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Which componant do you want in fbar 0.9 the most., poll for most wanted plugin porting to 0.9
most wanted plugin ports to 0.9
Which componant do you most want ported to Foobar 0.9?
foo_dirwatch [ 3 ] ** [5.66%]
foo_out_dsound_ex2 [ 6 ] ** [11.32%]
foo_scheduler [ 4 ] ** [7.55%]
foo_uie_search [ 4 ] ** [7.55%]
foo_uie_tabs [ 16 ] ** [30.19%]
OTHER [ 20 ] ** [37.74%]
Total Votes: 61
post May 2 2006, 14:10
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This is kind of an excuse to start a poll to try it out but I thought it was a good idea and the results should be interesting.

I know I have left out alot of plugins but I could only list so many.
I will admit that I am biased about the plugins listed (in no particular order) but if your preference isnt there dont hesitate to vote 'other'. Hopefully I managed to pick the few that people are most hanging out for, if not then we can expect 'other' to dominant.

This thread isnt supposed to be promoting 'me too, me too' behavior but should enable anxious foobar 0.9 users to get it out of the system as well as provide some feedback to users, developers and just everybody interested.

Have a good one.
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post May 2 2006, 14:20
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OTHER -> skip silence or something similar
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post May 2 2006, 14:40
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foo_uie_tabs, FTW!

foobar2000 + EAC + Burrrn = Happiness
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post May 2 2006, 15:58
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Other :skip silence too.

even if uie tabs would be really great

Foobar 0.9.X manual - http://eolindel.free.fr/foobar0.9/
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post May 2 2006, 16:04
Post #5

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other -> foo_pod
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post May 2 2006, 16:07
Post #6

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Other - foo_soundtouch
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post May 2 2006, 16:48
Post #7

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tabs and project m panel.
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post May 2 2006, 16:55
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Voted uie_tabs, even though I still lack far too many plugins to switch to 0.9.1 (like input_ym, quicktag, scheduler, uie_quicksearch, playcount, ...)
btw, what is uie_search ?
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Neil K
post May 2 2006, 16:58
Post #9

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foo_pod every single time.
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post May 2 2006, 17:04
Post #10

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i want/need skip control.
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post May 2 2006, 17:52
Post #11

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QUOTE (Neil K @ May 2 2006, 07:58 AM) *
foo_pod every single time.
Same here.

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post May 2 2006, 18:37
Post #12

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OTHER > foo_playlistfind
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post May 2 2006, 18:39
Post #13

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Other - Foo_pod
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post May 2 2006, 18:50
Post #14

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other: foo_quicktag and/or some kind of plugin to play .wma
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post May 2 2006, 18:55
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zmur, read the news. WMA is supported.

This post has been edited by Seldaek: May 2 2006, 18:55
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post May 2 2006, 19:07
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As much as I depend on the scheduler plug-in (that's what usually shuts my machine down at night), an update to which is coming, of course, I need an updated input plug-in for speex even more. I've got several dozens of audiobooks, the majority of which I encoded in speex.

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post May 2 2006, 19:18
Post #17

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This poll is useless as one would have to go through the entire thread to know which is the most wanted component, and there are already better organized threads to collect information about desired and finished component ports.

Topic closed.

http://foosion.foobar2000.org/ - my components for foobar2000
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