF
002DD978h: 031AD8EC 00000000 002DDEC0 6AE1279C
002DD988h: 002DD9AC 00000400 002DD980 0352763B
002DD998h: 002DD9C4 6AFEF3E0 00000000 003E7C6C
002DD9A8h: 03C32050 6ADA48C0 002DD9FC 002DD9CC
002DD9B8h: 00000001 000DF938 00000000 002DD9D4

EAX: 002DD8A8, EBX: E0434F4D, ECX: 00000001, EDX: 00000000
ESI: 002DD930, EDI: 000DF938, EBP: 002DD8F8, ESP: 002DD8A8

Crash location:
Offset: 812Fh
Symbol: "RaiseException" (+54h)

Loaded modules:
foobar2000 loaded at 01060000h - 0121C000h
ntdll loaded at 77660000h - 7779C000h
kernel32 loaded at 75A30000h - 75B04000h
KERNELBASE loaded at 75890000h - 758DB000h
COMCTL32 loaded at 745F0000h - 7478E000h
msvcrt loaded at 75B70000h - 75C1C000h
GDI32 loaded at 76EE0000h - 76F2E000h
USER32 loaded at 777C0000h - 77889000h
LPK loaded at 777A0000h - 777AA000h
USP10 loaded at 775C0000h - 7765D000h
SHLWAPI loaded at 75C50000h - 75CA7000h
DSOUND loaded at 6B630000h - 6B6A2000h
ADVAPI32 loaded at 77180000h - 77220000h
sechost loaded at 75A10000h - 75A29000h
RPCRT4 loaded at 76B90000h - 76C31000h
ole32 loaded at 76F30000h - 7708C000h
WINMM loaded at 73B40000h - 73B72000h
POWRPROF loaded at 74580000h - 745A5000h
SETUPAPI loaded at 76D40000h - 76EDD000h
CFGMGR32 loaded at 75860000h - 75887000h
OLEAUT32 loaded at 76CA0000h - 76D2F000h
DEVOBJ loaded at 75730000h - 75742000h
UxTheme loaded at 745B0000h - 745F0000h
SHELL32 loaded at 75D40000h - 7698A000h
zlib1 loaded at 62E80000h - 62E9E000h
shared loaded at 6D800000h - 6D82B000h
imagehlp loaded at 75C20000h - 75C4A000h
dbghelp loaded at 6D160000h - 6D24B000h
COMDLG32 loaded at 77380000h - 773FB000h
CRYPT32 loaded at 758E0000h - 759FE000h
MSASN1 loaded at 75720000h - 7572C000h
Secur32 loaded at 75470000h - 75478000h
SSPICLI loaded at 755C0000h - 755DB000h
gdiplus loaded at 740D0000h - 74260000h
WINHTTP loaded at 6F0F0000h - 6F148000h
webio loaded at 6F0A0000h - 6F0EF000h
IMM32 loaded at 77160000h - 7717F000h
MSCTF loaded at 77090000h - 7715C000h
CRYPTBASE loaded at 75630000h - 7563C000h
dwmapi loaded at 73FE0000h - 73FF3000h
foo_cdda loaded at 6D030000h - 6D07F000h
foo_dsp_dolbyhp loaded at 6D8B0000h - 6D8D4000h
VERSION loaded at 74B60000h - 74B69000h
foo_dsp_std loaded at 6D090000h - 6D0C5000h
foo_albumlist loaded at 6A700000h - 6A75C000h
foo_dsp_eq loaded at 6CFF0000h - 6D026000h
foo_dsp_atsurround loaded at 6A610000h - 6A6F6000h
MSCOREE loaded at 6B3C0000h - 6B40A000h
cudart loaded at 10000000h - 1004A000h
cufft loaded at 024E0000h - 02D25000h
MSVCR90 loaded at 70DD0000h - 70E73000h
msvcm90 loaded at 66E80000h - 66EC3000h
mscoreei loaded at 6B350000h - 6B3B7000h
mscorwks loaded at 6ADA0000h - 6B34C000h
MSVCR80 loaded at 724D0000h - 7256B000h
profapi loaded at 756B0000h - 756BB000h
mscorlib.ni loaded at 69920000h - 6A418000h
mscorjit loaded at 72230000h - 7228B000h
