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ReplayGain2, ReplayGain2 proposal
post Jul 23 2011, 16:33
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I suggest we discuss about possibility of creating ReplayGain2 specification that would replace the current ReplayGain.

ReplayGain2 would be playback compatible with the current ReplayGain (all current ReplayGain compatible players would work), but it should use ITU-R BS.1770/EBU R128 to calculate gain levels.

Current ReplayGain algorithm is odd and difficult and not properly specified. It also does not work for multichannel audio. ITU-R BS.1770/EBU R128 would overcome these issues.

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post Aug 7 2013, 11:13
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Hi Guys,

It was not my intention to stir things up. I wanted to make a positive contribution. I am but a simple user of file based music looking for ways to enjoy playback of my collection with more or less the same perceived loudness. So what about returning to the basics of the whole discussion? What are the requirements that are to be satisfied by whatever proposed solution?

I believe these are the requirements (expressed as User Stories):

As a listener ...
[US-01] As a listener of file based music I want my music player software to adjust the playback volume of music files from different albums so that I experience approximately the same perceived loudness regardless of the recorded volume of the music files.
[US-02] As a listener of file based music I want to to be able to check whether the calculated gain adjustment across the collection of music files was done using the same or different method of loudness normalization so that -if necessary- I can re-run a loudness normalization to obtain adjustment gains compatible for experiencing equal perceived loudness.

As a Music Player Software ...
[US-03] As a music player software I want only the calculated Album and Track gain adjustment values so that I am not dependent of different loudness normalization methods and reference levels used for determining the playback gain adjustment.
[US-04] As a music player software I want to re-use the existing four REPLAYGAIN_... meta- data tags for reading the gain adjustment across tracks and albums so that I can support the classic RG-1 loudness normalization method (backward compatibility).
[US-04] As a music player software I may choose to process additional meta-data indicating peak values or loudness range so that I can present the user with options whether or not and how the playback volume is to be limited to prevent clipping.
[US-05] As music player software I may choose to check whether the calculated gain adjustment across the collection of music files was done using the same or different loudness normalization method so that I can give a warning to the user that gain adjustment values may be incompatible for experiencing equal perceived loudness.

This would - in my opinion - lead naturally to the following solution design principles:
[P1] The existing four REPLAYGAIN_xxxx tags are re-used and contain the calculated values for gain adjustment by a player.
[P2] At least one additional meta-data tag is required to indicate the loudness normalization method that was used for calculating these values. Optionally an extra tag may be added to hold the calculated Loudness Range

This additional meta-data tag could be the following:
with the following list of values:
  • EBU-R128 (ITU-BS-1770-2 metering@-23 LUFS)
  • RG-1 (2001 spec metering@-89 dBFS)
  • RG-2 (ITU-BS-1770-2 metering@-18 LUFS/dBFS)
  • ATSC-A/85 (ITU-BS-1770 metering@-24 LUFS)

Note: when <empty> this would default to "RG-1" profile.

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