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Banished from Computer Audiophile
post Jul 27 2012, 13:23
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QUOTE (prufrock @ Jul 27 2012, 04:30) *
Metrosexuals, sweet transvestites, its all good mate. The link below gives a good definition of a girlie-man.

So, I clicked through to the page whence the image was sourced – SNEAK PEEK: "The Governator": Schwarzenegger Fights The 'G.I.R.L.I.E. Men' – and, erm, well: wacko.gif
I’m surprised I hadn’t heard about that. I suppose I oughtn’t to be surprised by strange ideas – especially in comic books wink.gif – but yeah, that’s definitely one! I did an additional bit of browsing to verify that the page’s date of 30 March was just a coincidence… which would have been more believable, actually!

What's not good though are Woo-Heads.
Ooh, have I started a new term here? biggrin.gif I’m surprised it (according to another quick Googlin’) doesn’t seem to have had any immediately discoverable usage in this context. But yes, as you implied, the same kind of ‘thought’-processes do seem to apply to various flavours of pseudoscience, charlatanry, and exploitation of false hope. Let’s hope that, somewhere/sometime, there’s some kind of antidote of a similarly broad scope.
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post Jul 27 2012, 15:12
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For those who may not have encountered it, as kids many of us would have put white sheets over our heads and tried to scare our siblings on a dark night by looking like a a ghost and crying Woo, Woo .

Perhaps an antidote could be this: any time a Woo-head speaks and departs from the path of reason, everyone should wave their arms like a ghost and cry out Woo, Woo.
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post Sep 25 2012, 10:03
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Yikes. I know this thread is kind of zombie, but I took a look over there, and there are people actually claiming that the same file sounds different from a solid state drive opposed to a hard drive.

Um, in either case, aren't the one's and zero's read into memory before being sent to the sound card ??

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post Sep 26 2012, 00:55
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QUOTE (AliceWonder @ Sep 25 2012, 11:03) *
Yikes. I know this thread is kind of zombie, but I took a look over there, and there are people actually claiming that the same file sounds different from a solid state drive opposed to a hard drive.

And if you can blind that test, then you have likely found the appropriate hardware solution: a padded box dry.gif

One day in the Year of the Fox came a time remembered well
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post Aug 26 2014, 00:32
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QUOTE (prufrock @ Jul 3 2012, 10:59) *
I have just been banished from Computer Audiophile. Is that a good thing. Are the people here nice?

Are your sure you were banished? Chris usually doesn't do that unless a poster becomes abusive or exceptionally unpleasant and I have seen nothing that you posted on that thread that meets either of those criteria. But, some of the denizens of CA can be pretty withering - especially if they believe that you are attacking their audio religion (for religion is what is this amounts to). You have to understand that these people believe their ears absolutely and have taken a stand on this issue from which they cannot and will not back away. Add to that the number of electrical engineers and physicists that have told them that what they think they hear really doesn't exist and they get pretty thin-skinned and hostile, and lash out at anybody who doesn't agree with them (try telling a "born-again" Christian that God doesn't exist, and you'll get the same result). I found that the secret of getting along with these people is simply to stick to the facts you know, and present your opinions clearly as your opinion. Then they won't attack you so vehemently. Remember, they are on pretty shaky ground with their religious belief in cable sound, and they know it.

At any rate, for the record, I agree with you. The notion of cable sound is in MHO, pure balderdash. It can't be measured and the physics says that there is nothing one can do to actual wire that would have the slightest affect on any parameters that characterize speaker cables or interconnects in the lengths commonly used for home audio systems.
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