CRYPTSP loaded at 75140000h - 75156000h
rsaenh loaded at 74ED0000h - 74F0B000h
mscorlib.resources loaded at 69020000h - 69070000h

Stack dump analysis:
Address: 7589812Fh (KERNELBASE+812Fh), symbol: "RaiseException" (+54h)
Address: 6ADAEADFh (mscorwks+EADFh)
Address: 6ADAF1C6h (mscorwks+F1C6h)
Address: 69B90FDCh (mscorlib.ni+270FDCh)
Address: 6AE10B4Fh (mscorwks+70B4Fh), symbol: "DllRegisterServerInternal" (+13B79h)
Address: 6A1B05A8h (mscorlib.ni+8905A8h)
Address: 6AE10B76h (mscorwks+70B76h), symbol: "DllRegisterServerInternal" (+13BA0h)
Address: 6AE10CFCh (mscorwks+70CFCh), symbol: "DllRegisterServerInternal" (+13D26h)
Address: 6AF00E26h (mscorwks+160E26h), symbol: "CreateApplicationContext" (+B7A6h)
Address: 699EA2BBh (mscorlib.ni+CA2BBh)
Address: 6AFEF33Dh (mscorwks+24F33Dh), symbol: "GetAddrOfContractShutoffFlag" (+AB7Bh)
Address: 6AFEF3AFh (mscorwks+24F3AFh), symbol: "GetAddrOfContractShutoffFlag" (+ABEDh)
Address: 6AE1279Ch (mscorwks+7279Ch), symbol: "DllRegisterServerInternal" (+157C6h)
Address: 6AFEF3E0h (mscorwks+24F3E0h), symbol: "GetAddrOfContractShutoffFlag" (+AC1Eh)
Address: 6ADA48C0h (mscorwks+48C0h)
Address: 6AFEF3EEh (mscorwks+24F3EEh), symbol: "GetAddrOfContractShutoffFlag" (+AC2Ch)
Address: 6AE03741h (mscorwks+63741h), symbol: "DllRegisterServerInternal" (+676Bh)
Address: 6AEE67FFh (mscorwks+1467FFh), symbol: "CorExitProcess" (+263E9h)
Address: 6AF072FCh (mscorwks+1672FCh), symbol: "CreateApplicationContext" (+11C7Ch)
Address: 6ADA48C0h (mscorwks+48C0h)
Address: 6AE2E54Dh (mscorwks+8E54Dh), symbol: "StrongNameFreeBuffer" (+B5A5h)
Address: 6ADAE500h (mscorwks+E500h)
Address: 6ADF0000h (mscorwks+50000h), symbol: "CreateAssemblyNameObject" (+7F71h)
Address: 6ADFE3CEh (mscorwks+5E3CEh), symbol: "DllRegisterServerInternal" (+13F8h)
Address: 776B6524h (ntdll+56524h), symbol: "wcsnicmp" (+C98h)
Address: 776B6500h (ntdll+56500h), symbol: "wcsnicmp" (+C74h)
Address: 6B350000h (mscoreei+0h)
Address: 6B3500F8h (mscoreei+F8h)
Address: 776BF809h (ntdll+5F809h), symbol: "RtlImageDirectoryEntryToData" (+23Bh)
Address: 6ADBB012h (mscorwks+1B012h)
Address: 6ADB86B3h (mscorwks+186B3h)
Address: 6B2B6920h (mscorwks+516920h), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+6071Ah)
Address: 6ADB86B3h (mscorwks+186B3h)
Address: 6ADB86D1h (mscorwks+186D1h)
Address: 6B28E0B8h (mscorwks+4EE0B8h), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+37EB2h)
Address: 6ADB86D1h (mscorwks+186D1h)
Address: 6ADBAEA3h (mscorwks+1AEA3h)
Address: 6B270D08h (mscorwks+4D0D08h), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+1AB02h)
Address: 6ADBAEA3h (mscorwks+1AEA3h)
Address: 6ADF0D4Ah (mscorwks+50D4Ah), symbol: "CreateAssemblyNameObject" (+8CBBh)
Address: 6ADA4853h (mscorwks+4853h)
Address: 6AE236F1h (mscorwks+836F1h), symbol: "StrongNameFreeBuffer" (+749h)
