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Transcoding entire lossless archive to m4a, What are the downsides?
post Oct 17 2009, 00:07
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Hey what's up everyone! First off, I'm not a total noob so hit me with your best shot, fire away! I would say I am well versed in EAC, Cue Tools, Burrn, Accurip, Easy CD-DA extractor, Traders little helper, Flac.. Basically I use all these programs daily. My "audio collection" is all lossless, every CD has a proper log and cue file (non compliant), Artwork, Checksum, NFO, and Metadata. I don't know why I haven't ever installed Foobar 2000 but I haven't yet. I use WInAmp to listen to my music. I have a Creative Fatality sound card connected by toslink to my Harmon Kardon receiver, 7.1 Surround sound.

Here's my problem. I have an ipod Touch 32gb I've had for a few years. I have a really nice set of Shure ear buds for it and lately I've been using it more and more. Up until now I've been transcoding mp3's and loading them into itunes. It's getting to be a pain keeping two collections of music. Lossless and Lossy. I recently discovered I can add the ffmpeg encoder to Cue Tools and transode to m4a, it shows up as the Lavf52.34.0 encoder. What I like is that Cue Tools makes a cue sheet for the m4a just like it would for Flac (even though it doesn't work with m4a). It copies over the log, makes an accurip log, and even embeds artwork for the m4a. What I don't like is so far I haven't been able to decode the m4a using Cue Tools. However, I can easily transcode the m4a back to Flac using Easy CD-DA extractor. Actually, Easy CD-Da extractor would be perfect if it modified single file cues for me but it only creates cues, it doesn't work with them like Cue Tools does.

This is going to be a gigantic undertaking for me. The prospect or transcoding all my lossless music from flac to m4a, using the ffmpeg encoder within Cue Tools. Knowing I can use Easy CD-DA extractor to decode the m4a and still have a proper (non compliant) cue sheet, and log for burning Audio CD's. I haven't figured out how to make an NFO for the m4a yet, but there's no need for playlists and I can easily make an MD5.

The benefit to doing this is I will be able to load my entire collection into itunes and be able to listen to the beautiful lossless m4a on my ipod touch. At the same time, now I found a way to transcode the m4a back to flac if needed, maintaining a proper log and cue sheet. All with minimal effort. Of course file size is a small issue. The m4a is bigger then Flac level 8.

Any ideas? Thanks!

PS.. I really don't understand "Apple Lossless" Is that just a generic term for Lossless M4a? There are so many different lossless m4a encoders, are they all considered ALAC? This ffmpeg comes up as Lavf52.34.0, but it's still MPEG-4. How does is differ from Apple lossless? I can't find any info anywhere.

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post Oct 18 2009, 15:27
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While I admit that maintaining two "similar" archives (lossy and lossless) can be a pain, I suggest you look into foobar2000 and the foo_dop plugin. It allows really nice integration with the iPods. It can even transcode your lossless files for you. I haven't tried this yet, but I actually think that it does it nicely, that is keeping your files/tags in sync without transcoding unless it needs to. Give it a try.

Personally I wouldn't care having lossless music with me on my iPhone even when it's 32GB. I'd rather have much more music with me that I can't hear is compressed anyway.

Can't wait for a HD-AAC encoder :P
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