Address: 6ADAD338h (mscorwks+D338h)
Address: 6AE23674h (mscorwks+83674h), symbol: "StrongNameFreeBuffer" (+6CCh)
Address: 6A6E5458h (foo_dsp_atsurround+D5458h), symbol: "foobar2000_get_interface" (+C4168h)
Address: 6AEB1F4Bh (mscorwks+111F4Bh), symbol: "NGenCreateNGenWorker" (+78C2h)
Address: 6ADB0922h (mscorwks+10922h)
Address: 6ADB0B90h (mscorwks+10B90h)
Address: 6AE2E5D4h (mscorwks+8E5D4h), symbol: "StrongNameFreeBuffer" (+B62Ch)
Address: 6ADB0C8Fh (mscorwks+10C8Fh)
Address: 6ADB98C7h (mscorwks+198C7h)
Address: 6ADA4B47h (mscorwks+4B47h)
Address: 6ADA4B56h (mscorwks+4B56h)
Address: 6ADA440Ah (mscorwks+440Ah)
Address: 6ADA43CBh (mscorwks+43CBh)
Address: 6ADA43E4h (mscorwks+43E4h)
Address: 6ADA440Ah (mscorwks+440Ah)
Address: 6ADA43CBh (mscorwks+43CBh)
Address: 6ADA43E4h (mscorwks+43E4h)
Address: 6B264BACh (mscorwks+4C4BACh), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+E9A6h)
Address: 6B28DFC8h (mscorwks+4EDFC8h), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+37DC2h)
Address: 6ADA43E4h (mscorwks+43E4h)
Address: 6ADA43A9h (mscorwks+43A9h)
Address: 6B264BACh (mscorwks+4C4BACh), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+E9A6h)
Address: 6ADA43A9h (mscorwks+43A9h)
Address: 6ADAFC90h (mscorwks+FC90h)
Address: 6B281AA4h (mscorwks+4E1AA4h), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+2B89Eh)
Address: 6ADAFC90h (mscorwks+FC90h)
Address: 6ADB5666h (mscorwks+15666h)
Address: 6ADAD19Bh (mscorwks+D19Bh)
Address: 6B29095Bh (mscorwks+4F095Bh), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+3A755h)
Address: 6AED41D8h (mscorwks+1341D8h), symbol: "CorExitProcess" (+13DC2h)
Address: 6B2708C0h (mscorwks+4D08C0h), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+1A6BAh)
Address: 6AF0742Fh (mscorwks+16742Fh), symbol: "CreateApplicationContext" (+11DAFh)
Address: 6AE232AFh (mscorwks+832AFh), symbol: "StrongNameFreeBuffer" (+307h)
Address: 6AEE67FFh (mscorwks+1467FFh), symbol: "CorExitProcess" (+263E9h)
Address: 6AE6B7D4h (mscorwks+CB7D4h), symbol: "StrongNameErrorInfo" (+6EE0h)
Address: 6ADB56ECh (mscorwks+156ECh)
Address: 6ADB56F9h (mscorwks+156F9h)
Address: 6B26EC40h (mscorwks+4CEC40h), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+18A3Ah)
Address: 6AE231B6h (mscorwks+831B6h), symbol: "StrongNameFreeBuffer" (+20Eh)
Address: 6B26F7DCh (mscorwks+4CF7DCh), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+195D6h)
Address: 6AE241C1h (mscorwks+841C1h), symbol: "StrongNameFreeBuffer" (+1219h)
Address: 6A610000h (foo_dsp_atsurround+0h)
Address: 6ADEFC74h (mscorwks+4FC74h), symbol: "CreateAssemblyNameObject" (+7BE5h)
Address: 6AF059BCh (mscorwks+1659BCh), symbol: "CreateApplicationContext" (+1033Ch)
Address: 6B26FA4Eh (mscorwks+4CFA4Eh), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+19848h)
Address: 6AF87A4Ah (mscorwks+1E7A4Ah), symbol: "LogHelp_NoGuiOnAssert" (+93BEh)
Address: 6A610000h (foo_dsp_atsurround+0h)
Address: 6B26FFBCh (mscorwks+4CFFBCh), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+19DB6h)
Address: 6AF5B2B0h (mscorwks+1BB2B0h), symbol: "LoadStringRCEx" (+21B6h)
Address: 6A610000h (foo_dsp_atsurround+0h)
Address: 6A610000h (foo_dsp_atsurround+0h)
Address: 6A610000h (foo_dsp_atsurround+0h)
Address: 6A610110h (foo_dsp_atsurround+110h)
Address: 6A63068Ch (foo_dsp_atsurround+2068Ch), symbol: "foobar2000_get_interface" (+F39Ch)
Address: 6A610000h (foo_dsp_atsurround+0h)
Address: 6ADA4311h (mscorwks+4311h)
Address: 6ADA4853h (mscorwks+4853h)
Address: 6B2AC090h (mscorwks+50C090h), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+55E8Ah)
Address: 6ADA4853h (mscorwks+4853h)
Address: 6ADB1AADh (mscorwks+11AADh)
Address: 6ADB1AB3h (mscorwks+11AB3h)
Address: 6B263B5Ch (mscorwks+4C3B5Ch), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+D956h)
Address: 6ADB1AB3h (mscorwks+11AB3h)
Address: 6AE73A04h (mscorwks+D3A04h), symbol: "StrongNameErrorInfo" (+F110h)
Address: 6B28067Eh (mscorwks+4E067Eh), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+2A478h)
Address: 6ADC13C1h (mscorwks+213C1h)
Address: 6ADC13D2h (mscorwks+213D2h)
Address: 6AE73926h (mscorwks+D3926h), symbol: "StrongNameErrorInfo" (+F032h)
Address: 6ADA99A4h (mscorwks+99A4h)
Address: 6AE7392Eh (mscorwks+D392Eh), symbol: "StrongNameErrorInfo" (+F03Ah)
Address: 6ADA99ECh (mscorwks+99ECh)
Address: 758A9F75h (KERNELBASE+19F75h), symbol: "OutputDebugStringA" (+104h)
Address: 76FFCA63h (ole32+CCA63h), symbol: "GetClassFile" (+9D3h)
Address: 6AE7ED30h (mscorwks+DED30h), symbol: "ClrCreateManagedInstance" (+5DEEh)
Address: 6ADACD9Ch (mscorwks+CD9Ch)
Address: 6ADA99ECh (mscorwks+99ECh)
Address: 6AE7AA4Fh (mscorwks+DAA4Fh), symbol: "ClrCreateManagedInstance" (+1B0Dh)
Address: 6ADA99A4h (mscorwks+99A4h)
Address: 6AE7AA5Ah (mscorwks+DAA5Ah), symbol: "ClrCreateManagedInstance" (+1B18h)
Address: 6B3045BCh (mscorwks+5645BCh), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+AE3B6h)
Address: 6ADA4448h (mscorwks+4448h)
Address: 6ADB9256h (mscorwks+19256h)
Address: 6ADA4910h (mscorwks+4910h)
Address: 6ADA99A4h (mscorwks+99A4h)
Address: 6ADA0130h (mscorwks+130h)
Address: 6ADACD9Ch (mscorwks+CD9Ch)
Address: 6B3045BCh (mscorwks+5645BCh), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+AE3B6h)
Address: 6AE7AACEh (mscorwks+DAACEh), symbol: "ClrCreateManagedInstance" (+1B8Ch)
Address: 6ADA99A4h (mscorwks+99A4h)
Address: 6AE7AAE0h (mscorwks+DAAE0h), symbol: "ClrCreateManagedInstance" (+1B9Eh)
Address: 6B3045BCh (mscorwks+5645BCh), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+AE3B6h)
Address: 6AE7EB59h (mscorwks+DEB59h), symbol: "ClrCreateManagedInstance" (+5C17h)
Address: 6A610000h (foo_dsp_atsurround+0h)
Address: 6B263DCCh (mscorwks+4C3DCCh), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+DBC6h)
Address: 6AF5D1A6h (mscorwks+1BD1A6h), symbol: "CorExeMain2" (+275h)
Address: 6A610000h (foo_dsp_atsurround+0h)
Address: 6AEE67FFh (mscorwks+1467FFh), symbol: "CorExitProcess" (+263E9h)
Address: 6AE7EA75h (mscorwks+DEA75h), symbol: "ClrCreateManagedInstance" (+5B33h)
Address: 6ADA99A4h (mscorwks+99A4h)
Address: 6AEF8390h (mscorwks+158390h), symbol: "CreateApplicationContext" (+2D10h)
Address: 6AE6B7D4h (mscorwks+CB7D4h), symbol: "StrongNameErrorInfo" (+6EE0h)
Address: 6B264734h (mscorwks+4C4734h), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+E52Eh)
Address: 6AF5D883h (mscorwks+1BD883h), symbol: "CorDllMainForThunk" (+8Dh)
Address: 6A610000h (foo_dsp_atsurround+0h)
Address: 6ADA0000h (mscorwks+0h)
Address: 6B2648B8h (mscorwks+4C48B8h), symbol: "GetHistoryFileDirectory" (+E6B2h)
Address: 6B3559F5h (mscoreei+59F5h), symbol: "CorDllMainWorkerForThunk" (+BBh)
Address: 6A610000h (foo_dsp_atsurround+0h)
Address: 6A610000h (foo_dsp_atsurround+0h)
Address: 6ADA0000h (mscorwks+0h)
Address: 6B3A09A0h (mscoreei+509A0h), symbol: "GetXMLElementAttribute" (+1D76Eh)
Address: 6B380BDCh (mscoreei+30BDCh), symbol: "GetTargetForVTableEntry" (+2Bh)
Address: 6A610000h (foo_dsp_atsurround+0h)
Address: 6B3631DCh (mscoreei+131DCh), symbol: "GetMetaDataInternalInterface" (+2E8Ah)
Address: 6A610000h (foo_dsp_atsurround+0h)
Address: 6A610000h (foo_dsp_atsurround+0h)
Address: 01086BE4h (foobar2000+26BE4h)
Address: 011CD28Ch (foobar2000+16D28Ch)
Address: 6A610000h (foo_dsp_atsurround+0h)
Address: 026F82D6h (cufft+2182D6h), symbol: "cufftSetStream" (+216956h)
Address: 746A3A06h (COMCTL32+B3A06h), symbol: "DPA_Merge" (+E9ABh)

App: foobar2000 v1.2.3

Machine specifications:
OS: Windows 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 x86
CPU: Intel® Core™ i3 CPU M 330 @ 2.13GHz, features: MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSE4.1 SSE4.2
Audio: Haut-parleurs (Realtek High Definition Audio)

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post Mar 8 2013, 07:09
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I can't reproduce this issue. A problem with this plugin is that it wants to install itself to the main program path, instead of using user-components, which is a bit annoying, they should provide a proper f2k-component file. Other than that, it seems to work, though I don't have 5.1 speakers.

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post Mar 8 2013, 14:32
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Which version of ATSurround are you using ?
IIRC very old versions prior to v1.00 don't work anymore with foobar 1.x.
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